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Monday, February 6, 2017

February 6, 2017 Now, I'm Preachin

Well.... it literally feels like I was typing a weekly email yesterday! I think God is speeding up time, anybody else feel like that? I've learned a lot this week. I would say the biggest reason why was the leadership meeting we had in Toronto. The good old 9 hour meetings we have every month! Can I say that it is extremely hard for me to sit in a seat for 9 hours?? Holy cow.... I just can't do it! I don't know how they expect me to!! It was a really good meeting though. I lot of it was based off of the worldwide missionary broadcast. There is a new schedule change for missionaries if you haven't already heard. Lunch was reduced to half an hour, pday is extended 2 hours (hallelujah), key indicators have changed dramatically, daily planning is now in the morning instead of at night, and really the morning are a lot more flexible as missionaries. Agency was a big part of the new schedule change. They are allowing missionaries to have more agency when it comes to the schedule and so I thought that was smart because it gets us more ready for life after the mission.
Another big part of it was the sacrament and how we as missionaries "progress to our next ordinance." I thought that was really neat. Are we progressing towards the sacrament on Sunday or is it just a one day thing? If we can have a better experience with the sacrament then we can teach our investigators more effectively as we share our experiences with them and as they see the Lord's face in our countenance. It was great! As Zone leaders, you are expected to share what was taught in that 9 hour meeting to your zones in just 3 hours! It was a good experience, it's pretty fun instructing with Elder Bybee, we make a great team but we owe it all to the Holy Ghost, our senior companion.
Honestly not a lot has changed this week. It was a slower week. I benefited greatly from this week so i'm not thinking it was a failure of a week. We had some great lessons with some of our investigators that we are working with! We were able to see a couple of new less actives and a couple of them went to church yesterday which really makes me happy! We talked to a lot of crazy people on the streets. Kingston downtown is pretty nuts. hahaha we were talking to this guy who belonged to the church "dark". This guy had to be on drugs... the only way I could describe him is relating it to the guy who sells eagle eggs off of Nacho Libre. He reminded me so much of this dude hahaha! He believed that Robocops were going to take over the world. Oh man it's always good times having experiences like that! 
I'm grateful for the sacrament! I'm grateful for the Gospel! I know it can help anybody in this world for it is the only true way to lastly happiness! I know the church that has been restored through the Prophet Joseph Smith is the only true church on the face of the earth. How do I know? Well I wanted to know, I asked, I experienced, and now I'm preachin. 
Love you all!
Forever and Always,
Elder Beddes, Coco, Beds 

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