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Monday, June 19, 2017

June 19, 2017 Teaching Simply

Glad to hear that your mexico trip was good! I think it's great that you guys did that! I can't wait to see pictures!! Also good to hear that everybody has been busy in the Summer! Sounds like some great fun activities you've been doing! I can't wait to go to Missouri with you guys! 

This week was a good one! We've been able to see some more less actives in the ward that nobody has seen in a long time. One of them worth mentioning is this guy that is completely blind. He's a cool guy! He was a truck driver all of his life and has been to every state!! He's such a nice guy too and has a testimony of the Gospel! It's pretty interesting how he has seen more than the average person and now he is completely blind! He's grateful he was able to see that much. He has a couple of health concerns that doesn't allow him to come. But I think if he really wanted to, he could come. So we will see what we can do about that! 

Another less active is doing really well. She is the one that wants her patriarchal blessing and want's to go to the temple. She's set a goal to read the Book of Mormon and the bible everyday and she watches church movies a lot. She's doing great and it's great to experience the progression she is making! Her story is really cool. The biggest reason she came back was hearing some church songs that came on when she was trying to kill herself. As she was listening she got an overwhelming feeling that God loved her and she needed to come back! :')

Owen sound is great! The hike last week was great. I don't have pictures right now but I will send them as soon as possible. I've been slacking with the pictures lately. I don't know why but my motivation to take pictures is below average and I should start taking them and repenting of it. I only have a little bit more time left so I need to buckle down! Sorry mom!

Cepeda's and the Jones family are feeding us the most out of everybody! Blessings for them!! They are great and they tease all of the time about my pickiness. But they love me. :) , 
My district meeting was on teaching simply! This is something that missionaries really try and focus on when teaching all people. Over complicating things just opens many doors that don't necessarily need to be opened. And it doesn't focus on what you are trying to teach. It's amazing how the Spirit testifies more of the simplicity of the words that you use!! I've experienced it myself and I know it's true! And plus that's the only way I can actually understand and learn from anybody is when they teach simply! haha 

Any way, I love you all. I can't wait to see you soon!!
Elder Coco

Canada Toronto Temple

Happy Father's Day, DAD!

'Hi...the boys are been with us since 6:30 this morning...we went to the temple together and later they come to help us with the hay...we are making a farmer out of your boy ..later I will send u pictures..I took a lot.' -Cepeda's

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