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Monday, September 26, 2016

September 26, 2016 Even Until the Fourth Floor, Last Door

Holy cow! I thought those pictures were sweet!!! Happy Anniversary guys! xoxo you are the best, those dating pictures were awesome!! So young! I can't believe the ward got split!! I was thinking the other day what if my ward got split or something like that? haha and lo and behold you tell me this! I'm going to miss those guys so much! It's going to be weird going home and having them not be in my ward! I'm sorry about the car crash that sucks! But it sounds like everyone is doing well! thanks so much for the emails they mean a lot to me! My week was a good one! As usual!! So much to say in such little time! Some funny things happened this week! In district meeting we had it Smith Falls this time because the senior couple there wanted to make tacos for us (blessed saints). They were so good! Anyway, the district meeting was very good, everybody loved it! It was such a revelatory experience! The AP, Elder H came to it as well. It was nice to have him there, he put in some nice input. He's a nice guy to, great missionary. But what I wanted to get to was right after district meeting, we were packing up to go get tacos and i did my whistling thing to make it sound like birds were chirping. I don't know if it's something that I picked up on the mission or if I did it before my mission. And the whole district were looking for these mystery birds in the relief society room. Everytime i would chirp i would look up into the arches where the birds could have a nest and me and elder ha would act like we were confused about the birds. We had everyone tricked in the district! hahaha we told them at lunch that it was just me! They were all so shocked, they all thought there were birds in the room! haha It's weird that the transfer is already over! The transfer news is..... we are staying together in Napanee! I'm pumped about it, we are having a lot of fun! We are going to the temple for all new missionaries this week, so i am excited about it! I haven't gone to the temple in a year!! Elder Hafen is legit! I've learned so much from him! One thing that I admire about him is that he really knows and loves the people. He is involved in every convo and knows the background info about the people. Just goes to show how much he cares about the people and the area. He takes initiative, even as a new missionary!! It's fantastic! Our most solid investigator Angie is doing really well! She went to church for all three hours again yesterday! She's progressing so much!! She's been taught a lot so far and she loves it! She had prayed about her own baptismal date since that was what she wanted and she came up with Dec 31. So we are going to see if she can have earlier cause she is solid! I just think she feels like she needs to know everything before she can get baptized. She's been working on some word of wisdom problems which is really the only thing that is holding her back. But she has done so well with cutting down with some stuff! She's amazing, definitely one of the most golden investigators I've ever had. I can see her getting baptized really soon! She says that is pretty sure that this is the true church but is still learning so that she can get the final and for sure yes! We've had some powerful lessons with her and she is absolutely loving what has been happening and what she has been learning and feeling! Yesterday was testimony meeting and you could tell that it really touched her. I love what's been happening here in Napanee! So for testimony meeting, I went to go bear my testimony! I've made it a goal to never pass up an opportunity to bear it to other people! I shared the experience about battery exploding in Elder hafen's face and how it blinded him for a short period of time. Hahaa everyone got a good laugh about it, and I was able to relate it to the gospel! Sometimes we want to experiment with some things that we probably shouldn't experiment with. And satan, and in this case me tempting Elder Hafen to do it, was me! I told him hey it could explode in your face but it probably won't but you never know. And it did! haha and he suffered the consequence. He was "spiritually blinded" for a little bit because of what happened! But he regained his vision after awhile and we both learned from that mistake! Same as the mistakes that we make or the trials that we go through! Repentance and applying the Atonement in your life is key and so important! Good times, everyone was talking about it all of church! haha we've been finding investigators and new LA's which is pretty sweet! We've been able to get some LA's who haven't been coming for the past couple of years! So that's sweet how God is preparing those people to come back to church! We ran into a member who didn't even know that there was a church in Napanee and hasn't got in many years. She's so nice! We are going to see her in a couple of days, i'm excited about that cause she seems solid! She has a couple of kids that haven't been baptized and her husband as well so we will see what we can do! It's cool how God just placed her in our path as we were just having a lesson with Shelley(another LA) and she saw men with black tags and she asked Shelley if she was mormon! Shelley was excited cause she thought she was the only mormon in all of deseronto! haha so it was a miracle and i'm excited about that! The branch is doing amazing! All 25 of them! They are being really good friends with Angie which does my heart good! She's totally going to become a member of this church! She's excited about General Conference and so am i! I can't believe it's already that time! I made it tradition to go bulk barn and get tons of candy to watch it! Look forward to it cause it's a very spiritual time! I love conference and i regret not taking it as seriously as I did before my mission because it's literally God speaking through his chosen Servants! Lots of questions will be answered if you come prepared and ready! Momma sent me this quote that i absolutely love, "Dieter F Uchtdorf excerpt:
Earlier this evening I spoke about how faith comes to the humble, the diligent, the enduring. It comes to those who pay the price of faithfulness.
As I mentioned earlier, this is demonstrated in the experience of two young American missionaries who meant a lot to our family. One day, they decided to approach the residents of a well-kept, four-story apartment building. They knocked on each door of the first floor. No one would listen. The same thing happened until they came to the last door of the fourth floor.
When that door opened, a young girl smiled at them and asked them to wait while she spoke with her mother. At first her mother didn’t want to listen, but the mother finally agreed, and the missionaries left her with a copy of Book of Mormon to read. The mother did read this sacred book, and directly thereafter she and her two daughters entered the waters of baptism.
When the small family attended our local ward in Frankfurt, Germany, I was a deacon and noticed the beauty of one of the daughters. I thought to myself, “These missionaries are doing a great job!”
The beautiful young woman—the one who had pleaded with her mother to listen to the missionaries—is Harriet, my wonderful wife, the sunshine in my life.
How often have I lifted my heart in gratitude for the two missionaries who did not stop at the first floor! God “rewards those who earnestly seek him,” but that reward is not usually behind the first door. Dear friends, keep knocking on God’s door. Don’t give up. Seek God with all your heart. Exercise faith. Walk in righteousness, and have trust in our Heavenly Father. I promise that if you will do this—even until the fourth floor, last door—you will receive the answers you seek. You will find faith. And one day you will be filled with light that grows “brighter and brighter until the perfect day.” #LDSconf"
You never know what lives you could touch. I've seen miracles after miracles because of the faith that me and my companion had just because we "knocked on the last door"  per se. And not literally a door but went the extra mile and didn't give up despite what hasn't been working our way or the criticism we get as missionaries. Don't give him up! "Give it your 110%"(- Dad). And expect miracles! I loved the emails that I got from my sister Brooke and my Aunt that I haven't heard from in a very long time, Meggin! Shout out to them! haha you two are awesome and I absolutely loved the emails they meant so much to me. This is what they said, and hopefully they don't mind that I share. 

