Behold, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I have been called of him to declare his word among his people, that they might have everlasting life. -3 Nephi 5:13

Monday, July 4, 2016

July 4, 2016 District Leader

Well what a week! Not only for me but also for you guys apparently!! The summer is always way busy! I bet EFY was fun Brookie! I love EFY a lot, just don't go kiss someone like I did! lol waste of a first kiss! haha sounds like sports is still the common thing in the family as well! Keep it up, keep working hard! Well this week was a good week! Last week together me and elder h! I'm pretty sad. I had so much fun with that guy, so many memories. I learned a lot from him! I served the longest with him and visa versa! He's pretty scared to go to Stoney creek. he's training a missionary along with another missionary. he's going to be in a trio! I'm excited for him! I'm going to be with Elder Hernandez!! Don't know anything about him really. I'm going to be a district leader as well! So pretty nervous about that, but also excited! It's fun to serve the missionaries along with the people here in sudbury. I'll be learning lots, but hey that's what a mission is all about! Elder Bengzten is going home! He's pretty scared. He was a good missionary as well! I really was close to that guy, and I hope we can hang out after the mission! He has big plans ahead of him. I don't know the incoming zone leader but i hear he's pretty cool. So our week was pretty good lesson wise but for the participation at church was a little lackin. We were expecting 5 investigators to come (would have been our record) but only 2 showed up! The picture that was sent to you was the family that we are going to baptize August 6th. Melissa(the member) and her fiance Chris and the daughter Mckenna! Melissa and Chris are getting married in 19 days!!! Counting down both the marriage and the baptism! They are so nice, they feed us every week! They are progressing sooooo well. We have taught them every lesson except for one!! Chris has already given up word of wisdom problems and they are all willing to pay tithing! So very prepared! Curtis is already done with reading 2 nephi! It's as if he is already a member of the church(seriously, it's kind of creepy). He just has anxiety problems. We thought for sure that he was going to be able to come to church yesterday but he backed out again. :( I think he will make it out to church this week though. We've taught the first 3 lessons, and also talked about prayer and the holy ghost. He's doing really well, just needs to take a leap of faith! Fern (who hasn't come to church in over 10 years) and us went to the d's (old couple we reactivated) for dinner. Fern and the Devost's haven't seen each other for 5 years!! And they were getting along great!!! It was sooo nice to see, that Fern has reunited with his old buddies! Perfect fellow shippers for both parties. :) Well I gained a better knowledge of he Atonement this week. I was reading this little article about a dream a guy had that was really significant. He was in a room by himself and there were a bunch of filing cabinets everywhere. So he opening each of them, and they all had cards in them. Each filing desk was a certain memory that he had. Fun, funny, good, bad, scared, and so on. As he was reading some of the cards in each of the filing cabinets, having mixed emotions about them, he came across the one of the bigger filing desks. It was the filing desk full of the wrong choices and mistakes he had made. As he read each and every one of them he began to be very saddened to the point where he wanted nobody to see these cards. He tried destroying them but they couldn't be destroyed. On each of the cards was his own signature signifying that it was him that had made these mistakes. Then the door to the  room flung open and standing in the doorway was Jesus Christ. The man started to cry ever harder out of embarrassment of the many mistakes and sins that he had. He tried stopping Jesus as he walked towards him and the filing cabinet. Jesus started to cry as well when he saw that he didn't want him to see his cards. He walked to the filing cabinets looking though each card. He then walked to the one of all of his mistakes and sins. He looked through each of them. The guy didn't want to be there. He wanted to run away. He wished he had never made the mistakes. He wished there was a way that they could all disappear. Jesus Christ, feeling deep sympathy and mercy for him as he watched him cry began to sign his name over the mans. He signed every card and then gave him a hug and a kiss and then walked out the room. The man feeling the spirit very strongly walked to the filing cabinet to find that Jesus' name was written over his in red. Family and friends, I know that Jesus Christ is the savior of the world. He has paid the price for all of us. We need to use the Atonement every day of our lives. I've experienced the love and the power for my self, and boy it truly is sweet! Don't take it for granted. Love you guys so much and remember that Christ is on our team. We can't and will not lose.... :)
Elder Beddes, Coco, jojonator        

Peter leaving on his mission:

Tucos a restaurant:

Picture from Melissa, Chris and McKenna:

The Zone leaders.... everybody watch out

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