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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

April 24, 2017 Transferring Kitchener to Owensound, CANADA

What's up!? 
Well transfer calls were yesterday and we got a call 5 minutes before 10:30. President... cuttin it close there! I'm going to Owensound in the Barrie zone! I'll be with a missionary named Elder Roundy. I've met him and talked to him a little bit and he's really cool. Elder Hafen really likes him so I think we'll have a good time! Plus a family that I reactivated and helped to get sealed in the temple is living there too!! So i'm excited about that!! I'm not going to be a zone leader anymore. God wants me to be a district leader now for the last part of my mission. So honestly I'm pretty happy about that. Some stress is being lifted off but wow did I learn a lot being a zone leader and I'll be forever grateful for the things I've learned these past 6 months. I've been a district leader for 6 months before I was a zone leader.  I'm going to miss Kitchener YSA though. It was a great area! I made some really good friends here and I'm going to miss them a lot but we will keep in touch! Hopefully some of the people I've taught here will end up getting baptized! I think one of the reasons I was sent here was for Sephora! She's come a long way and she's going to be a powerful saint for building the church up! She's been coming to activities and to church and you can literally see improvement and the progress she is making. It's great to see! 
Well it's been a great learning experience for me! I learned a lot this past transfer and I'm sad to be leaving. But i've heard some great things about owensound. Some of my favorite missionaries are going to be in that zone! I learned a lot of the second coming this week! It's pretty cool to learn about the signs of the coming!! I've read some great books about it! There is a quote that is out there that I really like I don't really remember where i heard it but it goes something like this, "Well I've got good news, the Savior is coming and I've got bad news, the Savior is coming. Just depends on what side you are on!" Haha it's great but i'm looking forward to it if it comes in my life time!! Sorry the email is so short but it's been a hectic day! I miss you all and love you dearly!
Forever and Always,
Elder Beddes, Cocojo

Brother Takahashi from Kingston came to visit!

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