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Monday, November 7, 2016

November 7, 2016 Baptisms, Transfers, AND Zone Leader

Well well well where do i start off this week!? Oh i know, 4 BAPTISMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Soooooo excited that I got to experience that in this area, i have been so blessed!! I love these two families so much!! Zana, Dominic, Spring, and Cassie all got baptized Saturday and confirmed Sunday!! This is what Elder Hn said(He summed it up pretty well):
"This week was super busy and exciting! We spent most of the week getting Cassie, Spring, Dominic, and Xana ready for baptism. Lots of Preparing. I didnt get very much sleep Friday night because I was so excited for the baptisms! Saturday morning finally came and we got delayed for 30 min.  Cassie and Spring didnt bring white clothes so Sister Lee ran to Walmart to go and get them white underwear. While she was gone, we tried to set up a movie for everyone to watch, but no one could get the tv to work. We finally got the tv to work, but then sister Lee came back. So we proceeded with the program. I went first baptizing Dominic and Spring. I had to baptize Dominic twice since his legs came up. Spring came down and she held on to my arm so it was out of the water, and her hair came up also. I held her under as I tried to put her hair in the water and then her legs came flailing up since I had her under too long. The second time her legs came up again. So the third time I got smart and stepped on her feet so her legs wouldnt come up. I kept her under and looked at the witnesses to make sure it was done correctly this time before bringing her back up. A few people starting clapping when I brought her back up. Elder Beddes only baptized Cassie and Xana once each. At least I can say I had 5 baptisms instead of 2!" 

Haha so it went really well, it was such a spiritual time for everybody! Most of the branch came out to support so that was really good to see! We had lunch after as well, lots of food! It was a good time!! 
I love these two families with all of my heart. Cassie, one of the girls i baptized, said this in a text just a couple of hours ago, it made me tear up. "You are an amazing missionary. I know you will make so many more ppl happy! You made me smile a lot! I am so thankful for you entering into my life. I'm so grateful you taught me so much and I couldn't ask for anything better! we are all gonna miss you beddes. I'll see you again sometime maybe. Just remember keep on smiling because your smile can brighten ppls days. I will read the book of mormon and pray each night. I've gotta go to school now but thanks again and i wish u luck on your mission." Ohhh i guess i better tell everybody now lol i've been transferred!!!!!! To the next city over hahaha! Kingston and i'm going to be a zone leader with Elder Bybee an old high school buddy of mine! So small world! I have a couple of my favorite missionaries coming into the zone as well, so it's going to be fun!!! It's hard to say goodbye to everybody here and to Elder Hn but i'm not to far away ay?! Now, when I baptized Xana, i'll be honest i started to tear up! lol there's only been a couple of times I have felt the spirit so strongly and this is one of those experiences. Xana is 8 years old and everytime I look at her it reminds me of Maleah. So when I was baptizing Xana it was kind of like a re-inaction of what it would have been like for me to baptize Maleah. It made up for it in a way I guess is what i'm trying to say! It was an amazing moment for me! Anyway, I loved Napanee! I learned so much! One of the biggest things I learned was that God pays close attention to branches. Who would have thought that a branch of 30 could have 4 baptisms? Lots of people lost hope honestly and coming into this area there wasn't much haha but with the Lord's help it got picked right back up to it's feet! I love this area with all of my heart! I'm going to miss it a ton!! I love you all and hope everything is going well for all of you!!
Love you Forever and Always,
Elder Beddes, Coco, Colten     

"I'm headed East to Kingston, whitewashing into the area and training a new Zone Leader from my hometown, Elder Beddes!!!! He's a stud, and I'm stoked. I've never whitewashed before, so we'll see. I'm excited though, we're gonna get it done. (Kristie Berry Beddes! How exciting is this!!!??? Just got this email from Cale.)"

Dear Xana,
Hi! When I got my baptism done I felt special and the water was really warm. It felt nice to get baptized. I'm happy you got to get baptized too. Now we have the Holy Ghost! The Holy Ghost helps you feel better and helps you make good choices. I loved my baptism! I hope you remember these good feelings too.
From your new friend,

Dear Maleah,
Thanks so much maleah!! you are the best, she is going to love it!! i'm glad you had fun at halloween, i think of you guys a lot!! I'm excited to play with you!! they do have trick or treat in canada! lots of questions to answer haha but a mission is hard but it's fun!! I love you!! Of course we can do all of that stuff! I can't wait!! I want to play sports with you too!! Stay cute lele,
Love you more,

Nov 5, 2016

Cassie and Spring (Evelyn L)

Xana and Dominque

 Elder M (going home tomorrow)

 Napanee, Canada

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