Behold, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I have been called of him to declare his word among his people, that they might have everlasting life. -3 Nephi 5:13

Monday, May 29, 2017

May 29, 2017 Going to the Hospital and Passing Out


Well what a week! It keeps going by faster and faster. It's almost at the end of the transfer. Next Sunday is transfer calls, but I think we are going to stay together which i'm happy about! We've been having a lot of fun together. We don't go a day without laughing! He's pretty hilarious! 
So we've been working with a kid who is awesome!! His name is Michael Chase! He is a nephew of a member here in Owen sound. Chase is 13 years old and he's from Kentucky! So he hasn't the sweetest accent ever. It brings my accent out of me too. So I just talk southern to him and it's awesome. He's such a sick kid! I'm actually really impressed with him. He has a lot of great manners and he's very respectful. We've taught him almost everything! He's so solid and prepared. He's getting baptized this Saturday so I'M PUMPED ABOUT THAT!!!!!!!! He reads the Book of Mormon and the pamphlets that we leave him over and over again to make sure he understands them. He loves church a lot and he's got great fellow shippers! So i'm really excited about the baptism. He's going to make a wonderful missionary! I'm really impressed with him.
Did some more service for random people in the ward. They were really grateful. It's always nice to help other people in any way possible! 
I gave a priesthood blessing to a really sick lady in the ward that isn't doing so well. After the blessing she felt so much better. That was really nice to see! I'm grateful for Priesthood power.
OHH I almost forgot!! So we went on exchanges with the Zone leaders last Wednesday and my stomach really started to hurt. So I took a nap and I didn't feel any better. My stomach really hurt and I couldn't even stand up straight. So we called the medical guy for the mission and he said that I needed to go to the ER because he thought I had appendicitis which I thought was absurd but I did it anyway... we were in the ER for 7 hours!!! They needed to check my blood. And that took forever cause doctors were needed elsewhere. Longest day of my life. But we were able to talk to some people there about the Gospel and were able to get a persons information. We talked to 2 lesbians there that were really nice! I didn't really know how to start up a convo with them but I went for it anyway but they turned out to be really nice and caring people. It's not like I expected them not to be I just didn't know what to expect in general haha! Oh and after they took my blood which wasn't really a problem for me but I started to feel dizzy when they took it from me. The world started feeling like it was floating. And I passed out on my chair haha freaked some people out!! I like put my head on a dude's shoulder haha he probably thought I was hitting on him or something but he woke me up and the nurse came running and put me on a recliner. It was a weird but cool!! Haha.  They said it was just abdominal pains... but i'm fine now.
I left my camera at some elders apartment and they took advantage of it! lol so I have a ton of pictures from them! hahaha 
I love you all! And thank you so much for your support! I love Jesus!!!!!!! 

Elder Beddes, Coco


The missionaries that stole my camera! haha
 Service at the Cepeda's
Taking a break

More Service opportunities...


Mother's Day 2017

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

May 23, 2017 Pondering and Revelation

Hey Family and Friends!

My week was a fast and good one! Seems like I just talked to you guys over skype yesterday! I'm doing really well. Enjoying the mission a ton and sad that I only have a little time left. It's crazy to think that summer is almost here! It's getting really hot here. Me and Elder Roundy got pretty sunburned the other day from service at the Cepeda's. I'm pretty burnt haha I got called a tomato a lot at church! Hopefully I'll be able to be somewhat tan when I get home! But knowing my skin... i'll probably be more red! haha 

I think the highlight of the week was the lesson that we had with Steve (the rapper) and his girlfriend Sam. We taught them the full Restoration the other day and they absolutely loved it. Everything went exactly the way you would want it to go. Steve's mother called him and told him that Mormons were a cult and that he shouldn't be meeting with us. I honestly wasn't even surprised that someone told them those things and so they were pretty confused about what to believe. So we taught them and their concerns were resolved and they kept saying over and over again how it makes since and how we aren't a cult! haha they were so excited about it. It was honestly one of those lessons that go so smoothly and the spirit is so strong and you come out of the lesson on cloud 9! It was glorious. I'll remember that lesson for a long time. 

