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Monday, March 13, 2017

March 13, 2017 Transferring to Kitchener, Canada

Hey fam and friends! 
This week has been pretty wild! Transfer calls were yesterday... we pretty much knew that I was leaving and so we were pretty depressed all day Sunday telling people that I was more than likely leaving. It's honestly one of hardest things for me on my mission is transfers. I get so attached to the people here and to my companions that it's hard to change and start over! Especially when you white wash an area and you don't know anything! Yup.. i'm white washing once again! I'm going to Kitchener YSA and I'll be training a new Zone leader! So that's quite the load.... I don't know why God puts this much on me all of the time, I honestly don't even know what I'm doing lol! So it's always exciting and nerve racking not knowing what's in the future. I'll be serving with Elder Myers. Elder Bybee served around him and really liked him and says that I'll like him a lot so that's good. He apparently is 24 or 25 and has only been out for like 11 months or something like that! That's all I really know about him! So it should be a ride that's for sure and I'm always really nervous when it comes to this! Pray for me! 
We did a lot of walking this week! It was really good, we talked to a lot of nice people! Talked to some crazies as well, so that's always fun! Our less actives have been doing really well and i'm proud of them! Man I love this area so much. I'm going to miss it so much! It's been hard saying good bye to a lot of the people i've gotten really close with! It was pretty neat to see how I've impacted some of the people's lives here. Makes me feel special! I'm grateful that I was able to reactivate some less actives that I hope and pray will continue to go to church and make it to their next saving ordinance! Was able to baptized Bryn as well! Plant a lot of seeds and impact some of the members lives here! Regained the trust of the missionaries in the Branch!
I have received a lot of weird news this past week... it's scaring me. My trainer just got engaged... some of my other friends from the mission or engaged. A lot of my high school friends are married... I realized that I only have like 4 and half more months of my mission... Elder Vargus who is one of my favorite missionaries of all time is going home this week!! So sad and weird! One of my past companions is going home, Elder brand!  It doesn't feel real to me! I don't like it!
Well  i'm keeping it short today! It's going to be total chaos for me today and the next couple of days so please wish me luck! haha i'm pretty nervous! But I know i'll be alright!! 
Forever and Always,
Elder Beddes, Coco jo!    
Ebe and Elder Bybee

"We got to see your son again last Monday. Took them out for lunch as I knew transfers were this week... We will miss him while he is being transferred further away. Hopefully he will be transferred to a closer place that we can get to again someday. We all played basketball on Friday at the church as well to hang out before he left today. Your son was the one who helped my daughter open up more at church and choose to be baptized and take the right path. Have a great evening!" (Napanee family)

:"Hey Sister Beddes, this is Landen Ince. Your son just transferred into our Ward. I just wanted to let you know he got here safe!" Colten's knew companion- Elder Meyers.

"The Elders came over for dinner and to celebrate Elder Bybee's bday. I played a song on the guitar and Elder Beddes asked if I knee Pooh Corner, which coincidentally I do. I played it and he was kind of singing along then got a little teary eyed and said that was one of his favorite songs ever. He is such a great kid and he's got the same tender heart as my son," 
"I'm really grateful to have had the chance to have him and elder Bybee in our home and feel of their spirits. Elder Beddes shared his favorite things that you did as a family. He said you would give each of the kids a chance to go out on Special Saturdays and eat somewhere special and they got to ask anything they wanted and then you would take them out for ice cream after. He said those were some of his favorite memories. He also just loves being together with his family. And that heaven wouldn't be nearly the same if he wasn't able to be there with his family. He encouraged my kids to take care of each other and enjoy their time together as a family and to never take it for granted. I am grateful for his words and example to them!" - Sister Takahashi (Kingston)

"We are going to miss having your son around here! But I know he is going to move on and continue to work hard and he will really bless the people of Kitchener. I'm grateful our paths crossed and we were able to have him in our home! We feel like he has become family to us! I am also grateful that I was able to meet you, for all that I have learned from you and the ways you have lifted me even though we have never met. I hope we can stay in touch." -Sister Takahashi 
 "When I told my kids he was transferred they were all so sad especially that we didn't get a chance to do his birthday party and favorite doors/dessert. So we put together a birthday in a box for him. We didn't get a chance to get it to him before they had to get on the road so we will mail it to him." -Sister Takahashi

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