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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

October 11, 2016 That Was How I Knew

I didn't know that you got new callings!! Ward Clerk and the primary!! I wish you guys luck, you guys will do great! Thank you for the tips regarding my letter home, it helps a ton! So our week was one with a ton of ups and downs! lol i'll be honest the start of this week was one of the most shocking, unexpected, and sad starts of the week for me. We had lunch at swiss chalet (canadian restaurant) with Angie. We were all having a good time eating our food and then we asked her how her Book of Mormon reading is going. Then she pulls out The Book of Mormon, the triple combination, the pamphlets, and everything else we had given her and she had it all tied together in a ribbon and put it on the table. She said, "I no longer want to meet with you guys." She had went to go see her Aunt when she had a mini stroke for conference weekend and the aunt had given her a couple of books that had a bunch of Anti in it. We tried to resolve the concerns she had read but she wasn't having it. We tried to remind her of the feelings that she had, the progress she had made, and the things that she had learned, but said it was fake. It was quite alarming that she would say that she was 98% the church is true and that she is loving the things that were being taught and the spirit she was feeling. She was making true friends at church, ones she never had the chance the obtain her whole life, and then she runs into, what we told her to be careful and to stay away from, some anti. I could feel and see the coldness in her eyes as she walked out of the restaurant as if she felt accomplished and felt right about the decision that she had made. We had a long chat at that table about the whole thing. I was more saddened, frustrated, and ticked off that my trainee had to go through something like this. I was honestly ok, because I have experienced this on my mission countless times. I was of course saddened by it but felt more determined to work harder. On the other hand, Elder H was having a hard time with it. But long story short, we felt alright about the situation and all is well. It was shocking, because we thought for sure she was getting baptized but that's alright. It's life. There's more potential out there. More souls to find. We feel more motivated. More determined and there's more umph in our steps! It was a great learning experience for us all and it was a spiritual experience for me to have a great convo with my companion bearing my testimony of the mission and giving him motivating and uplifting encouragement to him! I love him dearly and am proud of him! God has a sense of humor, after that experience we had with Angie, the very first door we knock on is interested in the Gospel! haha it was sweet! She owns like 5 dogs and she wants to know where her deceased husband is. I love bearing testimony of the Plan of Salvation and seeing something sparkle in their eyes as they hear and feel the Spirit. Other great things that have happened! Kathy and her kids came to church. Kathy hasn't come to church since 2004!! And Dominque and Zana loved it too!! They have a baptismal date for Nov 5th!! It's awesome, they are so smart and funny! Dominque reminds me of myself when I was 11 and Zana reminds me of Maleah! We need more children/youth in the branch!! So we are excited about that! They are doing really well, saying family prayer, studying the scriptures daily, and mormon messages as well!! Scott A is preparing well for the temple! He's getting more and more excited about it!  I love teaching about the temple! He should be going soon and I hope we get to go with him! He's doing really well, coming to church every Sunday and feeling the spirit! Shelley is coming next week, she found someone to work for her on Sundays!!! So excited about that as well! Evelyn L and her children are coming to church and the kids are wanting to be baptized as well! So we should be having 4 baptisms by the end of the transfer!! So we are excited about the progress that Napanee has made!! I love this place and the branch!! I love building up areas as well,it's one of my favorite things! I told my mission president last time to send me to areas in the mission where nobody wants to go!! It's fun!!! My district is doing really well! Elder Ngerantar (malaysia), cattelain (utah), Hafen(Nevada), coffee(arizona), olson(calgary), Sister Garaki(tahiti), hamblin(idaho), and the Hatches(alberta)!!! It's a fun district and they are all hard working!!! Haha so i like to include something funny that happened in the week and me and elder h were talking about the week and really couldn't think of anything! Then yesterday we were visiting some members and we were walking out and I was shaking everybody's hand telling them goodbye and thank you and things like that and then I hear a THUMP..... thump, thump, thump, thump, thump. Elder H took a spill down the flight of stairs! HAHAHAHAHA it looked pretty graceful to be honest but everybody was freaking out about it, seeing if he was alright. He just got up, and he was alright! lol I was crying, and thought I was going to pee my pants! I couldn't stop laughing when we left the house!! Man it was good to laugh that hard! Well I want to share my experience of my conversion to the Gospel. I haven't really told anybody in the family or my friends back at home so a lot of people might be interested to know how I came to know that this church is true. Obviously I was born in the church and raised "by goodly parents" and was taught in the way that is  very pleasing to God! But I guess I was going through the motions of going to church, saying my simple nightly prayers, reading a verse from the scriptures a day, just checking off boxes on the check list for lack of better words. I knew that it was all good and that it was something that God wanted us to do but I didn't really know if it mattered. And I remembered my dad coming into my room while i was in bed getting ready to go to sleep. And we had a conversation about the church, the gospel, a mission, and other church related stuff. And he told me that I was doing what was right but I pretty much needed to find out for myself it was true and if it mattered. (I don't know if he remembers this) As he walked out of my room I had a strong impression to kneel down and ask our father in heaven if all of this was true and if it mattered. As I finished my prayer, an overwhelming feeling hit me. Now, I know that a lot of people say that it was an overwhelming warm feeling, or peaceful feeling and it can seem like the norm to say it and to hear about others experiences with it but mine was a little different. I received those feelings after getting thoughts of my family. Joyful memories that flooded into my mind and into my heart with an indescribable feeling of Gods love and care. I had thoughts of my sisters and I on the tramp playing together. Me and my dad playing catch with the baseball and him teaching me how to throw a curveball. My mother looking into my eyes as she sat beside me talking about the importance of the temple as we sat outside of it eating lunch. All of us together eating our ice cream in the van as we drove home from Farr's ice cream! So many fond memories had flooded into my mind!! And really That was how I knew that God had answered me. And from that day and that experience I knew that the Gospel and the church was true. Families can be together forever! And everything else fell into place, everything else clicked and made since!!! I'm grateful for our Heavenly Father who does answer our prayers! Who is there! Who truly cares! I'm grateful for his Son who came into the world to die for us! He makes it all possible!! And I am grateful for that experience that has brought me this far in my life! I love you all and have a wonderful week! I 'll be praying for you all! xoxo
Forever and Always,
Elder Beddes           

Sweet poutine place we found!!

Found this in an area we cover!! In Bath! Apparenly 20 years ago Thomas S. Monson dedicated it.

  Yup that's right 

Elder H


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