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Monday, December 5, 2016

December 5, 2016 Emails from Baptized and Re-Activated Members

Wow what a story!!! I really liked the story!! I'm going to print that off! Tell her i say hi! ok ok let's see.. the week wasn't the best, i'll be honest. we had a real eye opener this past week. We were really busy this week but we weren't as effective as we should have been! Each night we felt like we worked really hard but in reality not a lot happened! We could have been a lot more productive with our time! So it was a good evaluation between us!! We are going to work extremely hard this week to make up for it! We are excited!! Lots of miracles happened though! We were able to receive a ton of media referrals which is pretty rare to receive and we set appointments with them!!! So excited to meet these guys and start teaching them! The zone is struggling honestly... it's just a bump in the road though, it'll get better!!! We have another zone council this week to pump everybody up so it'll be good!!!  Me and Elder Bybee are having a blast together!! We are such good friends! We went on a ton of exchanges this week! They were really fun! Especially exchanges with the AP's learned a ton!!! Welll i gotta go sadly. Sorry about the short email!! But here are some of the things some of the people i baptized and some of the people i helped reactivate said!! 

Hi Elders,
We hope that you both are doing well and are safe.
We HAVE great and EXCITING news.
See pictures for further insight...hahahaha
We wanted you both to be the first ones to know. So maybe before Elder Herbert goes home we can meet up at the temple. JK
We also wanted to thank you both for all of your love and support and for the encouragement that you both shared with us through all the thick. We have been greatly blessed to have had you both in our lives and to have had the chance to get to know 2 of the most awesome, loving, supportive, encouraging young men that the Lord could have blessed us with.
We love and pray for you both daily. You are both keystones in our family and will always have a place in it.
Oh yes and one more little bit of info for you......Nikita said she is leaning more to serving a mission.
Isn't that awesome.
Everyone is doing well.
We will be emailing you on Christmas, so have a little look when you have a few minutes.
Again we love you both and miss you dearly.
Keep in touch with us even when you go home.

The J Family.

 Hey huni :-)  thing are going ok, i just got asked if i would like a calling and chris just passed his priesthood interveiw so he is getting that next weekend bishop is bumping him to office of the priest right away :-) ... mckena is doing well she has been going to young womens for about the past month or so she likes it so much better... other then that we have 2 missionaries going home this coming transfer... anyway we love u to and miss u very much...
Mel H.

Dear Elder Beddes,
So we were all figuring it has been a year since you first came to Stoney Creek. I thought in honour of that we would send you a little letter and a copy of Thomas' letter from last week. He seems to busy every p-day. He tells us he is short on time in every letter so we don't get much info each week. He seems really happy though and loving the people of Uruguay.
How are you? Are you loving serving with Elder Bybee?  We miss both of you so much. Kingston is good place though. It is where we first lived when we got married. We loved it there and would have stayed if employment would have allowed it. We had a great Stake conference this week. President and Sister Shields were there. They seem awesome. I spoke with them briefly just to tell them how great our elders are. Elder Baird was standing right next to me and told me later he was mad I didn't talk him up like I did Elder Herbert, MacDonald, Gomez and Hunter. Oh how we have missed Elder Baird!!!
Anyways I hope you are working hard and having success. Say hi to Elder Bybee for us. Andrew still wears his tie each week. We are having Elder Herbert and MacDonald over this week to say good-bye to Elder Herbert. Wish it was YOu! I will paste his letter at the end. Take care and enjoy your week. (I have attached a couple photos so you can see Andrew in the infamous BYBEE TIE, hope you can open them)


The H Family

Teaching an AP the art of making good macaroni and cheese lol

Making some cookies for the "Gators"

Eye of the tiger

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