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Monday, April 3, 2017

April 3, 2017 General Conference Was Amazing!

Well Hello family and friends! 
This week went by extremely fast! The transfer is already half way over.. it's crazy how fast the time goes. I'm doing great, lots to do. Lots happened. Went on exchanges with the AP's. Elder Taylor is great I really like him, we are probably going to hang out after the mission honestly. We get a long really well. Kitchener is his old area. He served there one year ago and he was nostalgic the whole time! Haha it was a fun exchange we were able to see some of the people that he worked with and it was good for us because we haven't been able to see them and there is more people to start teaching! We got some shwarma and bubble tea... some weird food to be honest but it was pretty good. There are a ton of colleges here and so we went contacting and talked to some people. They are all pretty nice! Found some new potential investigators and a new inv. which is great! General Conference was amazing! I really like Joaquin E. Costa's talk and Palmer's as well. They really spoke to me. Even though Costa's talk was directed to investigators it still really touched my heart. And plus Izzy was there watching conference as well and she couldn't stop crying hearing that talk so it was great! Holland always speaks to me as well. Sunshine in the Soul!! Ohhh and Elder Clayton's talk as well. It was really weird to see him speak. I miss his voice! The power that is in his voice is outstanding. I love the Plan of Salvation as well, so it was just a great talk all around. The branch is awesome! Making a lot more friends now! Izzy is doing really well, just the mother problem. It's extremely hard to deal with. The zone is doing amazing! I love the missionaries here, they are hard workers! Me and Elder Myers are doing fine. Lots of people have been asking about him lately. He's definitely nothing like me but we love the work and really that is all that matters!! He's a nice guy too! Landon Ince our branch mission leader took us out to wings the other day. Really good, i really like that guy a lot. Another member that I really like took us out to lunch as well. It's pretty rare that YSA take missionaries out sooo we must be going something right! haha we are blessed here it's great! We have kill ball today for sports and there has been trash talking amongst the elders. Kill ball is dodge ball pretty much but it's everybody against everybody and it gets intense. So today i'm going to take it to the elders which i've never really done. Sometimes you just got to prove yourself of being the king. haha jk it's going to be fun though.   
Went to the temple the other day as well!! I loved it so much! I've only gone like 4 times in my entire mission! I saw my son Elder Hafen as well. SO good to see him again. I miss that guy so much! Saw some other friends I've made in the mission as well. Lots of fun!! Well I think that's about it honestly. I love you all and I love Jesus! 
Coco, Jojo, Elder Beddes   

Please post this on the blog momma! :) so nice of AMber

Hi Coco!!! Sorry I haven't sent you much emails. I have been busy just like you. I just want you to know how much I love you. You are the best brother I could ever had. You are an amazing example to me. I plan on going on a mission just like you! I miss you so much. I can't wait till you get home! I'm so excited to see you! I'm also excited to go to Missouri with you. I also can't wait to bake something for you. Haha, I've been baking a lot lately. I like to make treats. Only if I can send you some! lol

How tall do you think you are?? I don't think that I'm going to be as tall as you! I'm about 5 Feet 8 Inches. :) Great height to play some Bball. Can't wait to kick your butt playing one on one. Haha! Dad and I play one on one sometimes. He misses playing with you. I do too!

I'm thinking about going to FJH next year. I'm not quite sure yet though. I feel as if I should go. I think that school will really benefit me. 9th graders over at my school have to do early morning seminary and walk to Ascent every day. I won't have to do that if I go to FJH. Ascent is probably too easy for me. FJH will probably be more challenging. The sports will be sooooo much better!!!! If I can convince my friends to go, then I think I will go.

I love you a ton

 From the Hobbs Family

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