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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

September 6, 2016 The Mission is SWEET!

Well well well another week has past and gone! The time flies, they are true when they say" Days feel like weeks, and weeks feel like days." It's been an interesting week that's for sure! We played Kill ball last Monday which is pretty much everyone against everyone dodge ball and my arm is done for! haha i was sore all week! I got hit in the not so good spot and i thought I was going to throw up so that was cool. I completely just decked Elder Cattelain in the face, it gets pretty intense let me tell you! haha we then went on exchanges with the zone leaders and so i went to kingston with elder Cattelain and elder hafen stayed here with elder lemon. It was pretty fun, we talked to a bunch of people, we were able to play some ultimate frisbee with a bunch of college students cause a huge part of Kingston is queens college so a ton of college students everywhere! Reminded me of BYUI and college life, but it was cool to talk to a lot of them! Not a lot of them were interested but hey whatever. We were able to find some new investigators at a convenient store. I had a feeling to start talking to this family there while elder Cattelain was talking to the cashier and they are interested in learning more! So that was cool to see, and they are teaching them now! We were able to exchange back and start finding some people to teach here in Napanee! 
So cool story about our newest investigator Angie. We were driving in the outskirts of town and I had a impression to turn around and drive back to where we were coming from so i turned around. Then i had a feeling to turn on a street and get out. And so we did, and we just started tracting the street and the very first door we knock on was Angie. And we taught her pretty much the whole Restoration lesson on her doorstep. She was explaining how much of a bad life that she had and how she's mad at the world and the people in it and how there are so many religions in the world claiming that they have the truth and it was really stressing her out! So we were able to testify and to teach very well! Elder Hafen did an amazing job! She told us to give her a couple of days to pray and to read from the BOM. And so we did, and we came back and she said that she had read 20 chapters of the BOM! Wowsers, that makes me so happy! She said that she has been praying and hasn't received her answer yet and so we were able to teach her a little bit more about how to receive answers and we read 3 Nephi 11 with her! She loved it and she wants to believe and feels good about it, it's just that she is still hesitant about the whole thing. She has a ton of trust issues due to the experiences that she has had in the past and she has also had a ton of other religions come to the door and so she is searching. And i truly have a good feeling about this lady! She is awesome, and so prepared! She said give her another week so that she can get answer! SO i guess we will wait till next week! 
One of LA came out to church yesterday and she even bore her testimony! That was awesome! Church is definitely a lot more different than my other areas so far and Utah! haha only 20 people came last time! So it was a lot different, Elder Hafen thought it was pretty strange and completely different from what it's like in Nevada! haha it's pretty cool though if you think about it. We've been watching a ton of church history lately about Missionaries spreading the gospel in foreign lands for the first time. And i was thinking about here in Napanee and how's there is 30,000+ people and only 30 active and 2 missionaries trying to spread the Gospel! Making history! It's fun here, it's pretty, we got lots of denial from people like you would never believe, but it's been fun. I've learned so much, especially from my new companion elder h! He has such an awesome work ethic and he get's it done! He cares about the people so much it's amazing! It's so cool how much we can learn from incoming missionaries and from each one of your companions! The mission is SWEET! I miss you guys so much! And I love you all! xoxoxo
Forever and Always,
Elder Beddes, COco     

This is our LA's place that she owns! She's awesome! I'll show some more pics. 
 Elder Hafen

An abandoned theatre! Pretty cool ay? 
 Dinner yesterday! 

Member's backyard! 
 hahaha in my natural habitat

There's the smallest church ever and the apartment we stay in! 
 My apartment.

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