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Monday, August 29, 2016

August 29, 2016 One Year Mark and Singed Eyebrows

Glad everything is going well at home! Brooke your teeth look amazing, very pretty!! Amber you look very pretty as well and tall! Holy cow! Maleah, cuter than ever as always!!! Good old school, do not miss it whatsoever! haha i remember you taking me and Jake's picture for the first day of school! I WAS SO EXCITED!!!! hahah well well well i can't believe that I had made it to my year mark. Doesn't feel real at all. It feels like I'm going to be putting in my mission papers pretty soon. Especially when I hear about people putting in their papers and getting there calls! This year has flown by, i'm pretty scared about this last year and how fast it'll go. Seems like yesterday Elder Barlow was emailing me when i was at home saying that he was at his year mark in the kingston zone! And now he's home!!! And my trainer has been long gone for awhile now... pretty scary and weird stuff. Me and Elder Kohl my mtc companion were talking about how the time has flown by and how it seems like yesterday that we were in the mtc together having fun. Then i hear from everyone that the last year of your mission is down hill and is like a blink of an eye. ughh... just feels like a dream really. I've learned so much so far, it's been crazy the amount of change that has happened to me. I absolutely know the Gospel can change and bless people, i've seen and i've experienced it. What I probably love the most about being out here is helping others change their lives as they use the Atonement of Christ and repent! It brings them so much happiness. I have had some many experiences here on the mission that has truly impacted me and testified to me that there is a God and he knows us perfectly and loves us. I love meeting new people, that's another joy of mine is that you get to meet so many people and become good friends with a lot of them! This last year is more motivation to work even harder and to be a better missionary. I'm excited! Napanee is a beautiful area. It's big too! There is a lot of country that's for sure! The week was a slower one at the beginning. People were just being mean it seemed like and unresponsive. And boy we talked to a lot of people both contacting in the streets and tracting. I was getting alittle frustrated i will be honest, more because I wanted Elder Hafen to have better experiences with him being a new missionary and all. It's been kind of tough with this area not being as successful as I would have liked it to be, but we have been working very hard and we experienced a great miracle. We had two unexpected people show up yesterday. We had a less active come to church who we found a couple of days ago. She's sweet! She invited her mom who is a nonmember and the mom invited a friend as well. As so we were able to talk to them and turn them into investigators!! They are wanting to learn more about what they were feeling at church! It was amazing. and guess what!? We hit Standards of Excellence in the area!!!!! And Napanee hasn't hit it in over a year!!!! It was really cool to see that miracle!! Elder Hafen is such a good missionary! He has that greenie fire with him! He was a little home sick this past week, especially it being a harder week, but he is doing alright. He is pressing forward, such a good guy. We get a long very well. Has a hard time with talking to people as did i, but it takes time and you get more and more used to it. The branch is really nice i like them a lot. I just wish they were more motivated to do missionary work. There is an 80 year old man who gives us a pie/cheesecake every week, holy cow we are going to get very fat. DAD HELP! Something funny and sad that happened last monday. So i really wanted to charge my camera so that I could take pictures (lost his charger). Elder Hafen stepped up to the plate and this is what he said."I have heard that if you cut a cord and touch the copper part to where you charge the battery, it will charge. So I told him that and said I wasn't sure if it would work, but he wanted me to try anyways. So I cut a cord and plugged it in, then proceeded to touch the copper to the little gold thingy's on the battery. BOOM! A bright flash of light in my face, and the electricity to half of the apartment got shut off. It temporarily blinded me (for like 30 seconds), and singed my eyebrows a little, and completely fried the battery. But I am okay and we had to reset the apartment breakers to get the electricity working again. Don't mess with stuff if you don't know how!! " lol so the battery and the charger are now gone.. hahah so sorry mom! lol it was pretty funny when it happened. Love this area, love this mission. love the comp, and love the people. life is good! Love my family and friends as well! Hope you have a good week!
Elder Beddes,coco   

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