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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

February 14, 2017 (Handwritten Note)

How are you guys? I haven't written a letter for awhile and I thought it would be good to write right now since I'm stuck in the apartment cause of Elder Bybee being sick! It's pretty boring sitting in here and I wish I would be out doing stuff right now! Kingston is pretty fun. You get a wide variety of different people here! Rich, poor middle class, crazy, homeless, etc. Can't forget all of the college students too! We live pretty much on campus so we see a lot of students and its crazy to think that I'll be one of them in 6 months! Not excited at all. I've done a lot of contacting over here and you'd be surprised how nice they are! It's pretty fun!
I love Elder Bybee so much. I can't tell you how excited we were when we found out we were staying another transfer together. We've become best friends. It's funny to think that some of my companions know more about me then Chase or Jake do just because I'm with the 24/7! Elder B has come along way in life too. He's such a great example. He got into drugs his junior and senior year. It's amazing to hear some of the changes people have made in their lives. So many cool stories I've been able to listen to about people's conversion stories! The mission truly is a blessing. Man a ton of my mission buddies are home now! It's so sad to see them leave. 4/8 of my companions are already home and 2 of them are going home in a couple of weeks! It's crazy! I went to a meeting with 3 different zones and I didn't even know anybody!! I'm the old missionary now! The Sisters that came out with me into the mission are going home in a couple of weeks. That's completely strange. Doesn't seem real, time blows by quickly!  I better give it my all these next 6 months!
It's truly amazing to see so many miracles on your mission. To be a part of so many lives and even play a part or have an effect on people.  It's such a nice feeling! It's amazing to see why you were sent to certain areas on your mission as well. I love it!
It's good to hear that everybody is staying busy with school, work and sports! Lots and lots of sports lol! We are a athletic family that's for sure! You guys are going to be better than me at all the sports! I often wonder what the home would be like with me not being there. Is it different? I feel bad that Dad is the only male in the house! What was it like for you guys the first couple of months of me being gone? Do you guys anxiously await my weekly emails every Monday or has it become just a normal thing?
Thank you fo your letters to me. I always love reading them. It's always a nice feeling coming home from a days work and being able to relax and read your families letter! I loved reading the one about how you guys met and the proposal! Thank you for sharing that with me! I never really knew. I really like the pictures of your two at Rick's, I look at them often. So many people have told me that I look a lot like you Dad!
Elder Moffat, well now it's Kyle, one of my mission buddies just got engaged. And get this, he is engaged to a sister missionary that served here at the same time, Sister Osman. She's the one that wanted her harmonica back haha! They got engaged 3 months of being home!! Too quick? I don't know, probably! But that's pretty crazy! The wedding is May 7th, so I won't be there sadly! There are like 3 or 4 different RM couple's that are engaged that served here!
Our zone is pretty good. It's not the same with Elder Vargus gone. I love that guy so much! We have a sister here that is from Farmington! Jill Hess. 3 Farmington missionaries! We have lots of young missionaries in the zone that are still adjusting to mission life! But it's a good zone! I think Kingston and Sudbury are the smallest zones in the mission.
Well, I'm running out of things to say lol. Or I just don't know what to talk about. Maybe you guys could ask me some questions next time and that would help a ton! I'm grateful for you all! Each one of you has taught me so much! I'm grateful for the family home evenings we would have. The random family trips we would take! Going to Costco, to the movies, going out for frosties! I always took these experiences for granted, now I'm more grateful than ever. Sisters, know how blessed you are to be in this family. The more and more I'm out here serving the more and more I realize how celestial our family is. I love you Maleah, Brooke, and Amber. Holy cow, I'm tearing up again writing this! Keep going to church, reading the scriptures, and praying~ It's so so, so important. Keep being examples to everybody and stay strong!  I'm your biggest fan. Mom and Dad, can't thank you enough for what you do for me and the fam! You two are my greatest inspirations! Love, Coco

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