Brookes-"Hey Colten!! I can not believe it's already been a full year! That means only one year left! I love hearing about all the lives you've been changing! The Canada mission seems pretty tough especially the people there are pretty tough to get the gospel across to but I can tell that you've been praying hard and been wanting to find people that truly need to have the gospel in their lives. You have set a great example to me and have helped me decide on whether to go on a mission. You have a pure desire to serve others and truly care for others and I know that when you come back from the mish you'll find "the one you've been lookin for!" I love you soooo much and I hope that you know that what you are doing is changing lives whether you know it or not and people really take into consideration what you are teaching and saying to them even though it's hard to see sometimes people will be listening to someone even though it seems like it is going in one ear and out the other. People need you in their lives and have been waiting a long time for someone to come along and set them on the right path.

So whats your new favorite food?
Have you grown taller than 6 feet? Seriously Colten people wanna know
Are you sill planning on going to byu Idaho? We could be college buddies! 😘😘  

Hey colters!!!! I've been reading all your emails since you've been in Canada. Sounds like you're having an amazing time! It's been fun reading all your stories. You're such a good kid! Always been one of my favorite nephews. So glad you're happy and growing so much on your mission. That story about the 50 year old lady rolling down the hill off her chair was funny. Glad she wasn't hurt and laughed it off. People are great and I'm so glad you're getting these sweet experiences. It all helps you grow in so many ways. Well just wanted to say hey and let you know I read all your emails and enjoy hearing about it all. Can't wait to see you again! Keep up the good work!

Love ,

You two are people I look up to and are an inspiration to many lives including mine, whether you know it or not. 
Love you all and thanks so much for the kind emails! 
Forever and Always,
Colters, Elder beddes, coco

Smokes Pouterine! Best poutine in all of Canada! Good place


good ole tracting 

Angie let me borrow her jacket at night. she knew it would match my tie! haha  it's getting pretty cold here! leaves are fallin! 

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