Behold, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I have been called of him to declare his word among his people, that they might have everlasting life. -3 Nephi 5:13

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

August 1, 2017 Welcome Home!

"Well done, thou good and faithful servant" Matthew 25:21


August 1, 2017 Farewell, Oh Canada!


Jeffrey Lane Shields, President
Canada Toronto Mission
1624 Wanless Drive
Brampton, ON    L7A 0A7
Phone: 905-452-7484

13 July 2017

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Beddes
561 Loveland Lane
Farmington, UT  84025  United States

Dear Brother and Sister Beddes:

Elder Colten Beddes has served honourably in the Canada Toronto Mission and will soon complete his mission.  I will send his honourable release certificate to his Stake President to whom he should report for a personal interview and formal release upon his return home.

Elder Beddes is an outstanding missionary.  I am sure that during the past months he has shared many of his experiences with you.  During this time in the mission field, the Lord has touched the hearts of the people he has served in Ontario: members, those of other faiths, and fellow missionaries.  Elder Beddes has been a valuable instrument in helping the Lord move His work forward.  Thank you for raising such a fine young son and preparing him to serve the Lord.

When Elder Beddes arrives home, you will notice that he is more spiritual, confident, and mature than when he left.  Although he has been tried through the many hours of hard work and some disappointment that he has experienced, Elder Beddes has been richly blessed.  He has seen great success as he has relied upon the Spirit of the Lord in his labours to bring souls unto Christ.

Verily, verily, I say unto thee, blessed art thou for what thou hast done; for thou hast inquired of me, and behold, as often as thou hast inquired thou hast received instruction of my Spirit.  If it had not been so, thou wouldst not have come to the place where thou art at this time. (D&C 6:14)
Elder Beddes will look back on his mission and realize how completely his course was directed by the powers of heaven.  As he returns home, he knows that his mission will continue throughout his entire life.  Having been guided by the Spirit, he is well equipped to face the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead of him. 

Thank you for your support and encouragement.  Elder Beddes leaves the mission field with our love and best wishes for continued success in all his future endeavours.  We pray for his well-being and happiness.

With love and deep appreciation,

President Shields Signature
Jeffrey Lane Shields


Monday, July 31, 2017

July 31, 2017 They Were Right. It's the Best 2 Years!

A common question I get asked in Canada is, "What has been the coldest day on your mission?" Or something that has to do with the winter. Well, I've been in -40 Celsius up in Sudbury and that was very cold, But we still went out Contacting! Snow banks would reach up to 10 ft on each side of the road. I've never seen so much snow ever in my life! 

There was one night in the bitter cold of winter when we were out talking to people when a big blizzard hit us. We couldn't make it home. So we hopped on some polar bears to give us a ride to the nearest igloo where we cold spend the night! hahaha that was bizarre.

Heat wise it gets pretty hot. The thing is though is that it gets humid hot and that sucks real bad. Constant sweating and damp clothing when your doing missionary work outside. There was a time where we biked for 2 months everywhere in the middle of summer! That sucked really bad but it taught me a lot and we talked to more people and people saw us and the name tag!

One thing that I will never forget is the amount of harshness I received as a missionary. Every missionary knows it'll happen but it's quite surprising what happens. I've been flipped off many times, cussed at over and over again, mooned, spat at, pushed (not punched, though that would have been sweet), made fun of, and so on! I loved it though! It was very worth it to me. It gave me a taste of what Christ and his apostles had to go through. Something interesting that I want to put in here, is that I never felt intimidated or scared. Or even headed when stuff like that happened. Even in the scariest of nights with creepiest people. I felt safe and protected. God, Guardian Angels, Ancestors, the Spirit maybe all of those were with me I think! 

Something that will be a weird adjustment for me when I get home is not being stared at and being talked about all of the time! You'd be surprised how much attention two guys in a white shirt and tie with a black tag bring. We're always being watched and talked about. That's why it's important to be your best self and to represent Christ cause the amount of attention missionaries get is a ton! 

