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Monday, January 9, 2017

January 9, 2017 -12 Degrees- No Bueno!

Sounds like everything is ship shape with the fam in Farmington! I hope you had a great birthday and I'm glad you liked the picture! Thanks for sending it back, it looks sweet like that! I was just telling Elder Bybee that story about me shooting on the opposite side of the AAU game. I was wondering what our conversation was like after that game. Can you remember? Me and Elder Bybee are doing really well. We get a long so well! It's super fun! We had a sweet Zone Council the other day and we taught everybody about the new changes of the missionary schedule, holy ghost in conversion, and faith and repentance! IT was really good, the participation was golden and that makes all the difference! We had that huge MLC meeting that takes like 8 hours lol! We played ball before the meeting and so we woke up really early and I only got like 3 hours of sleep haha! Ok so if you remember last times Zl challenge was to eat Scotch bonnets. This time it was to eat a gold fish. For those of you who are grossed out already I would advise that you skip this part lol. So we all had to gulp down a live gold fish so that Elder Cattelain ( a good buddy of mine) would drink a pretty big baby shark. So we all did, mine wasn't that bad honestly it just felt weird going down my throat lol. Elder Cattelain couldn't do it the first time, he gagged it back up lol it was hilarious! But he did it the second time. We aren't sick so thank heaven for that! But it was pretty funny to watch!
We got a sweet LA named Joe to church the other day who hasn't gone in like a year! He loved it! He wants to start coming out more too! I love this guy so much, he's got the shakes but his testimony is rock solid! He usually teaches us instead of us teaching him! haha 
Ebe is sweet as always! We told him that he just needs to read The Book of Mormon. He read the introduction and he said that he understands what it is but is having a hard time with the desire to read it. He's just having a hard time adjusting I think since it's all new to him. But he is getting somewhere. I love this guy so much. We were making plans for after the mission to hang out haha! 
Well just like Jake i'm getting a little chub chub but that's alright. We will burn it off together! lol It's hard especially over the holidays ok!? I'm ashamed of myself but I will regain my six pack back! With the Lord's help anything is possible. Chase is doing pretty good. He's a Zl right now. He's always busy on Pdays or something like that so he has a hard time even emailing me. But he seems to be doing good! 
I have to keep this one pretty short. The week was pretty good. Got to see a couple of new people! Sister Hobbs from the StoneyCreek ward came and visited me and Elder Bybee! She's so cool, I love her so much! She took us out to dinner and we caught up! She's so amazing! In sacrament meeting I bore testimony of my stupid mistake I made of putting diesel in the car. ;) everybody thought it was hilarious!! It was an overall good week! I love the letters you guys send me and the emails! I'm grateful for all that I have. I've been blessed my entire life, and I'm grateful for the all of you! Oh and my driving in the snow is fantastic! I love it so much, you'd see me drifting around corners if you saw me. ;) The weather is really cold over here.... -15 yesterday. No bueno... oh and as well we are trying to regain the members trust here in Kingston. I think that is one of mine and elder bybee's roles here in kingston is to regain members trust since there were some experiences in the past of missionaries doing some no no stuff. SO we've been givin lots of cookies and letters to people and we've been seeing a big difference! It's amazing! So just an update of how everything is going! love you all! 
Forever and Always,
Elder Beddes, coco, diesel   


 Elder Bybee

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