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Monday, August 8, 2016

August 8, 2016 His Hand Is In This Work

Wow what a week it has been! And it sounds like you all had a good week as well!! Glad you had fun camping, having fun at lagoon, killing it at softball, sonic, and the bountiful festival! My week was amazing! I'll go ahead and just start off with the best news on my mission so far!! Two baptisms!!! I love this family soooo much!! It was such a spiritual experience! Mckena was baptized by Brother Babin a good friend of this family! It was his first actual baptism so it was very special! Especially it being my first baptism as well, baptizing Chris! When I stepped into the water with Chris it was a blast of the Spirit. I couldn't hold back the tears, I looked pretty pathetic but that's ok I didn't care! I was soo happy when Chris came up out of the water, he felt like he was 500 pounds but I managed to get him up! One of the best memories I will ever have will be the vision of myelf baptizing Chris and always seeing Mckena hug Brother Babin after she came up! Holy Cow, it was soo good! then I decided to play a little something something for them! Melissa's favorite song was I am a Child of God and so I borrowed a Violin! And I played it for them! They loved it, and I still got it! I miss playing, I will send you a video soon showing you! It was weird not playing for 3 or 4 years. To see their confirmations yesterday was amazing as well! This family I think Is part of the reason of why I came here on a mission! They are soooo awesome! It's been hard not having baptisms my first year on my mission but this made up for it! They are excited to attend the temple soon!!!!!! And I can't wait to see them get sealed as a family!! Momma, Melissa talks about you all of the time and loves you very much! It's amazing how much of an impact you have had on her and you haven't done much! So just know that you are thought of and loved by people here that I am teaching! I've been getting feelings,impressions, and thoughts that you can play an important role in this family! :) It has been a long journey for them! I remember the first day that we found them! I had a feeling about this family that great things were going to happen! After 5 months, they have made it this far! Another miracle that happened. We recieved a member referell from a couple of members on the island! Her name is Sharlene and they have been friends for awhile! She was a pastor for her own church but she had to sell it becuase they had bought a general store in the middle of nowhere! So we went to go do some service with her and we got to talk with her about our church and her church! It was such a good time, and she wants to learn more too! She has seen a couple of woman's broadcast from general conference and loves them! I think this woman is going to be baptized! It's pretty cool that she lives on the island too cause not a lot of things happen here since it's so far away! The general store is pretty country like, it was like I was in a movie! it was sweet! They fed us food their in their little restuarant inside and it was great! Ohhh and I was asking her if she knew any mormons and she said that she has a niece that was baptized a couple of years ago and I got an impression to ask who it was. It turns out that her niece was someone that I worked with in my first area, in Georgetown!! So she was freaked out about that, i was to but I knew it wasn't a coincidence! Pretty cool how God works! We found 4 new investigators as well, I wish I could describe each one of them but running out of time! Just know that I am loving the mission! I'm a changed man. I see differently. I work differently. I see everybody's great potential. I know how the Spirit feels and works. I know this Gospel is true without a shadow of doubt. I add my testimony to the Prophet Thomas S. Monson's!! That Christ lives! He is the author of Salvation and his hand is in this work. I love you all!!!!
Forever and Always,
Elder Beddes          

Chris and McKena's baptism!

More of the baptism and then the Sudbury Elders Quartet 
Pizza at Melissa's, Chris, and Mckennas!

The Zone and then my district

The Island and the General store! 

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