What else have I learned on my mission? Missionaries love there p days. Absolutely love them. Not time is wasted on p days cause it's sacred haha. Missionaries love their ties. It describes them and their personalities. Many tie trades on the mission! Missionaries love it when you ask them what they want for dinner. Love dessert too! They love it when you refer to them as Elder or Sister so and so. There's something in a name that makes you feel loved and cared about. We're not as perfect as your think, though we constantly strive to be. We love it when people are engaged in the work. When you give them referells or share a missionary experience. Always good to know we have teammates! We love letters and packages! Yeah that give you a little better taste. There's much more you can as me about later.

Canada! Poutine is pretty big here. I love it! So many different kinds it's amazing. People for the most part are nice! I I honestly can't compare though. The work "Eh" isn't used as much as you think. Missionaries just abuse it cause it's fun! You really don't get the Canadian accents at all unless your more North. We say washroom instead of restroom. They say some words differently. For example the word progress. They pronounce the "pro" instead of how we do it "pra". We say sorry they say surry. haha it's pretty funny! There tuks or tooks instead of beenies or hats! "Pahsta"instead of "posta". If that makes sense. Canadians love Tim Hortons and their coffee. Pie is huge here and maple syrup... I carry maple syrup everywhere now just like Buddy the elf. Just kidding I don't do that.

My mission has taught me so much about following the spirit. There have been so many instances that wouldn't have otherwise happened if it weren't for the Holy Ghost. Such as being prompted to tract an certain street and there find a golden investigator. Or sharing the right scripture just at the right time for someone in need of it. Knocking on a less active families house who was in need of a blessing dud to no one have the priesthood power in the home. There have been many times when I would literally just open my mouth and words would flow beautifully out and I had know thought put into to it before hand. There is so much more that happened by simply listening and being worth to receive and hear the promptings of the Holy Ghost. The absence of the Holy Ghost is like a basketball team with no art form or chemistry due to not having a coach to lead and guide his or hers basketball team. 

Missionaries receive a ton of training on there mission. I've done the math and we go to about 152 missionaries training meetings. We get about 730 hours of personal study time and another 730 hrs of companionship study time. Plus other personal training time which is about another 84 hours. So we get about 1832 hours of training in just meetings and studies alone and that's not including MTC time! That's amazing! I'm so grateful for the knowledge I obtained all those hours! I'm grateful for the Spirit as well that I felt and also learned from and taught me what was needed for the people I taught!

I want to thank those that read my blog and who emailed me. I want you to know that I think about my family (extended as well) and friends often and thank those that supported me one way or another. Thank you for letter and emails and packages I received! And I apologize if I had not reached out and expressed my gratitude to you personally but please know I was extremely grateful for it at the time! You guys are the best! 

Well I feel like I'm all over the place in the email. Plus there is only so much you can share about a two year mission. I'm sure a lot of you are going to be asking a lot of other questions that haven't been answered. So I'll be looking forward to that! I'm going to share a quick simple testimony of my mission and of the Gospel. My mission has been the highlight of my life! No doubt. It's been the scariest, happiest, saddest, and hardest time of my life. Words can't describe how much I've changed and how much the mission means to me. I've learned so much from my experience here in Canada. I've learned that God's hand is in his work and we're only the instruments. I know that Jesus Christ performed the Holy Atonement for us because he loves us perfectly and wants to see us and spend time with us again. The Gospel is true, no one can persuade me otherwise. Joseph Smith is a Prophet of God and I'm grateful for the sacrifices he made for the truth. The Plan of Salvation is true and is my favorite to talk about to people! 

It's going to a very emotional couple of days I can tell you that right now! I'm going to miss the mission so much! It's been hard to say goodbye to some of my favorite families here let alone everybody else in the mission! I can't wait to see you guys when I get home!!!! It's crazy to think about! 

I thank God for the best two years of my life! 

I'll continue to fight the good fight even when I'm home! 

Hooorahh Hoorrahhhh hooooorrrraaaaaaahhhhhhhh for Israel!!! 

Forever and Always, 

Elder Beddes soon to be Colten

"The last service project at my house..they come for breakfast and by 2 they have to go to help another family and later they have dinner at 6 with another members ...they are been busy...tomorrow they coming to have dinner at my place..send you more picture tomorrow." -Sister Cepeda