Behold, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I have been called of him to declare his word among his people, that they might have everlasting life. -3 Nephi 5:13

Monday, August 29, 2016

August 29, 2016 One Year Mark and Singed Eyebrows

Glad everything is going well at home! Brooke your teeth look amazing, very pretty!! Amber you look very pretty as well and tall! Holy cow! Maleah, cuter than ever as always!!! Good old school, do not miss it whatsoever! haha i remember you taking me and Jake's picture for the first day of school! I WAS SO EXCITED!!!! hahah well well well i can't believe that I had made it to my year mark. Doesn't feel real at all. It feels like I'm going to be putting in my mission papers pretty soon. Especially when I hear about people putting in their papers and getting there calls! This year has flown by, i'm pretty scared about this last year and how fast it'll go. Seems like yesterday Elder Barlow was emailing me when i was at home saying that he was at his year mark in the kingston zone! And now he's home!!! And my trainer has been long gone for awhile now... pretty scary and weird stuff. Me and Elder Kohl my mtc companion were talking about how the time has flown by and how it seems like yesterday that we were in the mtc together having fun. Then i hear from everyone that the last year of your mission is down hill and is like a blink of an eye. ughh... just feels like a dream really. I've learned so much so far, it's been crazy the amount of change that has happened to me. I absolutely know the Gospel can change and bless people, i've seen and i've experienced it. What I probably love the most about being out here is helping others change their lives as they use the Atonement of Christ and repent! It brings them so much happiness. I have had some many experiences here on the mission that has truly impacted me and testified to me that there is a God and he knows us perfectly and loves us. I love meeting new people, that's another joy of mine is that you get to meet so many people and become good friends with a lot of them! This last year is more motivation to work even harder and to be a better missionary. I'm excited! Napanee is a beautiful area. It's big too! There is a lot of country that's for sure! The week was a slower one at the beginning. People were just being mean it seemed like and unresponsive. And boy we talked to a lot of people both contacting in the streets and tracting. I was getting alittle frustrated i will be honest, more because I wanted Elder Hafen to have better experiences with him being a new missionary and all. It's been kind of tough with this area not being as successful as I would have liked it to be, but we have been working very hard and we experienced a great miracle. We had two unexpected people show up yesterday. We had a less active come to church who we found a couple of days ago. She's sweet! She invited her mom who is a nonmember and the mom invited a friend as well. As so we were able to talk to them and turn them into investigators!! They are wanting to learn more about what they were feeling at church! It was amazing. and guess what!? We hit Standards of Excellence in the area!!!!! And Napanee hasn't hit it in over a year!!!! It was really cool to see that miracle!! Elder Hafen is such a good missionary! He has that greenie fire with him! He was a little home sick this past week, especially it being a harder week, but he is doing alright. He is pressing forward, such a good guy. We get a long very well. Has a hard time with talking to people as did i, but it takes time and you get more and more used to it. The branch is really nice i like them a lot. I just wish they were more motivated to do missionary work. There is an 80 year old man who gives us a pie/cheesecake every week, holy cow we are going to get very fat. DAD HELP! Something funny and sad that happened last monday. So i really wanted to charge my camera so that I could take pictures (lost his charger). Elder Hafen stepped up to the plate and this is what he said."I have heard that if you cut a cord and touch the copper part to where you charge the battery, it will charge. So I told him that and said I wasn't sure if it would work, but he wanted me to try anyways. So I cut a cord and plugged it in, then proceeded to touch the copper to the little gold thingy's on the battery. BOOM! A bright flash of light in my face, and the electricity to half of the apartment got shut off. It temporarily blinded me (for like 30 seconds), and singed my eyebrows a little, and completely fried the battery. But I am okay and we had to reset the apartment breakers to get the electricity working again. Don't mess with stuff if you don't know how!! " lol so the battery and the charger are now gone.. hahah so sorry mom! lol it was pretty funny when it happened. Love this area, love this mission. love the comp, and love the people. life is good! Love my family and friends as well! Hope you have a good week!
Elder Beddes,coco   

Monday, August 22, 2016

August 22, 2016 What a Week to Remember!

