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Monday, September 19, 2016

September 19, 2016 We Start With the End in Mind

It's a volleyball fanatic family that's for sure! You are all awesome! I'm glad the home life is going good for you all! I can't believe summer is wrapping up either, the leaves are changing here, and it's about to get beautiful! I love Fall, i really do, it's so pretty and it's my favorite weather. It totally reminds me of Georgetown. Georgetown and Napanee could be twins! My week was a roller coaster ride haha. I was sick for a couple of days. Experienced Liberty Jail in a way. ;) Stuck in the apartment. My illness was funky. I had a constant migraine and my body was really weak. I had random muscles that were very sore for some odd reason. I have a really bad cough. And everytime I stood up and I felt like I was going to pass out!! So it wasn't fun at all. Pretty boring, Elder Hafen hated his life being stuck in the apartment all day for two days. But out of no where my family comes to the rescue and I receive a package!! Orange themed! That was soo nice of you. Thanks so much for sending that to me, especially during the time of me being on my death bed. It was good, those crush pop tarts or quite weird though. hahah me and elder hafen tried them, and they were a no go! haha everything else was so good. It was good to see "reeses" instead of "reese". (by the way mom, i'm going to take some pics today with me wearing the shirts, and send them to you later). We got our hair cuts at this barber shop for men. It was a pretty swag place, and the lady whose name is Angel cut our hair. And i look forward to these moments where the person can't go anywhere when you start talking to them, they are stuck! haha so i was able to have a great conversation with her, and pretty much teach her the whole Restoration while she was cutting my hair. Turned out she was interested and I was able to obtain her number and we are going to see her again and her boyfriend this Thursday! hahah hair cutting miracles! She's pretty sweet as well, i can't wait to start teaching her! Funny stories of the week. I was driving and I was looking at the scenery and I ended up hitting this dead skunk. Didn't think anything of it until we started smelling it very strongly. Me and Elder Hafen were about to puke. Oh man, it smelled so bad. Everytime we got into the car for the couple of days after and I would tell Elder Hafen that it smelled like sudbury because the car smelled like Marijuana! It's hard to tell the difference between the two but it smelled pretty bad. #2 We were going by some of our Less Actives that we had never seen and one of them brought us out about 20 minutes. So in the middle of nowhere and it turned out that this dude lived in a prison for the insane people, I don't know what you call that. haha but we just laughed and said of course. #3 We were teaching a lesson yesterday to Angie and Sister Melhuish came along with us! She's a perfect fellowshipper for her and so it was an awesome lesson! We teach Angie outside of her house and she lives kind of on a hill right in front of this amazing view of a river. And she has this 4 foot drop off into a flower bed. While we were teaching her, Sister Melhuish was sitting on a little chair and you see two legs on one side starting going into the dirt and she starts to tip. And before I could go superman mode and catch her she goes toppling down this short cliff into the flower beds. We all just freak out cause she's like 50 and I jump down in a heart beat and she turned out to be fine. It was pretty funny though cause as she was falling down she was laughing. Hahaha and she couldn't stop laughing about this experience. So we all started laughing and it was a good time. She said that she hasn't laughed that hard in a long time. SO she's ok and it was pretty funny! Angie is doing amazing. She's already more than half way done with the Book of Mormon and she loves it! She's learning so much! She even came out to church yesterday!! I was so pumped. She looked like a Mormon! haha she had her Book of Mormon and Bible out during the talks and reading along it was fantastic. She really enjoyed it too. We've had some great lessons with her as well. She says that everything so far has been an answer in a way. She's in the process of being answered is what she said. Thank you so much for sending me that momma i can't wait to read it and hopefully get some ideas! We taught her the Word of Wisdom, she was a bit surprised about the Coffee and tea but it was resolved. She's going to have a challenge with smoking, but she's already cut down from a pack to less than half of a pack! So she's doing amazing! I can really see this woman getting baptized soon, and she's going to be the most amazing latter-day saint if she does! The lesson yesterday was amazing, Sister Melhuish is amazing, she played such a big part in it. You could tell that it really impacted her! Our less actives are doing really well. Scott and Judy are still working towards that temple, and we are helping them every step of the way! The temple is the place to be ladies and gentleman! Some of the greatest example of temple goers are Grandma and Grandpa Beddes! I commend them for their temple service and their regular attendance. It's such an amazing place to be. I had the great opportunity to go to several different temples with my bishop before I left. And each time I stepped into them, I could feel the Spirit stronger than I ever had. That was special time for me. Me and Bishop going to the temple really impacted my life, and I don't know if he knows that. He's helped me out so much and I love him. We start with the end in mind. Baptism is not the end, it's only the beginning of this great journey! Aim for the temple, have it be on your minds constantly. Ponder the symbolism and beauty contained in the walls of the great temples. It's changed me, and it can for you. Love you all with all my heart.
Forever and Always,
Elder Beddes, Coco, Colteyboy, beds 

Less active family who I helped reactive (the J's) have this hanging on their fridge! haha they said, 
"we wanted you to know that you are a big part of our family. We love and care for you, and we have been so blessed to have you as part of our family for the small amount of time we did. Hoping you are well!"
Love these guys! This is what else they said, "Brother J's and I are doing well. We have decided that we are going to prepare to enter the temple, I believe our date is by Christmas. We will need some strong prayers to help out."
some elder found it in the stoney creek apartment. then that same elder who is serving where the j's live gave it to them!)

It's a fraud!

 you can't forget bagged milk!


Yard work! Doing service for a less active!

Putting on the armor!!

elder hafen loves this humidity haha

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