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Monday, March 20, 2017

March 20, 2017 It Seems to Always Work With Him in My Life

Well well well what a week!!! I'm gonna be honest one of the more stressful weeks on my mission. You know how I am about change, I don't know if I'll ever really get used to it haha but it's always good for me. Keeps me not comfortable lol. Apparently I'm the only Zone leader in this mission since President Shields came in that has white washed to a zone leader area.. and I've done it twice! haha so that was pretty crazy when Pres. told me that. I don't know why he and the Lord have so much trust in me.. especially training a new zone leader. It's been good though. The YSA area has been nice to us! Kitchener is pretty big. I think there is 4 or 5 companionships in just Kitchener. All speaking different languages! Big zone too! 11 companionships, so one of the biggest in the mission!! The apartment is pretty nice, not the best but it's good! The YSA are really nice. We are treated nicely! We have some really cool YSA that are really nice and it seems like they do a good job with bring their friends to church and activities. YSA is known for the 3 week baptisms and I believe that! Miracles happen! We are working with a couple of inv. right now that are pretty solid we just need to set baptismal dates with them!
There's about three colleges here so contacting galore! Our church building is the stake center so it's big and it's awesome. Reminds me of Utah! The branch presidency is pretty cool and our branch mission leader is awesome! He's the one that sent you our picture! I really like him! We have three districts in the zone so lots and lots of meetings to go to. I don't know any of the missionaries in the zone really... boy I'm getting old. I don't know anybody in this mission anymore lol.
We were able to find two new investigators! One was a media referell who we are meeting on Tuesday who apparently already knows the Book of Mormon is true... so that's sweet! Thank you Lord! The other was found outside the library just thought I would start talking to her before she got into her car and she turned out to be interested! So sweet! Our zone got like 17 new investigators so that's sweet! The Zone is killin it!
Elder Myers is a good guy. We don't have a lot a like. He reminds me of my first companion! Really nice guy though. He's really really smart. He's 24. He went to California College, it's like 3rd in the nation for partying. His story is pretty sweet, I respect him a ton and am so glad that he's out on a mission. He has a degree in Electrical Engineering!! He's a good guy. I'm teaching him a lot and he's teaching me a lot. :)  
Well I've learned a lot about trusting in God and really relying on him. Cause I honestly don't know what i'm doing lol but it seems to always work with Him in my life. I couldn't thank Him enough. He's taught me a lot this past week about loving, caring, and relating to his children. I've been takin out of my comfort zone a lot a lot a lot but I wouldn't exchange my experiences and things I've learned for anything. I hope I filled you guys in as much as you would have liked me too! If not ask me questions! I love you and peace!
Forever and Always,
Coltey boy  

310 Queen #610
Kitchener, Ontario N2G 1K2


 Elder Myers

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