Did some more service this week. This is definitely the area where I've done the most service. It's funny how different each area can be.

I got to keep it short today since we have a lot planned! It was a holiday yesterday and that is why I couldn't email. Thank you for the emails you guys sent me.

I learned this week about pondering is so important in receiving revelation. If you think about it a lot of the visions or revelations that are received by prophets, they are pondering and thinking about what they are wanting an answer to. It's really interesting!!

I love you all!! Thank you for everything... and I will be seeing you soon!!

Forever and Always,

Elder Beddes  

 Service @ Cepeda's Farm

Monday, May 15, 2017

May 15, 2017 "Not a Monastery for Perfect People"

Hey guys! First of all it was so good to see you guys over Skype on Mother's Day! It was a great surprise to have Grandma and Grandpa there as well! I had a great time and it was good to hear from all of you! It's really strange for missionaries to talk to their families after not hearing their voices for a long time. It was such a great idea Amber about the questions in the bowl! You always come up with great ideas!
This week was pretty good! It was a slower week sadly but we all have those as missionaries. We helped the Cepeda's a lot with service on the farm. It's always nice to help them, they feed a ton! They are one of the favorite families throughout all of Ontario, they are mission famous haha. 
Funny story... I was herding some sheep over at there farm with elder roundy and there is a ram that is pretty vicious and has a history of ramming people unexpectedly. So I thought I would give this ram some competition. So this ram sees me and ducks it's head and charges full force at me. I got pretty scared I'll be honest... but I faked left and spun the opposite way and ram went zooming by!! My basketball skills come in handy!! Then after that I got pretty scared and started sprinting the other way!! haha people said it looked pretty cool!! Elder Roundy wanted to give a try and do the same thing pretty much but he slipped and fell over and then Ali Cepeda came to the rescue and caught the ram at the perfect moment!!
More funny moments! We were having a stick war and so we were just chucking sticks at each other! haha yeah I know, the inner kid in me. I got Elder Roundy right in the face and I chucked it pretty hard! haha he was paying attention to the flies swarming around him! It was pretty funny! Then Elder Roundy has a light sabor and he wanted to practice his jedi moves. So, I was throwing rocks at him and he was doing pretty good! And then this one that he thought he had hit him straight in the forehead and he just dropped! haha he has a big goose bump now! haha it was pretty hilarious! I haven't laughed that hard in a long time!
It seemed like just plain bad luck this week with trying to see investigators and less actives and finding new. But I have a feeling it's going to be a good week this week! 
Me and Elder Roundy are getting along great! He's so much fun, one of my favorite companions for sure! We hope we stay together another transfer! Owensound is great! In the Boonies with a lot of older people! Lifes good! hahaha
I love you all! I love this quote a ton! 

Forever and Always,
Elder Beddes

"If you feel too spiritually maimed to come to the feast, please realize that the Church is not a monastery for perfect people, though all of us ought to be striving on the road to godliness. No, at least one aspect of the Church is more like a hospital or an aid station, provided for those who are ill and want to get well."

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

May 8, 2017 Happiest Times in Life= No Guilty Conscience!

Hey guys!

