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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

September 2016 (Handwritten Note)

Hey! Thought I would quickly respond to you after reading the letter you sent me! Thanks by the way for the handwritten letter!  Also, the package!! Loved it! It's always nice to get something regarding the holiday. Thank you for the nice powerful and spiritual words in the letter. I always love hearing your testimony, it uplifts me and give me a boost. And thank you for realizing that a mission does have its ups and downs. I haven't told anybody this cause I don't want anybody feeling bad for me or anything like that but there are days where I can't help by cry in bed for seeing someone get off the straight and narrow or someone who you thought golden drops off the map unexpectedly. I t hurts and it breaks my heart! There are days where nothing goes your way and all you want to do is scream at the top of your lungs! Haha but even with the darkest of nights you can expect the sun to rise the next day. It's just nice to know that people realize that it isn't a cake walk! I've grown like you've never seen anyone grow before! Not physically obviously, although I think I've grown a little! I love the mission, it's changed me and my life. Don't worry, I'm still the same Coco, my personality hasn't change but now I can say I know who I truly am, and I'm walking and living with a purpose!! Me and Elder Hafen are getting along great! He's one of my favorite companions so far! I've had good companions! I've been blessed! Napanee is great, very quiet place! Lots of land. Can't wait for the 4 baptisms coming soon! I'm so proud of these kids!! It should be all on the same day too! So exciting! Everybody in the zone and everybody in the Branch is excited for it! Got a couple of LA's going to the temple to receive their endowments! So I'm excited about that!! Sounds like I'm going to be a zone leader in a week from what the zone leaders have said and they say the AP's told them, so I'm nervous about that but it should be alright!! Just more responsibility and more serving other missionaries! Jake and Chase are still planning on BYUI and so am I. Jake is pretty excited about it, you don't get much from Chase anymore from his emails. He's made it a goal to not talk to friends as much so he isn't trunky during the week. But from what it sounds like, he's still thinking about going! Jake said that he'll have his car up there so that'll be nice! Wouldn't be surprised if Chase brought his. Got a couple of other friends that are going to attend BYUI as well so it's going to be cool to see them! Regarding apartments... I'm not sure yet. I have a couple of missionary friends that say that they have family that live near campus that wouldn't mind us renting their downstairs out… that's what they have told me anyways. So I'll dive deeper into that and let you know! It sounds like Jake and Chase would like to live off campus rather than on but I'll find out more info for you!!! It would be cool to live off campus especially if it's going to be cheaper. Would it be 2 yrs or 4 yrs to get my undergraduate? I'm not sure what school to go to after either… lots of thinking about! Are there other scholarships I could apply for the first year of school?? I would love to save as much money as possible!! Also, what about jobs there? Would I have to go see myself if there is anybody hiring in Rexburg? Or can you look into it somehow?  Also, I feel weird and uncomfortable asking you this but do you guys plan on helping me pay for college? If not, that's completely fine. I just don't know how this is all going to work!  Is it $2500 semester? Have you talked to Jodie and Kim about any of this? Is there anybody in the Ward or anybody you guys know that could help or hook  me up with anything regarding college? Haha lots of questions!!! I don't know if you guys know this already but I'm scared  of the future! Haha it's terrifying not knowing what lays ahead of you, I have so many questions regarding college, occupation, marriage, jobs, friends, family, etc! You've been through it all though which give me comfort to know that my parents will be there for me to help me on the journey! There's going to be a lot of pondering and praying in the Celestial Room when I get back!
I'm scared to go home from my mission as well!!! It's tough knowing you have to go "back in the world" so to speak from a huge spiritual bubble you were in for 2 years. Ugh…. I'm going to stop thinking about that now haha but know that I can't wait to see you guys again and I miss you all!!!!!
Love you more that words can describe…

Elder Beddes, Coco, Jojo, Jojanater, Cocojo, Duder, Beds, Lettuce, Cbeds, Colteyboy, Colters, Uncle Drew, Colten XOXOXOXO

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