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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

May 8, 2017 Happiest Times in Life= No Guilty Conscience!

Hey guys!

Happy Birthday Brookie!! Shout out to her, she's all grown up. :'( Hope you have a wonderful birthday! Good to hear that everybody is doing well! Great pictures by the way! Oh and Happy Birthday to Grandpa Z! I can't believe he's 94! Old Fello! 
My week was really good! Boy it's been raining a lot over here. I've never seen it rain for this long! It was like a whole week all in a row! I guess Owensound needed it though! We did a ton of service this week! I don't know what it was but so many people needed our assistance! haha we did a ton of painting and helping people move! It was good though. I haven't done a lot of service on my mission especially compared to Chase! People really appreciated it and I felt good doing it! Me and Elder Roundy are doing really well! I really like him, he's really cool! He's hilarious too! He knows how to make me laugh! He's from North Dakota. It's pretty crazy there! He didn't really like it! haha We're having a lot of fun and working hard. We found two investigators!! Haha we were really pumped about that. The guy is a rapper! He showed us some sweet songs and he's actually really good. He's not doing so well money wise right now but he plans on "going to the top". He let us right in when we knocked on his door and he has a girlfriend that's really interested as well. They were fascinated about the Restoration and they loved how their is a prophet nowadays! They were so excited! They wanted the website and the Pamphlet! So that's really cool. We are going to be seeing them this week! As well a member of the ward here who is on fire with missionary work has a grandson who is coming to live with them. He is 14 and has already expressed his interest in being baptized! So WHOOP WHOOP!!! I'm so excited about it! 
Stake conference was good! I really enjoyed it! As a missionary you look forward to church!! I hope it stays the same for me after my mission!! 
Owensound is great! A lot of land and not much to do here haha! Reminds me a lot of Napanee!! Lots of work to do here! 
I read something that Pres. Monson said. I really enjoyed it and it's so true. He asked somebody when the happiest he's ever been was. And he said the happiest times in his life is when he doesn't have a guilty conscience! Amen and amen!! I testify of that 100%!
Love you all!!
Forever and Always,
Elder Beddes, Cocojo, Jojonator

"Hey wanted to show you how hard Colten has been working on his mission!"

 We visited an abandoned house... it was pretty cool. it burnt down a while ago!
 Went to go throw axes and shoot bow and arrows! pretty fun!

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