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Monday, July 17, 2017

July 17, 2017 Grandpa Colten Beddes

I'm jealous that you guys are in Myanmar!! I've always wanted to go on that humanitarian trip you guys go on every year! Looks really fun! Hope you guys are safe and having fun and making an impact! Those pictures are awesome! I liked the one with all of the missionaries in it and I agree that dad would make a great mission president. I envision that he would be a lot like Pres. Shields. They would get a long great. You would make a good companion to the mission president too momma! Lots of meetings though! Well, people keep calling me grandpa beddes for how old I am in the mission. People keep reminding me of how much time I have left. You really can't escape from it on your mission! Despite the constant reminders it still doesn't feel real to me. I don't think it will until i get on that airplane. 

 The week was a good one. Been seeing some less active people that love our visits. It's nice to see that people want us over instead of us being a burden. Makes them happy which in turn makes me happy. They came to church too along with the two kids that aren't baptized. It's great that they are making the decision themselves to come to church at such a young age. district meetings are going well. I think the missionaries in my district really enjoy my district meetings. I try and make them not boring haha. We talked about journaling. I was inspired by Grandma Beddes's weekly letter about journaling and I thought it would be cool to have a district meeting about it and plus I needed it too! I'm doing ok with writing in my journal but I know I can write more spiritual things that's for sure. Believe or not but some of the missionaries haven't even written in them for over six months! So it was a good refresher. After district meetings, we all go to Chinese food afterward. Made that a tradition in the district. And then we went to this cool ice cream place that sells a bunch of different flavors of ice creams. I got blue berry and mango. Then some of the elders and I got broccoli and cheese. We all tried it and it was so disgusting. People who worth there probably thought we were such idiots! haha We've had a lot of with the Orangeville elders. Great Elders! We do a lot of things together! We went hiking last pday through some caves and that was fun. Some people got injured but all is well! 

We talked yesterday in Church! It was great, people seemed to love it! I based my talk on Dad's dodgeball talk he gave awhile ago! People loved it and I loved how he tied it into the gospel! I'm more grateful for the Atonement now and understand a lot more! So thanks Dad! If any of you want to learn more about it talk to my dad about it. He'll explain it to you. I just don't have time right now cause we have to get ready for transfers. Me and Elder Roundy are staying together for another two weeks but we will be getting another elder!! His name is Elder Kockoo? Or something like that. I've met him and seems like a great elder! His Grandpa is a 70 apparently so that's really cool! Going to the temple with all of the elders and sisters that are going home! I'm pretty excited to go! I love the temple so much! Thanks for all of the great emails everybody and I can't wait to see you in two weeks as well! I have the greatest supporters of all time! 

Love you forever and always,
Elder Beddes

It was pouring rain so i decided to take a bath since my clothes were soaked haha

world's largest duck! 

Hiking and elder roundy stitching himself haha

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