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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

January 3, 2017 NEW YEAR!

Thank you for the lengthy emails! I love how they are always in great detail! So to answer some of those questions you guys sent me... our investigators are doing alright. Still trying to build up the area! We came into the area with nothing really lol just like the other areas I've served in! haha but it's good we are doing our best! Ebe is amazing, we had another long lesson with him about the plan of salvation. We used a lot of bible scriptures to back up some of the truths up and he finds them really interesting and I think we are progressing with him! The media referell we received awhile ago has been really sick lately so that's no good. But we do have an appointment with her this Saturday hopefully! The weather has been pretty cold lately! Reminds me a lot of last winter but not as bad as Sudbury! Holy Cow that Root Canal story is awesome!! Blessings on blessings on blessings!! I'm doing really well, Elder Bybee is fantastic! We get a long so well! I know him like the back of my hand! Our week was pretty good, nothing to exciting to be honest! We were able to set up some appointments with some part member families that we haven't seen yet so we are excited about that! We were able to get into some doors that have been tough to get into!! New Years Eve and Day were interesting. You don't really do anything as missionaries to celebrate haha just chill and talk! But it was good, I'm excited for the new year!! My personal goals are to reactivate a family, baptize 5 more, gain a better understanding of the Plan of Salvation, email past companions every once in awhile, email converts couple of times during the month, get ripped, and keep my apartment clean always!! I think I can do it!! Sounds like you guys had a great celebration! Those jello cups look amazing I miss those so much!! Ebe says hi by the way, he was so excited that you guys wanted me to say hi to him! Me and Him are really tight, I plan on visiting this guy after the mission!  
I'm teaching Elder Bybee Basketball and he's getting really good. WE go in the mornings and I just tell him to do some basketball drills and it's like i'm coaching. Totally reminds me of the times we practiced together. I'm grateful for all that you guys have taught me(mom and dad) and I may have had a bad attitude about it at the time but I'm grateful for all that you do and have taught me! It wasn't until I experience something especially on my mission when I start to realize why things were taught to me. 
We taught Elders quorum on Sunday last minute. SO we threw something together and we wanted to talk about the sacrament and how we can make it more personal to us. I sadly didn't take it as seriously as I should have before the mission which i fully regret, but know I can say that I understand! Preparing for the sacrament is very very important. Not just expecting the day of, but remembering and looking forward to it throughout the week will make your experience so much better! I'm grateful for the chance that I have take the sacrament to remember the most important event of all time and how personal it can be to all of us. Christ died for us so we can live. Christ atoned for us so we can be made whole and experience true happiness as we exercise our faith and repent! The Gospel is true, I would be hopeless and without purpose and meaning in my life if I didn't have it. I repeat that last sentence once again lol I would be hopeless and without purpose and meaning in my life if I didn't have it. I love you all and hope you have a great week!
Elder Beddes,Coco, Jojonator 

 Elder Vargus going hard with a light sabor!!

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