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Monday, April 17, 2017

April 17, 2017 Become the Architect of (Your) Destiny

Hey hey hey!! 

Thank you so much for the package and thank you all for wishing me a Happy Birthday and sending me letters! Very kind of you all! I had a pretty good week actually. Yeah... i'm pretty sure i say that every week but it was good! We had a lot of district meetings that we as zone leaders have to go to. The district leaders are great Elders, they work hard and they run good meetings! We went on exchanges with the Portuguese Elders... they are some of my favorite missionaries. I went with Elder Gomez who is from Paraguay. He's probably in my top 5 favorite missionaries I've met. He's got quite the story. He's been in gangs, been shot several times, he's done some pretty crazy stuff. I really respect him a ton and we see each other being really good friends for the rest of our lives. I look up to him. Anyway, we've had some success finding new investigators. A select few of the members here are on fire with missionary work so they refer us to them and it's buckets! Member referrals are the best, always remember that! 
The Hobb's family took us out for dinner for my birthday! I love that family so much! I had a lot of fun with them and they baked me some treats too! So celestial! I got a bunch of junk food to help me with diet and work out to jacked again from my family so that's good! lol I've been sharing a lot of it and munch on a lot of it too... Landon bought some pizza for my birthday too got me some cologne and a tie. Such a nice guy. We are probably going to meet up again after the mission some how! 
Easter was amazing! Jesus died then Jesus rose! How grateful I am for him!! I know the he died for us because he has a perfect love for us and I also know that he rose for us as well so that I can live with him and my family and my friends!! And that gives me greater joy than anything ever! 
There was a great choir performance given by the stake and it was amazing!! Felt the spirit so strong, probably the best church choir i've heard! We didn't have Easter dinner though which was kind of sad but thats alright. I didn't mind macaroni and cheese until i found out there wasn't any milk... so that was awesome. SO i just ate chips and candy! lol it was great! 
People that we are working with are doing great!! Sephora has been coming out to every activity and coming to church as well. The YSA are fellow shipping her great, thank heaven for that! So she is transitioning great and she has a great future ahead of her! Some unexpected people that were potential investigators came out to church with us as well! So cool! Taught Gospel principles which was good! It was a good week! 
So something that stuck out to me this week was our thoughts and how that ultimately effects our actions. There is a quote that I read but I don't remember who it was by, "Destroy the seed and the plant will never grow. Man alone of all creatures of earth, can change his thought pattern and become the architect of his destiny." Oh never mind, it is from the book Miracle of forgiveness!! Great quote. Keep your thoughts clean! Be Virtuous and people will see how lovely you are not only because they can see it physically but also they can see it spiritually, its the light that you have! Love you all. 
Elder Beddes 


 Brother Ince (Mission Leader)
Bday lunch

The Hobbs Family from Stoney Creek
Bday dinner

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