Happy Birthday Brookie!! Shout out to her, she's all grown up. :'( Hope you have a wonderful birthday! Good to hear that everybody is doing well! Great pictures by the way! Oh and Happy Birthday to Grandpa Z! I can't believe he's 94! Old Fello! 
My week was really good! Boy it's been raining a lot over here. I've never seen it rain for this long! It was like a whole week all in a row! I guess Owensound needed it though! We did a ton of service this week! I don't know what it was but so many people needed our assistance! haha we did a ton of painting and helping people move! It was good though. I haven't done a lot of service on my mission especially compared to Chase! People really appreciated it and I felt good doing it! Me and Elder Roundy are doing really well! I really like him, he's really cool! He's hilarious too! He knows how to make me laugh! He's from North Dakota. It's pretty crazy there! He didn't really like it! haha We're having a lot of fun and working hard. We found two investigators!! Haha we were really pumped about that. The guy is a rapper! He showed us some sweet songs and he's actually really good. He's not doing so well money wise right now but he plans on "going to the top". He let us right in when we knocked on his door and he has a girlfriend that's really interested as well. They were fascinated about the Restoration and they loved how their is a prophet nowadays! They were so excited! They wanted the website and the Pamphlet! So that's really cool. We are going to be seeing them this week! As well a member of the ward here who is on fire with missionary work has a grandson who is coming to live with them. He is 14 and has already expressed his interest in being baptized! So WHOOP WHOOP!!! I'm so excited about it! 
Stake conference was good! I really enjoyed it! As a missionary you look forward to church!! I hope it stays the same for me after my mission!! 
Owensound is great! A lot of land and not much to do here haha! Reminds me a lot of Napanee!! Lots of work to do here! 
I read something that Pres. Monson said. I really enjoyed it and it's so true. He asked somebody when the happiest he's ever been was. And he said the happiest times in his life is when he doesn't have a guilty conscience! Amen and amen!! I testify of that 100%!
Love you all!!
Forever and Always,
Elder Beddes, Cocojo, Jojonator

"Hey wanted to show you how hard Colten has been working on his mission!"

 We visited an abandoned house... it was pretty cool. it burnt down a while ago!
 Went to go throw axes and shoot bow and arrows! pretty fun!

Monday, May 1, 2017

May 1, 2017 Bigger, Better and Stronger

Well here I am in Owen sound! It's a great place, it's the boonies for sure!! Our area is huge! So lots of driving! The members are great here. I think this place has been the most welcoming in my entire mission! The members here are fantastic. The Jones family that I helped reactivate are here and they are doing fantastic! They are actually some of the strongest members in the branch here haha! Nketiah the daughter is working on her papers for her mission as well!! So excited about that! She's come a long way in life! 
There are couple of families in the branch that missionaries that have served here have told me about. They are super awesome and I love them so much. The Cepeda's have their own farm and we do service over there and they love missionaries. They feed the missionaries like 4 times a week! hahaha they are such an awesome family! Missionaries are pretty jealous of me going here! haha 
There is about 70 average attendance here! It's a great branch with a lot of old people! haha but they are awesome and extremely nice! 
Elder Roundy is fantastic!! He's so funny! He's been out for about a year. He's gotten a lot negative things said about him by missionaries. Just a bunch of rumors and stuff. He's a great guy. He's had a rough life. A lot of things that no guy should ever go through. It's taught him a lot that's for sure! 
The teaching pool is pretty low right now. They just had a couple of people baptized which is fantastic cause the area hasn't had a baptism for 3 years!! So i'm excited about that!!  
My district is great! One of my favorite missionaries elder talbot is in it so that's great! Then we have sisters in it as well. They are really quiet but really nice. One is from Belguim which is cool and she is still working on her english! 
There is quote that really stuck out to me this week!
"There is no losing, only learning.
There is no failure, only opportunities.
There is no problems, only solutions.
Failure is the mother of all success. All you can do is learn and come back Bigger, Better and Stronger. If you're always winning then you don't really understand what it is to win!
And not only that, it's never about making it, it's always about maintaining it!"

Good motivation for me! The Gospel is true!! Jesus is the Christ! The Plan of Salvation is fantastic!!! I love you all so much!!
Random: Some people randomly told me that I look like the singer from the panic of the disco, and Ferris Buller haha
Elder Beddes, coco

The Jones Family welcoming me to Owen Sound.
Owen Sound, Canada
 Elder Roundy