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Monday, October 3, 2016

October 3, 2016 Your Decisions Determine Your Destiny

Sounds like everyone had a good week except for the colds!! That was some sweet pictures as well! It was cool to see you playing on the U court! That must have been pretty fun! Wow what a week.... i don't even know where to start. Well let's start with Tuesday. We got in a car accident... broke a couple of ribs just like chase. Just kidding but we really did get in a car accident. We were parked at a red light talking and all of a sudden BAMM!!!!!!!! We got whip lash but we were all good. He apparently was trying to pick something up off the ground and he ran straight into us. Our rogue is a tank really and barely got any damage haha but the front of his car was totaled! He was alright though, really nice man! We got out and didn't really know what to do so we went up to him and asked if he was alright and then started preaching the good word! Turns out that his wife was investigating at one time but turned out not to be interested. He wasn't either. :'( but that's alright, really nice guy! Cops came, they were really nice. Got the situation under control. AND here's the spiritual side to it. Sooo confession time i haven't been driving with my license all of last transfer, i know i know rebuke me and i'm sorry but all of the week before this whole experience happened the spirit kept telling me to put my license in the car and so i listened. And I knew why I needed it of course but at the same time I didn't know why the spirit kept prompting me to put in the car... but now i do! It was a learning experience i will never forget, thank you Holy Ghost! haha We went to the temple this last week for all trainees and trainers and wow what a spiritual time! It's amazing to be in the temple, and I have a strong testimony of the temple! It was extremely nice to go especially not being there in a year!! I absolutely loved going and I can't wait till next time i go. It was cool to see a bunch of missionaries i've known over the year! I got to see my mtc comp who is one of my favorite missionaries out here! Elder P and Elder V as well! It was fun! Toronto was really cool too! Very busy!!! And holy cow general conference was so good!!!! I love it when general conference comes! I think one of talks that stuck out to me the most was by Elder Juan A. Uceda. When he got the spiritual impression not go on the trail but he still went on it. He prompted him three times but still he would not listen. And he fell through the trail and would have dropped 2000 ft to his death but he was able hang on to some branches and his missionary friend (who felt prompted to stay in a spot for a little bit but didn't know why) came and pulled him up! Taught me that prayer and listening to the spirit is very important in this life! And also the grace of God is fanastic even when we make mistakes! I loved the prophets talk about the Word of Wisdom. It was interesting that he talked about that, must be very important. Of how the guy was holding onto the rope and didn't have enough strength to climb the rest of it but then prayed and told god that he was keeping the word of wisdom and he needed extra strength and received strength and went hulk mode and climbed the rest of rope! Cool stories great talks. I loved those talks that you sent me mom! I loved those quotes as well, that last one really stuck out to me yesterday too! It was cool to see the missionaries in the choir and even cooler to see some that I knew! haha so funny stories of the week. We went to go take out some trash for our less active and so we went in and the house smelt like a baby had just pooped the most narley poop known to mankind combined with the most horrid rotten smells i've ever smelt in my life and it was all in this trash bin. Turned out to be a bunch of rotten stuff including potatoes... oh my gosh i told elder h that he had to do the work and i just stood there with my nose plugged gagging like a maniac! It was a weird thing to experience cause I was laughing so hard seeing elder h suffer that tears were coming out of my eyes and at the same time i was gagging and trying not to throw up! hahah it was great!! So we met with Kathy, and met her kids as well! They are awesome! Zana reminds me of Maleah! Zana is full of energy and very smart and she's 8. DOminque is a shy 11 year old boy who is also very smart. They want to be baptized!!! They are reading the book of mormon stories every night together!! They are wanting to come to church next Sunday as well! I'm excited to work with this family! Angie is doing really well, she wasn't able to watch general conference sadly because of her aunt being sick. The last lesson we had with her was a very spiritual one. She's doing amazing! She has such high expectations of herself and she wants to learn and to grow! She's going to pray about her baptismal date of Nov 5th instead of new years day! We should be meeting with her sometime today so i'm excited for that! She's amazing!! Should be having 3 baptisms in the next couple of months if things go according to plan!! I'm so excited about this area! There has been so many miracles witnessed and the branch is doing amazing! The progress of Napanee is golden! I know this Church is true! There isn't a shadow of a doubt that it isn't. I'm around a bunch of people that say otherwise, a bunch of material that claim that we are a fraud, and a society that testifies and proves that the second coming of our Lord is approaching, but with all of this it does my heart good to know the truth. How can the Book of Mormon be made up? How can Joseph Smith be some false prophet? How can the revelations given to modern day prophets be fake? Yeah, life is hard and at some point in your life you question yourself and your beliefs, but stand tall and keep believing. And if you are questioning your testimony, I ask that you take a step back and think of the times in your life that have testified of the truthfulness of the Gospel. Think of the what could be outcomes of the decisions you will make and are making. Your decisions determine your destiny. Love you all! 
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