Hey Guys! What a week to remember! It sounds like you guys are having a ton of fun! I can't believe that you ran that 5k, it looks like a ton of fun!!! The lagoon activity sounded like a ton of fun too!! I can't believe school is starting up already! It seems like yesterday was starting her soph year and i was preparing for a mission! Where does the time go? Remember to try hard and get good grades! Well saying goodbye to everyone in Sudbury was really hard. Probably the hardest area to leave. Said goodbye to some of my really good ward members and they started tearing up, which made me wanna tear up. It was bad, but i've been emailing them so it's all good. Another family that was really hard to say goodbye to was the H's. My convert family! They all started tearing up, that was extremely hard. I don't know if they told you about it but it was pretty sad. We are emailing as well, and I can't wait to see them sealed in the temple in a year! Austin cried to (the 17 year old kid i play basketball with) reminds me a lot of the catcher off of the sandlot, it's pretty funny. But it was hard to leave him too. Jamie (Hell's Angel) was mad and sad too. I'm gonna miss that guy so much. I served there for 6 months and i will never forget it! 
Well let's move onto Napanee! It's quite the place! People have been calling it "God's country" hahah ton's of land! It sure is beautiful!!! So much land it's crazy. My new companion is really cool. He is from Mesquite Nevada! He played football all of his life, and he's really funny!! He works extremely hard too, it's been learning a ton lately and fast! he's such a good missionary and he's been taking a ton of initiative which is really weird for new missionaries! HE's going to be an AP, I KNOW IT. ;) We've been having fun. The area hahaha well you could probably guess from the other area i've explained when I first come in. It's very slow. We came in with only 1 inv. who isn't solid at all sadly and only 2 LA (less active) they have been working with. I honestly question whether the elders before us did anything but that's ok. We are going to build it up ourselves! We have already found 4 new investigators from just talking to everyone! We have found 3 other LA's as well that are wanting to go to the temple and start meeting with us!!! It's been fantastic. It's been really tough though that's for sure! Napanee is a branch of 30 active, and 200 all together. So it's been a weird adjustment. Training is pretty tough too. And being a dl in a new district of missionaries I haven't even seen before! So everything is new and it's extremely hard but i've been putting my trust in God and pressing forward and it's been good! I honestly don't even know who Lavine is dad haha is she a singer? Napanee is old fashioned! I like it a ton, tons of farms as well! Old buildings that look like they are from the 1800's. We met this LA who hasn't got to church in forever!!! And she owns this huge 200 year old farm house and she renovated it and all the rooms are different cultures. It's old fashioned, dad you would have really liked it. I wish I took pictures but I lost my camera charger and so i haven't been able to take pictures at all. If you could send me a camera charger that would be fantastic! I hope you remember what it looked like. One of the solid inv. that we found was a miracle. We were calling some former investigators to see if they would be interested in learning more and I called this one and it was the wrong number and before I was going to hang up and I felt prompted to just start talking to this random dude about the Gospel! hahah and it turned out that he was really interested in what I had said and he wanted us to come over and teach him and give him a Book of Mormon. We were about to teach him the Restoration the next day and he's very solid. Just smokes and drinks, but he excepted a baptismal date for sep 24! He's so excited for it too! he's pretty sweet, but it was so cool to see that miracle! It pumped us up! 
The LA's we are now working with are sweet as well, we set a couple of dates for them to go to the temple in October! SO i'm really excited for that! The branch is really sweet though, they love to feed to the missionaries. I've never seen people so willing to feed missionaries ever, so it's really good and cool! I love it, it's been definitely a ride i will never forget! It's been good though, it's been a learning experience. Going to new area always reminds me of the savior when he went to different places. makes me wonder what it was like for him to have built relationships with friends and the people that he healed and then to move on. My district meeting was on talking to everyone about the Gospel in every contact and conversation, i learned a lot about how we can relate and guide the convos to THE GOSPEL!!! It's awesome! Anyway, love you neighbor as thy self, and love God with all your heart!!!! I love you guys dearly. here's my new address. 151 Industrial Boulevard #17 K7R 3Y4 ! The post strike never did happen i don't think! Weird huh? 
Love forever and always,
Elder beddes, coco, jojonator

"Is that your new mission president? Did you tell him you are related?!"
"Yes. he calls me cousin beddes hahaha it's pretty funny"

New companion

My good buddies before we all got split up before transfers! 

