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Monday, May 29, 2017

May 29, 2017 Going to the Hospital and Passing Out


Well what a week! It keeps going by faster and faster. It's almost at the end of the transfer. Next Sunday is transfer calls, but I think we are going to stay together which i'm happy about! We've been having a lot of fun together. We don't go a day without laughing! He's pretty hilarious! 
So we've been working with a kid who is awesome!! His name is Michael Chase! He is a nephew of a member here in Owen sound. Chase is 13 years old and he's from Kentucky! So he hasn't the sweetest accent ever. It brings my accent out of me too. So I just talk southern to him and it's awesome. He's such a sick kid! I'm actually really impressed with him. He has a lot of great manners and he's very respectful. We've taught him almost everything! He's so solid and prepared. He's getting baptized this Saturday so I'M PUMPED ABOUT THAT!!!!!!!! He reads the Book of Mormon and the pamphlets that we leave him over and over again to make sure he understands them. He loves church a lot and he's got great fellow shippers! So i'm really excited about the baptism. He's going to make a wonderful missionary! I'm really impressed with him.
Did some more service for random people in the ward. They were really grateful. It's always nice to help other people in any way possible! 
I gave a priesthood blessing to a really sick lady in the ward that isn't doing so well. After the blessing she felt so much better. That was really nice to see! I'm grateful for Priesthood power.
OHH I almost forgot!! So we went on exchanges with the Zone leaders last Wednesday and my stomach really started to hurt. So I took a nap and I didn't feel any better. My stomach really hurt and I couldn't even stand up straight. So we called the medical guy for the mission and he said that I needed to go to the ER because he thought I had appendicitis which I thought was absurd but I did it anyway... we were in the ER for 7 hours!!! They needed to check my blood. And that took forever cause doctors were needed elsewhere. Longest day of my life. But we were able to talk to some people there about the Gospel and were able to get a persons information. We talked to 2 lesbians there that were really nice! I didn't really know how to start up a convo with them but I went for it anyway but they turned out to be really nice and caring people. It's not like I expected them not to be I just didn't know what to expect in general haha! Oh and after they took my blood which wasn't really a problem for me but I started to feel dizzy when they took it from me. The world started feeling like it was floating. And I passed out on my chair haha freaked some people out!! I like put my head on a dude's shoulder haha he probably thought I was hitting on him or something but he woke me up and the nurse came running and put me on a recliner. It was a weird but cool!! Haha.  They said it was just abdominal pains... but i'm fine now.
I left my camera at some elders apartment and they took advantage of it! lol so I have a ton of pictures from them! hahaha 
I love you all! And thank you so much for your support! I love Jesus!!!!!!! 

Elder Beddes, Coco


The missionaries that stole my camera! haha
 Service at the Cepeda's
Taking a break

More Service opportunities...


Mother's Day 2017

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