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Monday, December 19, 2016

December 19, 2016 The Boy Who Gives Us All Joy

Oh good you got my package!! That was fast! Just one of the families that were going to New York just took them down and sent them off!! Hope you like them! I didn't do as much this year... cause i'm poor lol so i'm sorry! Sounds like everybody is doing alright! Sports are still going, everybody is working hard in school and everybody is having fun it seems! And i loved the Christmas Picture that you sent!! I'm so excited for Christmas! It's my favorite time of the year for sure! We've been talking so much to people, it's been freezing too so it build character! It was like -15 the other day! Not fun! We get Christmas cards for the Christmas season and they are good ice breakers to contacting people on the street. We found a ton of potentials that are wanting to meet this week so we will see how they go! Found a new inv. he seems really cool! He's really receptive to the gospel and has a great love for his family. Loved teaching him the plan of salvation! 
Had the opportunity to watch some ysa open there mission call the other day! IT was so awesome!! It brought me back to when I was opening mine! Seems like yesterday honestly! It's pretty weird to think about life before the mission because it doesn't seem real. It honestly feels like it was a dream or something, I don't know what it is. I miss my son Elder Hafen! He got transferred out to a place kind of like Napanee! The zone doesn't feel the same with him not being there! He seems to be doing alright though! 
Elder Bybee is doing great as always! We have the most in depth conversations about the Gospel it's amazing! He is such a good guy and loves the Gospel with all of his heart. Learning a lot from the guy! I was thinking a ton about the person i've become on my mission and how much i've changed. I can honestly say that the Gospel of Jesus Christ has given me a much better perspective of life and my purpose. I know what matters in this life and I have a better understanding of The Plan of Salvation. Many people I talk to and even people I know take the Gospel and the church for granted. They think that the Gospel is important but they think that the things that they are doing right now regarding work, friends, partying, drugs, looking at porn, etc are more important and will give them more pleasure right then and there than reading The Book of Mormon for example. They don't look at the decisions that they are making in an eternal perspective. They use the Gospel as a back of plan or they go to God whenever they need something or are in a desperate need. That's not what it is for. Sorry i feel like i'm preaching right now lol but just know that this is the most important thing i have ever done in my opinion and I absolutely wouldn't trade it for anything in this world. Have a Merry Christmas all of you and remember the boy who gives us all Joy. 
Forever and Always,
Elder Beddes, Coco, Cocojo

P.S. we will be skyping at the harvey's probably around 2 or 3 over here. We will let you know for sure though! I can't wait to speak to you guys, it feels extremely weird that it's already the time to do that! haha      

I love this district so much!!

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