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Monday, July 18, 2016

July 18, 2016 Let Us All Do a Good Deed

Well this week was a good one! Sounds like you guys had a good week as well! I wish I could have been there for the 50 anniversary! Sound like you all had a fun time and i wish i could have been there! I still remember the memories at the beach house in Cali! That was so fun! I remember Grandpa Berry and Dad going at it playing ping pong! I remember Dad pouring ice cold water on momma too! I remember the good food and the fun we had trying to body board the waves! Good times, we need to have a reunion every six months or something when I get home! ;) I wish I could have heard Brooke's beautiful voice when she was singing grandma and grandpa's song as well, she is very talented! Ok well where do i even start? Me and Elder Hernandez have been working so hard here in the dtown of sudbury! We've never had so many investigator lessons before, and it's great! We found five new investigators this past week! It's fantastic! One is from Czechoslovakia and was very humble and would love to learn more! We found a man who was interested as well who said that he had six young kids, so we are excited to meet all of them and share with them the glad tiding of the Plan of Salvation! Speaking of the Plan of Salvation, I watching a short video at the ice castle called "On the way home", it was soo good! I would watch it if I were you, it was a good video especially for FHE! We found a man who was really nice and wanted to learn more about mormons cause he dated one awhile ago! haha he said that he smokes crack everyday, but he wants to stop and we told him what could help him! I love how the spirit can tell someone that he or she needs to change! This work couldn't move forward without the Holy Ghost that's for sure! Met with some others tracting that said that they would love to learn more, and the people who we found said that they had little kids so God blessed us with finding families this week! It's amazing! Being District Leader is pretty good! I love my district! Sister Wheldon, Kehrer, and Detler, Elder Paul, Saunders, olson, lundburg, and hernadez are amazing and hard workers! Haven't had district meeting yet since we've had some big meetings but we'll be having one this week so i'm excited! It's been fun calling everybody every night following up and helping the missionaries out! We met President and Sister Shields finally the other day! They came up to do a big meeting for the Sudbury Zone! President is so sweet! I love him so much, I relate to him so much! He is very personable and loves sports a lot. He played football and basketball in high school and college and he was a lawyer for a long time! They are both really nice people, i'm glad to have them in the mission! So we've been meeting Jose and his family this past week and they have been doing really well. They said that they were going to try and make it to church last time but he got sick the night before..... ughhhh. but they said that they were going to try and make it next time! They have been praying for the first time and they love it! They feel awesome and so much better when they do! I love it when I teach people about prayer and they experience it for themselves, it's one of the best worthwhile rewarding things as a missionary! So some bad news... opposition in all things! Curtis said that he doesn't wanted to meet until he has read the Book of Mormon for himself and has learned a sufficient amount of knowledge about the church.... so hopefully he will get back to us soon cause he is very solid! We are dropping off some material for him such as the restoration video and trying to explain to him as best as we possible can that he doesn't need to know everything but he feels like he does. Kelly doesn't want to meet anymore either, and Kaitlyn who wanted to be baptized doesn't either! All for various reasons that I wish I could resolve right now on my own but that isn't what I think God wants at the moment. Patience is a virtue! So it's sad to see that all of our potential baptisms aren't doing so well but I faith that they will come back! Some good news! Kevin and Ashley are getting married this Saturday! They are excited for that! And hopefully we can start meeting with them regularly and set a baptismal date for them! Melissa and Chris are getting married this Saturday as well! We have been looking forward to that the past three months, so we are all excited for that! We are pumped for Saturday with these weddings! Chris and Mckenna are doing really well for baptism on the 6th! They are excited! And I can't stop thinking about it! I never thought I could love this family so much. They are like family to me!! I'm so proud of these guys! The Gospel is true! It can change lives. It can heal the broken soul. It can sound like heavenly music to the ears. It can be filling to our spirits. And it can be rewarding! This clip really touched me! Let us all do a good deed for someone in need! You never know how much of a impact or how much it could mean to someone! I love you guys!
Elder Beddes, Coco, Duder  


Shopping at the Mall


A bridge in Sudbury

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