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Monday, November 14, 2016

November 14, 2016 The Farmington Boys Killin it in Kingston!

Elder By thought it was hilarious that you did that on your mission! He remembers getting injured while he was pitching one of the games, he got hit in the hand or something and he went up to talk to him and you said, "Can you still pitch?" hahaha he tried and he couldn't. Elder By loved you as a coach. It's pretty cool to talk about baseball with him and past memories at high school and buddies we went to school with. It's pretty weird to talk about. Who knew I would be serving with Elder by? Small world ay? The farmington boys killin it in Kingston! It's been a good week! It's been different for sure but it's been good! I don't feel any different as a zone leader to be honest. Just more responsibility, but i'm grateful to have the opportunity to be one! I love serving with Elder by, i'm bummed we didn't hang out at all before the mission cause we are exactly the same, such a good guy! He's a really hard worker too! So we both came into the area with horrible white wash notes(thanks missionaries who served before us) so lots of running around with our heads cut off, but we are settling in. Just trying to get to know everybody by calling them, dropping by, etc. The branch is awesome!! They are so kind, they love feeding the missionaries so that's a blessing. They are willing to come out teaching with us too! I love that! So many miracles happened this week. Holy cow i'm tearing up just thinking about it. First and foremost Bryn. 
We got a referral the other day from Halifax for a dude named Bryn. He has been being taught a little from missionaries out there but recently moved out to Kingston for work. HE is so solid! What a miracle! He was bearing testimony of the gospel in our first sit down lesson with him! He agrees with all the doctrine and is already saving for a mission because he is only 20. But something that he is experiencing that i related to well and really hit home for me is when he was talking about changing our nature. He talked about being in college and getting kicked out for partying and just really not caring about school. He talked about the parties and the drugs and alcohol that just float around. He was talking about if the gospel can change his nature, he will do anything for it to help. He wont go back to college until he is strong enough to withstand the parties and everything. He knows he isn't strong enough right now because he doesn't have a foundation of Christ. He's so awesome. We taught him everyday this past week hahaha that's how prepared he is. He loves the gospel. He's probably one of the most prepared people that i've taught. He has a date for the 25th of this month! 
We found 3 new investigators!! The YSA here are so awesome! They just bring there non member buddies to activities and it's great! The apartment is trashy, not the best but's that alright. There is a roof over our heads. It's an apartment complex. 
The zone is full of amazing missionaries. They all are special in there own way and they have there individual talents and abilities that combine to make a powerful zone! We have two of the funniest missionaries in the zone so that's fun! Everyone did well this week missionary work wise, i'm excited for the future and the work that is going to be put in! 
I know that all of this matters. It's making a difference. The Gospel is capable of doing that. As a missionary you are part of so many lives, it's crazy. I was thinking about this the other day about how members, missionaries, friends, etc play such an important role and you can impact so many different people. The master teacher and follower impacted me and I love sharing that. I love teaching with Elder By cause everything that comes out of his mouth is from the heart. He's such a sincere missionary and I look up to him for that. I love this guy so much, we are having a blast! The mission is the hardest thing I've ever done. But oh is it worth it!! Love you guys, I'm sorry if i didn't answer everybodies questions. My brain is on overload everytime I get on to email. hahah so if you have any questions for me ask me again and i'll try to answer them! 
Forever and Always,
Elder Beddes, Coco, (some new ones i've obtained on my mission) slappy, ferris bueler, ranoldo


The Farmington boys killin it in Kingston!

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