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Monday, September 12, 2016

September 12, 2016 Time is Flyin, The People I'm Lovin...

First off the backyard looks amazing! It's funny to look at the weeping willows back there and to see the smaller one.. well still smaller! Everything looks so green! And that waterfall is soo beautiful! Nice job family!! Well done my good and faithful family! haha sounds like sports are starting up again, school as well. Glad i'm not in High school anymore! I remember getting some of those tickets that Brooke got! I absolutely hated them, Chase got like five of them in a row one week! It was pretty crazy and funny! Well I thought I would do the email in a different way this week, tell me if you like it more! Alright:
Monday: It wasn't pday cause of Labor day! Boy does the week before that one feel sooo slow because of the change of pday! But we were able to visit some of the members in the branch and teach them some of the lessons. It's our goal to really gain the members trust here so that we can work together in this great work as they give the names of those who are their friends, family, neighbors, etc. So we have been doing our best to do service for them, do random acts of kindness such as making cookies for them. I love seeing the faces of those who we give cookies for, it's awesome! We had dinner with the Savjevecs, they are sweet! They have a lake in their backyard, that's what the pictures were of last week! Then we decided to do something a little different haha. We decided to call random people in the phone book and see if they would be interested and we found one!!
Tuesday: So we went to that guys house who we called! He was an older man, and the lesson was not what i expected it to be! haha he said that he was Non practicing JW and he was pretty much warning us of the road we were taking. haha we tried teaching him but nothing came from it. So we just left. It was sad, but we bore testimony to him and gave him a pamphlet, but he said that he was told not to take anything from us. :( Pday was good. Played some zone sports. :)   
Wednesday:  Had a lesson with Evelyn Lovett one of our less actives that we are working with. We taught her the Plan of Salvation. She really liked it, she had a ton of questions about the after life. :) I love teaching it so much, it's probably my favorite lesson to teach. Did some contacting and tracting in the boonies! It sure is pretty, leaves are starting to change!
Thursday: Elder Arnold of the 70 came and visited us! We drove down to Toronto and had the meeting at a 3 story church! It was crazy, i've never seen a bigger church, it looked like a temple! It was good, he was very stern and straight up with us. He reminded me of Elder Holland, people thought he was a little to serious. It reminded me of high school sports coaches, but i felt the spirit and I learned a ton. I got to see a lot of my good friends there as well! My first time being in Toronto too, the whole year i've been out. It was crowded and busy! haha
Friday:We went on exchanges. As a district leader you are supposed to go on exchanges with the elders in your district so elder olsen and i went to napanee and elder hafen and elder koffee went to smith falls. It was a good time, we talked to a ton of people and found an investigator, Hallie. She's pretty sweet, she really like The plan of salvation and love it if we came taught her more! 
Saturday and Sunday: These were good days, kind of slower days, lots of dropping by people and contacting and such. I think the highlight of these days was our visit with Angie. She's gotten a ton more happy this past week! She's read to Alma 5!! She prays everyday but says that she hasn't gotten that answer yet which is pretty dissapointing but she knows where to look and she knows how. We taught her The Plan of Salvation and she loved it. She said that it all makes since and she really does want to believe but she has a hard time with it, cause she has had some experiences where she thought she made the right decision but turned out to be wrong. And so she's a little hesitant with the whole thing. I remember at the end of the lesson bearing testimony of it all, and I promised her that this was the true church and that the things that we have told her are true and I started tearing up when i promised her that. Wow, the lessons you know that the Spirit is present and the inv. can feel him are by far the best lessons. She started tearing up as well. She's golden. We are going to start meeting with her twice a week now! I can really see Angie in white clothing, it's one of those people I feel I was meant to touch the hearts of on my mission! 
Well I got to go! I love you all, you already know. Time is flyin, Revelation is pourin, the people i'm lovin, and the Spirit i'm feelin. ;) Peace out
Forever and Always,
Elder Beddes, Coco, Colteyboy 

The Toronto Church! IT's huge! 

A typical Napanee view! 

 Our apartment.

Good 'old' companions! 

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