Behold, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I have been called of him to declare his word among his people, that they might have everlasting life. -3 Nephi 5:13

Monday, August 15, 2016

August 15, 2016 Transferring to Napanee, Ontario

Hello family and friends! 
What a week to remember! First off I am being transferred to Napinee, in the kingston zone! I heard it's a small area out in the boonies. I've been in the boonies all of my mission though, so no change there really! I'm going to be training a new missionary!!! I'm still going to be a district leader as well! I'm pretty excited! I'm actually going to do district meeting in person as well instead of over skype! Yeah!!!!!! hahaha I'm pretty happy, sad, mad, excited, nervous, all of the emotions. I'm really going to miss this place. I've been in sudbury for 6 months of my mission! 1/4 of my mission, man it doesn't seem real. It felt like I was there for 2 months. I can say though that I gave it my all, and i'm going to leave happy and with my chin up. I've learned a lot there. Probably the most i've learned was in this area. I had some good comps that helped me in my mission become a true disciple of Jesus Christ. I would say the overall thing that I learned was how to not just be a faithful worker in the Lord's Vineyard but an actual Servant. I've learned so much from my companions. Elder Kohl, my mtc companion, taught me to bear simple but powerful testimony. He has a great testimony! Elder Johnson taught me to be obedient in everything that I do and that it plays a huge role in the success that you have and the blessings that you receive. Elder Ditty taught me to be to take stand up for what you believe in a respectful and kind manner! He's a good guy, it's sad that he is home early though. :( He knows Hannah V, so that's kind of cool! Elder Brand taught me to really study and know your doctrine! he's very knowledgable! Elder Vargus taught me to have fun while you work!!! He's hilarious and he loves being himself! Elder Herbert taught me to have better love for the people that we are working with and not to focus so much on the numbers. He truly loved the people and that's what I admire about him! Elder Hernandez taught me to be yourself in every situation and to make people smile and laugh! He is hilarious and knows how to make me laugh! I am running out of time sadly but just know that I love the mission so much! It's changed me! I can't believe I am coming up on my year mark, this is all a dream it feels like! I absolutely loved Sudbury, the ghetto place of Canada! I will always remember this place for the rest of my life!!! I'm so proud of the people that I have met and the gospel that impacted them! I have seen people change because of it! we had a good week! Pretty hectic though with transfers, and now I have to go early and spend a portion of my pday and say goodbye to everyone! I've said goodbye to a lot of people, and it's pretty sad to see. I'm not exactly excited! haha Anyway I love you all and have a good week! It sounds like you all had a good week and keep giving everything your 110%! Integrity plays in important part in life and in your salvation! xoxox
Elder Beddes, coco,  

A crash we saw! It was crazy! Stuck in traffic for 3 hours! 

The crew!!! 

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