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Monday, May 1, 2017

May 1, 2017 Bigger, Better and Stronger

Well here I am in Owen sound! It's a great place, it's the boonies for sure!! Our area is huge! So lots of driving! The members are great here. I think this place has been the most welcoming in my entire mission! The members here are fantastic. The Jones family that I helped reactivate are here and they are doing fantastic! They are actually some of the strongest members in the branch here haha! Nketiah the daughter is working on her papers for her mission as well!! So excited about that! She's come a long way in life! 
There are couple of families in the branch that missionaries that have served here have told me about. They are super awesome and I love them so much. The Cepeda's have their own farm and we do service over there and they love missionaries. They feed the missionaries like 4 times a week! hahaha they are such an awesome family! Missionaries are pretty jealous of me going here! haha 
There is about 70 average attendance here! It's a great branch with a lot of old people! haha but they are awesome and extremely nice! 
Elder Roundy is fantastic!! He's so funny! He's been out for about a year. He's gotten a lot negative things said about him by missionaries. Just a bunch of rumors and stuff. He's a great guy. He's had a rough life. A lot of things that no guy should ever go through. It's taught him a lot that's for sure! 
The teaching pool is pretty low right now. They just had a couple of people baptized which is fantastic cause the area hasn't had a baptism for 3 years!! So i'm excited about that!!  
My district is great! One of my favorite missionaries elder talbot is in it so that's great! Then we have sisters in it as well. They are really quiet but really nice. One is from Belguim which is cool and she is still working on her english! 
There is quote that really stuck out to me this week!
"There is no losing, only learning.
There is no failure, only opportunities.
There is no problems, only solutions.
Failure is the mother of all success. All you can do is learn and come back Bigger, Better and Stronger. If you're always winning then you don't really understand what it is to win!
And not only that, it's never about making it, it's always about maintaining it!"

Good motivation for me! The Gospel is true!! Jesus is the Christ! The Plan of Salvation is fantastic!!! I love you all so much!!
Random: Some people randomly told me that I look like the singer from the panic of the disco, and Ferris Buller haha
Elder Beddes, coco

The Jones Family welcoming me to Owen Sound.
Owen Sound, Canada
 Elder Roundy

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