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Monday, March 27, 2017

March 27, 2017 Choose the Harder Right

It's been a smoother week for me and Elder Myers! We are getting to know the area a ton more and the people we are teaching and the branch! It's been good, I've been learning a lot! We have two investigators that are looking really solid for baptism! One of them is having a mom problem. She is completely against her decision of going to church and getting baptized. It's a really weird situation that could take hours of explaining lol but the mother is pretty much holding her back from being baptized and our investigator is afraid that it'll split up the family or the parents will disown her or something. The other one has been super busy and hasn't come out to church yet which is saddening but he has set a goal to quit smoking by the start of April  so that he can get baptized. He wants his good buddy who is a member to baptize him. He's overcome drinking coffee this week, he's a doing really good job. He's come a long long way! 
The branch is awesome! We have a ton of great people that are really nice and are bringing their friends to activities and church! It's fantastic! My favorite person I would say is my branch mission leader. He's come back from his mission two months ago and we have similar personalities. He's taking us out for wings tonight so i'm pumped about that. He has subs too... so that brought me back. haha you guys apparently told him my birthday is coming up too so I wonder what he has planned haha he's a nice guy. He told me to tell you guys that if need to tell me or ask me anything don't be afraid to text him. He's a nice guy. 
We had a fun activity the other day. Battle archery! Tons of YSA came and we played dodgeball pretty much but with bows and soft arrows. It was really fun! A guy in the branch gave me the best haircut i've ever gotten. He just learned by himself too, it was really good! I was quite impressed with him. 
Kitchener is great! There is a really ghetto part of town and a really nice part of town! It's a pretty big area and we cover the whole stake. We've been getting fed a lot actually. I was expecting it and I honestly don't want to get fed. I know that shocking lol but i got to get rid of this chubby chub. But its good food. ;)
I don't know if there is much to add honestly. Busy schedule this upcoming couple of weeks. General conference which i'm pumped for!!! Stake conference. Zone conference. Going to the temple! Zone council! Tons of exchanges! Man i'm always on the move!! 
We taught gospel principles last minute yesterday! It was on agency! The gospel principle books are all so simple but it's profound how much you can learn from them! I didn't really realize how special and how necessary Agency really is in this great plan of salvation. There is always a consequence to your decisions whether they be good or bad. Choose the harder right, than the easier wrong! You'll be blessed! Love you guys!!
Forever and Always,

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