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Monday, February 13, 2017

February 13, 2017 Once You Shoot the Ball...

Hey family and friends!! How's it going? My week was pretty good! Sickness is spreading and I've had a pretty bad cold these past couple of days and now Elder Bybee has it and he's been out of it today! haha I'm doing really well though! Having fun and working hard! I gave two blessings this past week to those who are pretty sick! They are feeling better, gotta love the power of the Priesthood!! We received a media referral the other day of a guy who was wanting a Book of Mormon so we have an appointment with him tomorrow, so i'm excited to see what happens!! We had a sweet lesson with an investigator that was searching on Kijiji for a new church! Me and the AP taught him the Restoration about four weeks ago and then family sickness happened and they ended up going to the Hospital! It's pretty crazy! But we taught him the Plan of Salvation this time and he loved it! He had a lot of great questions and really wants to know if what we are talking about is true. So he said that he was going to pray about it! Didn't come to church sadly! :( But hopefully next time! 
Volunteered at Martha's table! That's always a good time talking to people that come in! Prepping food! We had zone conference the other day! Drove three hours to Oshawa to go to this meeting! We had to give an instruction! So of course we related it to basketball. IT was pretty fun though, there was like 50 missionaries and the mission president and we all went into the basketball gym. Elder Bybee started instructing and then i  came running in and shot a three pointer at the buzzer and missed... pretty embarrassing. Then we like six missionaries come up including President Shields and they all took turns shooting it. We related it to missionary work and how once we shoot the ball it's really out of our reach. Leave it up to God on what happens and the amount of success you have! You can be faithful and obedient and do all of the preparation to be a successful missionary but whether or not the person you talk to on the street accepts the message or not is completely up to them! It was really fun, President loved it and kept quoting it in his meeting! haha Lots and lots of snow is falling now! We had like 2 feet yesterday! And it's supposed to fall tomorrow too! It's pretty crazy! Well that's really all that I have right now! I love you guys so much!!!
Forever and Always,
Elder Beddes, Coco, Beds

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