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Monday, October 24, 2016

October 24, 2016 Practice Makes Perfect

Those pictures are awesome!! You guys all look so good!! The nature looks beautiful as well!! My week was a good one!! Our potential baptisms are looking really good so far!
Zana-Nov. 5
Dominque- Nov. 5
So we are pumped about that!!! Spring is very jumpy and figity and Cassie is the shyest person i've ever met so combined... it's something to see! The lessons are definitely not the typical lessons we have but that's alright they are learning and coming to church!!They are awesome! Zana and Dominque are golden!! They just sit down and listen to us and they are happy to be there! They are awesome! I absolutely love teaching them! They are opening up a ton more and the lessons are just so fun!!! They all have been coming to church so that's good!!! We've been hitting records here in Napanee missionary work wise so we are pumped about that!! I can't wait to see these children baptized! It'll be the first baptisms in over a year! So excited!!!!!!!!!! We've had a good week! Me and Elder Hn have been killing it and having fun! He's so funny i love him! We were at our returning members house who is going to be going to the temple soon (so excited about) and he smoked us some ribs and they were the most delicious ribs i've ever had!! Me and Elder Hn had three each... yeah we felt pretty gross after but they were so good. We went over to Smith Falls to work their area for a day... that was brutal but fun. It was raining literally the whole day and they had planned for us to tract and contact all day... so that was sweet to be in! No one was really receptive sadly but it was fun to be around different missionaries. Let's see... we had to help out at this Couples conference that was Paris themed. And so the zone leaders, me and elder hn were the waiters!! It was fun and enjoyed it... it was pretty tough to hear Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin music in the background though... holy cow. That was tough! I dared an Elder in my district after my district meeting to eat two large poutines and I told him that I would give him a tie. I honestly didn't think he could do it, but he did... he puked after but it was a good show! ;) lol he's really skinny too, I honestly don't know how he did it. We've been hearing a ton about Trump and Hillary..... holy cow it's so annoying. I swear the Canadians are more into American Politics than what Americans are. People always ask us about it, and I have none of it. I don't even know anything about politics so it's good for me. :) It's getting pretty cold now.. i have my jacket on. Elder Hn isn't used this Cold weather so it's pretty funny to see him suffering and experiencing the exact opposite of what Neveda is like! well that's all for now... it was a good week! My district is doing amazing! I love them so much!! The zone is awesome, napanee is spectacular!! To answer these questions: So, have you heard of any new missionaries from our area being called to Canada? Any old friends? Ever hear from Alex from Idaho? How about fellow missionaries? Hear from Chase or Jake? How often do you report/visit with Elder Shields? There are a couple of friends that went to viewmont that are here in the mission!! Some good friends too,but i haven't seen them!! jake and chase are still planning on byui!! Alex is doing really well!! He's still body building!! We report to president every time we email so once a week! He's awesome! Just had skils and interviews with him and we had a good chat about deep doctrine and future plans and how things are going in the mission! haha anyway here's the spiritual thought of the week.!
"For some, serving or ministering one by one, following the Savior’s example, doesn’t come easily. But with practice, each of us can become more like the Savior as we serve God’s children."
—Linda K. Burton

Love this quote!! perfect practice makes perfect!! Love you all!! 
Forever and Always,
Elder Beddes, Coco   

A member in Smith Falls showed me his collection! He puts me to shame compared to mine! haha he let me keep one which was cooL! 

We encountered this while tracting... scared me half to death.. I stopped dead in my track and then realized it was decoration. I was about to sprint the opposite way! haha

 Service for an active member!!! Gettin it done!!!!!!!!

Chef Hn
 sleepin on the job
I didn't know Elder Hn did modeling 

  Meeting with one of our Less actives!! :0
District meeting in paris!!

 Helping out with Couples conference

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