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Monday, October 17, 2016

October 17, 2016 Elder Beddes, is Everything Alright?

Well looks like everything is going well with the family!! That's super cool that you got to ride those things, where was that? That's a sweet picture of everybody in the volleyball picture!! Nice job!! Well this week wasn't to exciting! Kind of a mellow week, not a lot of people seemed to receptive this week but that's alright, the more seeds planted the merrier!! We've been having some awesome lessons though! I love teaching, especially when the people you are teaching feel the spirit! I've especially liked teaching Kathy and her children that are getting baptized! They are so kind and funny! They listen and learn very well! I love teaching them the basics such as prayer and God! They just get so excited and want to try it out and learn more! They are getting excited for their baptisms in November! They have already invited family and friends to it! Shelley's worker that was supposed to work for her bailed out last minute and dissappeared and so she wasn't able to come to church for the first time in years. But she says that she is trying her best to find someone else cause she really wants to go! So hopefully soon!! Scott is hilarious! I love teaching him. He always teaches us martial arts after so it's cool to learn about the gospel and then how to kick somebodies butt! lol We had District Conference!! That was cool and I loved the talks! The amount of people there was about the same in my home ward in Farmington lol! I almost died at a dinner appointment the other day, that was cool. Something funny happened and I tried not to laugh and hid it as best I could! But then I saw Elder Hn laughing and that made me laugh even harder and so I just decided to drink my drink to try and stop me from laughing but I just started drowning myself really! haha and so Elder Hn was like "Elder Beddes is everything alright?" haha i'm like yup yup everything is just fine thank you! We are getting fed pretty well here, so that's nice! The members like us so that's good!! I love missionary work! You just got to have fun with it! It can be a drag really when you aren't having fun and being yourself! I love recieving emails from past families that I've taught here is one that was sent to me!
"Hi Elder Beddes,
I have been thinking about you a lot lately and wanted to send you a quick email. Sending Thomas out has given me lots of time to reflect on people that have made a difference in his life. About a year ago I started praying for a missionary to arrive in our ward that would connect with Thomas and make missionary work seem great. Not that we hadn't had good elders but nobody that Thomas was connecting with. So when you arrived in December you really were an answer to prayers. Our family connected with you right away and we loved having you in our home. Thomas' mission prep started moving on and he was definitely on board with serving a mission. I know there were lots of reasons for this but you definitely played a part. When he got his call he said he really wanted to let you know so as you know we found your number and he was able to share his news with you. Sending him off last month was honestly the hardest thing I have ever done but I am so grateful that he went. Does that make sense? The boys and Abby had such a hard time saying good bye. I remember you saying being away from your little sisters has been the hardest part of you mission. Thomas seems a bit homesick right now. The MTC is getting to him but he leaves for Uruguay on the 25th so then a whole new set of challenges await him. I am sure he will succeed, he just needs to work through everything he is feeling.
I won't write much more since I am not even sure if you are allowed to receive emails from members in the mission. We are all doing okay. Abby is driving now. She dumped the Pentacostal and is sort of living the single life, and loving it! So no boyfriend to baptize. Andrew is still a crazy kid and has fun with the Elders whenever they are over. Elliott is missing Thomas so much, especially with all his sports on. He misses his watching buddy. I have been feeding the YSA missionaries lately because they never get appointments. Elder B just loves Andrew. We love him too! He said he went to high school with you.  He is with Elder H so it kind of feels like you are at dinner when they are over. We also have Elder G who is awesome and Elder T who is new. They are great elders. I  feed the four of them every week. Your name comes up all the time. The kids still talk about our Christmas carolling last year and how much fun that was. We did have a lot of fun with you when you were here.
So I will say good bye for now. Maybe we will run into you again before you leave next year. We are planning a trip to Utah next summer but I don't think you will be home yet. If you ever come back for a visit you know you have a place to stay! Keep working hard, I am sure you are. You are a great missionary and I am sure you are making a difference wherever you are. I know you made a difference in Stoney Creek!
The H Family
P.S. I am going to send a couple pictures in a separate email for you to see. 
P.P.S. Are you eating? Are you still picky? LOL  
Just got back to my desk and saw your email! So exciting. Thomas' email is thomas.......... He leaves next Tuesday for Uruguay. We have Elder G and T right now. They aren't you, you are still our favourite with Elder C a close second. We do like them though. We were struggling with Elder Bd when he was here. A good missionary but drove us all crazy. We didn't shed many tears when he left. Does that sound bad? We love Elder B too. I keep feeding the zone leaders because they really don't get fed. Elder H is funny too. But like I said they aren't you. We keep hoping you will end up as the zone leader here and then we can have you for dinner. I still make my cookies for the elders. They seem to like them, a lot! Anyways I need to get back to work. So glad you emailed back. We miss you and hopefully we will see you again. Like I said we are going to Utah next summer but not sure when you will be home. We haven't decided when yet.  Keep working hard! Napanee never used to be a branch when we  lived in Kingston 20 years ago. All those members came to our branch there. If we are driving through on our way to Ottawa or Kingston in the next little while I will figure out a way to get you some cookies! 
All the best!
The H Family (Sister H)

Haha they were a family in Stoney Creek!! I love them so much!! Anyway, i'm doing really well. Elder Hn is too! We are having a blast and making every second count! Time flies on the mission! It's weird to see friends going home in the mission and in other missions! I love you all! Hope you have a good week! Sorry it's a shorter email! Stay Gold!
Elder Beddes, Coco

 Yes, i've gained weight

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