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Monday, November 21, 2016

November 21, 2016 Utah Mormon Friends

Looks like you all had a fun time on Thanksgiving!! i loved the family get togethers!! I'ts something i've grown a better appreciation of out on a mission knowing that we have family so close that we are able to do that kind of stuff! Thank you so much for the tips about college and life in general! It helps a ton! Regarding the whole rice, cereal, pasta and food like that.. I'm ok with that! haha it easily satisifies me! Macaroni and Cheese is what i grew up on anyway! Oh by the way, i've been teaching Elder Bybee the skills and techniques of making a wonderful meal of mac n cheese. He loves it so much! Well this week was AMAZING!! I don't think i've ever been so busy in my life! Life as a zone leader man... it's a roller coaster!! Seems like we don't even have time to breath! There are days where we literally have to skip lunch!! It's been so much fun and it's been quite rewarding! me and Elder Bybee are having so much fun! He's so awesome! We have become really good friends! He's hilarious and he's seen nacho libre so there isn't much complaining necessary! Well I'll go ahead and share my favorite highlight of the week right now! Bryn passed his baptismal interview!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He's going to be baptized this Friday! He's so ready and prepared, it's crazy! We were going over the baptismal questions with him and literally every question we asked him he started crying! The spirit was so strong! I've never experienced such a spiritual baptismal interview ever! This guy is so awesome!! I can't wait to show you pictures. I love Bryn so much and am so proud of the decisions he's made!! 
We were contacting on the streets of Queens university and we ran into a guy who was part of this christian group called power to change! They had this stand outside asking people what they thought of God. So we started talking to him. He's so cool. He invited us over to his place that night and there were about 8 others that were staying in his apartment. They were all part of this group! They were all sooo cool. They were all so friendly and they were just askin us about what we do as missionaries and askin questions about the church!! Man it was such a cool experience. Just 2 mormon missionaries with like 10 guys just chillin on the couch talking about the gospel! It was sweet! And they invited us over to this ugly sweater Christmas party with all of the power to change group for a couple of minutes! It was soo fun! you would expect all of these people to be mormons! hahah they were so kind! It was funny to see everybody's faces when we went into the house of like 60 people in it!! But Ebe and Sam were introducing everybody to us. It was pretty funny, Ebe was like," yo this is our utah mormon friends, they are so sick!!" I felt so welcome it was sweet! Now Ebe wants to go see how good my basketball skills are. Elder bybee is good too! We go sometimes early in the morning and he's given me some competition!!! He's good! Found a couple of investigators just talking to random people on the streets and knocking into them!! People have been really kind here, it's been such a fun ride!! Kingston has 160000 people i think. Branch has about 150 people in it! YSA here is about 10 so it's been fun to be around them! We have FHE with them tonight they are really cool! The branch is soo kind! Everybody is excited about baptism coming up!!
Man me and Elder Bybee are having a blast! We are teaching a bunch of lessons, so it's really nice!! One thing i love about elder bybee is that he teaches from the heart. The lessons that we have been teaching people i feel like they are more meaningful and more spiritual. I feel like missionaries focus to much on just covering each doctrinal point in the lessons rather than trying to apply it to the person you are teaching or sharing experiences with people for example! And I feel that we do really well with teaching with the spirit, and people feel the spirit a ton more too!! 
I love you all!! 
Forever and Always,

Elder Bybee

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