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Monday, July 10, 2017

July 10, 2017 Remember Whose Side You Are On!

Hey guys!

It was a good week! Time is flying by and I don't like it. Momma said there is 23 days left and I was like what the? I was going through all of my mail (which is a ton and thank you everybody who has written me) and I read some letters in the mtc from family and I felt so blessed to have such great support! It's surreal to think that those letters were written two years ago. Felt like  yesterday I had just read them. Time seemed to have paused for a couple of years and will resume when I get home. But I know that things have changed and it'll be weird!

Found 2 new this week! They are from a part member family! They are two awesome kids that love church! They are wanting to be baptized as well! So that's good news! 

Been working with some less actives that have been progressing! They are feeling a lot more happy too! I can see it! It's awesome to see! 

Went on exchanges with the zone leaders. They are great Elders. I went with Elder Mcdonald. He's the elder I went with last time I had to go to the hospital for 8 hours. He was hoping we wouldn't have to do that again! haha so was I! But we found a couple of people from India who were actually looking for a church. And they want to bring 5 of there friends too! haha so that would be sweet if they all showed up to church! 

We were playing with the ram again. And I fell over and got rammed in the side of my hip so that was sweet. No i'm not hurt but it was a little scary! haha i have it on video and will send it tonight! 
We got a couple of referells from other people as well who want to meet with us! So it's been awesome seeing all of these miracles! I love the mission. Full of them! 

The members are doing great! They are cool! Some member had us come up and recite D&C 4 in front of everybody unexpected. I remembered most of it! I'm grateful we said it a ton growing up in church! 
I can't think of anything else really. I was try and think of some things during the week to bring up in my weekly and then I forget. It's frustrating! 
I love you guys! I will see you soon! Here's a quote I love. 
"I have good news for you. The armies of God are larger than the armies of Lucifer. You may look around and think to yourself, “The world is becoming more and more wicked. Satan must be winning the war.” Don’t be fooled. The truth is, we outnumber the enemy. Remember, two-thirds of God’s children chose the Father’s plan. Brothers and sisters, make sure you are fighting on the Lord’s side. Make sure you are carrying the sword of the Spirit."
—Larry R. Lawrence
Remember whose side you are on! Love you
Forever and Always,
Elder Beddes, Coco

"I took the boys to an Amish some pictures.. The Amish doesn't like the picture to be taking..but sometimes they let me do it..she is a very good friend of the family..then we went to another place and we got pies made by the Amish..and also fresh products ..have a great week./..he almost home 🙂" Sister Cepeda

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