Monday, August 15, 2016

August 15, 2016 Transferring to Napanee, Ontario

Hello family and friends! 
What a week to remember! First off I am being transferred to Napinee, in the kingston zone! I heard it's a small area out in the boonies. I've been in the boonies all of my mission though, so no change there really! I'm going to be training a new missionary!!! I'm still going to be a district leader as well! I'm pretty excited! I'm actually going to do district meeting in person as well instead of over skype! Yeah!!!!!! hahaha I'm pretty happy, sad, mad, excited, nervous, all of the emotions. I'm really going to miss this place. I've been in sudbury for 6 months of my mission! 1/4 of my mission, man it doesn't seem real. It felt like I was there for 2 months. I can say though that I gave it my all, and i'm going to leave happy and with my chin up. I've learned a lot there. Probably the most i've learned was in this area. I had some good comps that helped me in my mission become a true disciple of Jesus Christ. I would say the overall thing that I learned was how to not just be a faithful worker in the Lord's Vineyard but an actual Servant. I've learned so much from my companions. Elder Kohl, my mtc companion, taught me to bear simple but powerful testimony. He has a great testimony! Elder Johnson taught me to be obedient in everything that I do and that it plays a huge role in the success that you have and the blessings that you receive. Elder Ditty taught me to be to take stand up for what you believe in a respectful and kind manner! He's a good guy, it's sad that he is home early though. :( He knows Hannah V, so that's kind of cool! Elder Brand taught me to really study and know your doctrine! he's very knowledgable! Elder Vargus taught me to have fun while you work!!! He's hilarious and he loves being himself! Elder Herbert taught me to have better love for the people that we are working with and not to focus so much on the numbers. He truly loved the people and that's what I admire about him! Elder Hernandez taught me to be yourself in every situation and to make people smile and laugh! He is hilarious and knows how to make me laugh! I am running out of time sadly but just know that I love the mission so much! It's changed me! I can't believe I am coming up on my year mark, this is all a dream it feels like! I absolutely loved Sudbury, the ghetto place of Canada! I will always remember this place for the rest of my life!!! I'm so proud of the people that I have met and the gospel that impacted them! I have seen people change because of it! we had a good week! Pretty hectic though with transfers, and now I have to go early and spend a portion of my pday and say goodbye to everyone! I've said goodbye to a lot of people, and it's pretty sad to see. I'm not exactly excited! haha Anyway I love you all and have a good week! It sounds like you all had a good week and keep giving everything your 110%! Integrity plays in important part in life and in your salvation! xoxox
Elder Beddes, coco,  

A crash we saw! It was crazy! Stuck in traffic for 3 hours! 

The crew!!! 

Monday, August 8, 2016

August 8, 2016 His Hand Is In This Work

Wow what a week it has been! And it sounds like you all had a good week as well!! Glad you had fun camping, having fun at lagoon, killing it at softball, sonic, and the bountiful festival! My week was amazing! I'll go ahead and just start off with the best news on my mission so far!! Two baptisms!!! I love this family soooo much!! It was such a spiritual experience! Mckena was baptized by Brother Babin a good friend of this family! It was his first actual baptism so it was very special! Especially it being my first baptism as well, baptizing Chris! When I stepped into the water with Chris it was a blast of the Spirit. I couldn't hold back the tears, I looked pretty pathetic but that's ok I didn't care! I was soo happy when Chris came up out of the water, he felt like he was 500 pounds but I managed to get him up! One of the best memories I will ever have will be the vision of myelf baptizing Chris and always seeing Mckena hug Brother Babin after she came up! Holy Cow, it was soo good! then I decided to play a little something something for them! Melissa's favorite song was I am a Child of God and so I borrowed a Violin! And I played it for them! They loved it, and I still got it! I miss playing, I will send you a video soon showing you! It was weird not playing for 3 or 4 years. To see their confirmations yesterday was amazing as well! This family I think Is part of the reason of why I came here on a mission! They are soooo awesome! It's been hard not having baptisms my first year on my mission but this made up for it! They are excited to attend the temple soon!!!!!! And I can't wait to see them get sealed as a family!! Momma, Melissa talks about you all of the time and loves you very much! It's amazing how much of an impact you have had on her and you haven't done much! So just know that you are thought of and loved by people here that I am teaching! I've been getting feelings,impressions, and thoughts that you can play an important role in this family! :) It has been a long journey for them! I remember the first day that we found them! I had a feeling about this family that great things were going to happen! After 5 months, they have made it this far! Another miracle that happened. We recieved a member referell from a couple of members on the island! Her name is Sharlene and they have been friends for awhile! She was a pastor for her own church but she had to sell it becuase they had bought a general store in the middle of nowhere! So we went to go do some service with her and we got to talk with her about our church and her church! It was such a good time, and she wants to learn more too! She has seen a couple of woman's broadcast from general conference and loves them! I think this woman is going to be baptized! It's pretty cool that she lives on the island too cause not a lot of things happen here since it's so far away! The general store is pretty country like, it was like I was in a movie! it was sweet! They fed us food their in their little restuarant inside and it was great! Ohhh and I was asking her if she knew any mormons and she said that she has a niece that was baptized a couple of years ago and I got an impression to ask who it was. It turns out that her niece was someone that I worked with in my first area, in Georgetown!! So she was freaked out about that, i was to but I knew it wasn't a coincidence! Pretty cool how God works! We found 4 new investigators as well, I wish I could describe each one of them but running out of time! Just know that I am loving the mission! I'm a changed man. I see differently. I work differently. I see everybody's great potential. I know how the Spirit feels and works. I know this Gospel is true without a shadow of doubt. I add my testimony to the Prophet Thomas S. Monson's!! That Christ lives! He is the author of Salvation and his hand is in this work. I love you all!!!!
Forever and Always,
Elder Beddes          

Chris and McKena's baptism!

