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Monday, November 28, 2016

Nov 28, 2016 Let's Do Work, Ey?

Such a good week!! Seems like you guys had a wonderful week as well!! This past week was very revelation filled and the Spirit was so strong!!! I have to first bring Bryn's baptism!!!!!!!! I'm so proud of this guy!! Think of the most solid and golden investigator... and Bryn will fill that description. This guy is the most prepared person I have ever taught, he is so sensitive to the spirit.. it's amazing. Me and Elder Bybee talk about the lessons that we have all of the time and they don't seem real cause they gooo so well. We are just waiting for some people to come out of nowhere into the room and point at some camera and say, "You've been on a tv show, this is not real!" or something like that! It's seriously what it feels like!! The baptism went so well!! Most of the YSA showed up to it and Bryn's mother and friend came to it as well and they want to investigate the church!! When he came up out of the water he couldn't help but cry tears of joy!! He's come a long way! From drugs and partying to the gospel!! This guy is awesome! I'm so proud of  him and the decisions he's made!!! Me and Elder Bybee are getting along so well! We joke around so much and have a good time, but we work extremely hard!! I don't think i've ever been so busy on my mission!! So many appointments and talking to people, so much paper work, and meetings!! haha we had to plan a zone council kind of last minute for the benefit of uplifting and encouraging the zone to work harder, because the zone isn't doing so hot. But it was a very good meeting!! President Bailey of the district presidency attended as well and loved it very much!! He took us all out to pizza hut after.... haha what a fat bill!! Anyway we based the zone council on the fourth missionary.. i don't know if any of you have read that or not but it's changed my mission. It talks about four different types of missionaries and how it's best to be the fourth missionary! He talks about how the difference between the third and the fourth missionaries is quite small but 80% of missionaries are the third missionaries. He says the difference between the two is the amount of love and charity each one has. The third might be exactly obedient and reap the blessings but he does what he wants to inside of his heart. The fourth does what the Lord expects of him, is obedient, and has charity! His whole heart, might, mind, and strength is in the work. He let's go of "passions", puts it in a box and back onto the shelf for the time being. The fourth missionary is changed and benefits greatly from his mission while the third isn't changed and has guilt. 
It was a good eye opener for a lot of people! It was a great meeting and I think it motivated a lot of people including me and Elder Bybee!! I love the Gospel so much! While I was reading the talk it really make me think of the eternities. And how everything we do really plays a part in the rest of eternity. I have the rest of my life and the rest of eternity to think about my two year mission..... let's do work ey? 
Love you all so much!! xoxox
Love, Cocojo          

 Bryn's baptism!!! 
He is the one next to Elder Bybee! Emerson is a ysa going on a mission and he baptised him!!!
Good old Elder Bybee

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