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Monday, June 26, 2017

June 26, 2017 Zone Conference and Covenants

Hey Crew!

Good to hear all is well! That's excited that Dad is the new Young Men's President!! They are going to love you! And yes get those less active boys out to those activities and back to church! And those pictures are awesome mom! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! 

My week was good! We had zone conference so we were able to hear from Pres. and Sis. Shields! I love them a ton and I'm blessed to have them hear in the CTM. I was able to see four of my old companions there too! Roundy, Hernandez, Bybee, and Hafen! And a ton of my really good friends there. It was great! What's really weird to think about is that that was my last zone conference on my mission. That was an eye opener. I gave my dying testimony as well at zone conference so that was strange. But it's honestly not even hitting me that i'm going home. 

What else has happened this past week. It honestly feels like a blurr. Building members trust here. We've done some service projects for people in the ward unexpectedly and they loved it! It's great to see their reactions when we did something for them. We dug some holes for this one family to put fence posts in around the garden and holy cow I have never seen such rocky soil in my life. It was hard... reminded me of yard work back at home! 

Another highlight. A Inactive member and his nonmember wife came to dinner with us yesterday at the Cepeda's house. The inactive has been thinking a lot about the church and wanted families are forever dvds. He's got children that are wondering about the church and are wanting to know about this whole families are forever thing. We had a great discussion about the Plan of Salvation. He stopped going to church when he was 19 and has thought about the church often since. He's such a great guy and wants to start coming to church now! So i'm pumped about that and I hope and pray that it will go well for him and his kids!! 

To be honest there was more that happened I think but I can't remember what happened! haha we've been having some good lessons. Meeting some sweet and weird people!! Haha that's always nice! Found my favorite drink of all time at the gas station the other day. Arizona mango lemonade... brought me back!!

I was reading a quote by Joseph Smith the other day. He was talking about the Covenants that we make and how important they are. I'm trying to copy and paste the quote but it's not allowing me too. He pretty much says that we need to take it more serious cause we promised ourselves to God and to Angels that we would keep these covenants!! He threw down pretty much and I loved it. I know this Gospel is true! With all of my heart! God Bless!

Love Forever and Always,


From Sis Jones: "Look who's eating salad!"

Barrie Zone Conference

Me and Elder Talbot

Elder Roundy

Cepeda's Farm

My apartment!


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