More of the baptism and then the Sudbury Elders Quartet 
Pizza at Melissa's, Chris, and Mckennas!

The Zone and then my district

The Island and the General store! 

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

August 2, 2016 Turn To Him

It sounds like the Beddes family reunion was a good one!! Like always! I wish I could have been there, I honestly love those so much! That video was hilarious!!! It seems like yesterday when I broke the ramp for the swing! Man I think about that every once in awhile! haha I remember when the whole thing was falling over and it looked like it was going to destroy me but it didn't and then Aaron running over towards me like he was superman! It was legit. I will never forget it! I didn't know Grandpa Beddes liked Ping Pong! I want to play him now! Well this week was a week to remember! Lot's of memories and experiences! Apparently i've been teaching the discussions in my sleep a lot! #consecratedmissionary! Speaking of sleep, we pulled a prank on the zone leaders the other night. Elder Hernandez has this blue tooth speaker and he is able to record sounds on his ipod! And so we made these creepy sounds like banging on a door, whispering, yelling, crying, talking, and so on. And we put it in a dresser in the hallway and closed our bedroom door. And so we are in our beds and elder hz starts playing the sounds. And I start acting scared and saying "man what was that." stuff like that, just freaking them out!! lol and so they wanted to go check the whole house. They found nothing hahah and so we went back to bed. And he played some of the sounds again, I was acting like I was going to start crying, and it just made them more freaked out and we all ended up being in a corner in our room! hahahaha it got to the point where one of the elders wanted to get in the car and drive to a different elders apartment to spend the night! hahah and so we stopped it and they were soooooo relieved! One of the funniest experiences of my life. They said they have never been so scared in their lives! Hopefully they don't get us back! lol So we pretty much biked this whole last week.... my legs are like Michael Jordans now. I'll show you some videos just to prove it. But seriously my legs are so sore, it's a good work out. It's not until you ride a bike up hill when you fully appreciate how blessed you are to have a car! hahah you could relate that to the Gospel too if you think about it! ;) We biked so much this past week and we were still able to hit our record for member present lessons and investigators other lessons! So blessings being poured upon us! The people we are working with are awesome! Miracle of the week: Jamie is going home! His health is getting a lot better, and the doctors thought for sure that he was dying in the hospital but I guess not! But he says that he's going to stop smoking and he's coming to church this sunday! I love this guy so much! He's not afraid to tell everybody too that he has Mormon friends and that he's going to join the mormon church! hahah it's pretty funny, he's a funny guy! We spend a lot of time at the hospital surprisingly. We found a lot of investigators there just talking to people! Have some less actives there as well, so it's a great place to teach! We had some patient come up to us in the hospital hall way, she thinking we were cops, started to say sorry and stuff for pulling some alarm the other day! She thought we were going to arrest her or something, she was so scared! So with my cop voice I said," No need to worry Mam, everything is under control." hahaha it was awesome, she was freaking out, but once she realized everything is alright she calmed down! MCKENNA AND CHRIS PASSED THEIR BAPTISMAL INTERVIEWS WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO I excited about that!!! They are amazing, and they are going to be baptized this Saturday! so I will take lots of pics and send them to you!!! We went Manatullin Island branch last Sunday and gave a 30 minute talk about The Plan of Salvation! My favorite thing to talk about! It was awesome, I love the branch there. They are so strong in the faith, and their testimonies strengthen mine! They have some great referells for us too, so i'm excited to meet them!! I don't remember if I talked about Tiffany and her family of six last time but they are awesome! Tiffany's son who is 17 is awesome and wants to baptized! He loves basketball so we often go play outside of his house and then teach him the lessons. My type of missionary work! lol he's very knowledgeable about the gospel already!! He's very golden, we invited him to be baptized after we taught him the Restoration and he says that he wants to but he has to get permission from Tiffany, so we hope all will be well! Other than that the week was the usual. Met lots of drunks and people that were high. Taught great lessons. The spirit is felt all of the time! Working a ton, and having fun at the same time!  I love this quote! 

Inline image 1    

Don't give up! Don't lose hope! Turning to Him may seem easy or it may seem hard, but it is worth it. I promise you that. HOORAH HOORAH HOORAH FOR ISRAEL!!!!!!!!
Love Forever and Always,
Elder Beddes, Coco, Uncle Drew, Jojonator

Hi Lele! I'm getting beat up just like you used to do to me when we fight!!! (See picture) I love you and miss you! I love you all and I'm thinking of you constantly! XOXOXO

Dear Colten, How how you doing in Canada? Do you eat dinner a lot with people? I lost 6 teeth. I hope you're having fun! Do you play basketball a lot? When you get home can we play hide and go seek, wrestle, and fox and the hound? I have a new movie called the Pagemaster. It's about books coming to life. Be a good missionary! Love, Maleah


Manitoulin Island