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Monday, March 6, 2017

March 6, 2017 Acquainted With the Savior

Hey family and friends!! 
This week was pretty sweet! We drove down to Brampton for the MLC meeting and it took a good 3 hours to get there! All the zone leaders stay in one house so it gets pretty crazy. Every MLC night the zone leaders would do something crazy like drink gold fish and big sharks and stuff like that and so we decided to change up the traditions. Which is probably a good thing. And so the one before the last one we decided to write our testimonies on Books of Mormon and give it to one of the missionaries there. Then bare our testimonies afterward. Very powerful night!! Then this last one we were asked by the AP's to host it. So we decided to read 5 Atonement scriptures in a row and just have everybody listen to them and just ponder the message. Then everybody was given the chance to bare their testimonies of how the Atonement of Jesus Christ has changed them. It was one of the most powerful devotionals I've ever been to. If you only you guys were there, you could literally feel the spirit so powerfully that it brought almost everybody to tears. It was fantastic. We played ball in the morning before the meeting and that was really fun! Their are some good ball players! Then the 8 hour meeting was fantastic and exhausting!! Talked about how we as missionaries need to invite our investigators, and then follow up with that invitation the next meeting with them. Because sometimes as missionaries we forget what we had committed them to do and so we put more of an emphasis on remembering and taking it more seriously! Then talked about the white handbook and how we need to see it as something more than a bunch do's and don't but more of something that means something to you. It was great! 
We met a lot of really nice people on the streets!! People who you would assume would be interested in setting an appointment but just wanting a card or a pamphlet. Which isn't bad but it's frustrating at times when you just want to teach them the gospel you know? But we handed out a lot of church material and had fun while doing it! Andrew (queen's student who is taking biomedical) just committed to baptism on April 15th! So that's exciting!!! He's come a long long way! I've never really taught an Atheist before and so it's really been a pleasure to help him come to know that there is a God. He's come to church 4 times now and is progressing really well! He even bore his testimony yesterday! SO PROUD!! :') Jordan who is a YSA brought a couple of her friends from India to church for Emerson Harvey's farewell! He's going to Mexico and leaves tomorrow! We were able to see him get set apart. Boy did it bring me back!! I forgotten how powerful setting apart blessings are!! The words from 18 months ago from my stake president, "I set you apart as a missionary in the Canada Toronto Mission", flooded my mind and it brought me to tears!! Being a missionary is amazing guys, it truly is. It's so hard to explain but it's great! Anyway, those friends of Jordan's were really cool. They are from India! Really nice people, and they want to come back!!! So that's exciting news! 
Zone council was really good!! Everybody participated really well so that's always great!! President Shields as well interviewed all of the Kingston Zone missionaries. It's always really nice to see him! He's really nice and really personal. I really related to him! It was a great time! 
I really learned a lot about the Atonement and really becoming acquainted with the Savior. I've never been so acquainted with him ever in my life until now! It's an amazing feeling. My testimony has grown so much. I know that he loves us all. He knows us and what we are going through. I've come to know that he's a lot closer then a lot of us think! There are so many promises in the scriptures and I love finding them and trying to receive them as I am obedient as a child of God and also as a missionary! 
Elder Sweet feet Beddes        

Someone I taught in Napanee got baptized!

From Sister Harvey: "Here's my newest missionary... 
with two of his biggest influences!"


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