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Monday, June 6, 2016

June 6, 2016 Unwise Bee

Hey guys!
To answer your questions first! Keven and Ashley are still planning on getting married in July! They have been having a hard time coming out to church but they are still interested! Jose and his family are doing good, they also are having a hard time coming out to church but we are going to have a great lesson with them today!! We found him contacting around a lake! I haven't had any serious illnesses yet. No throw up or anything! And I don't think I need anything except more pictures! lol also if you could send some more printed pictures to me that would be great! Sounds like you guys are doing really well, and I'm sorry about the illnesses in the family, it's always a bummer being sick! Sounds like the waterfall is turning out to be a success! And I hope you guys had fun with Atom! It's seems like yesterday she was being shy on the first day at our house! How time flies. This week was a slower week for us but there is always going to be those weeks. The events that stuck out to me were finding Wanda, playing basketball with Cyan, and elder h's hair cut! Yesterday there was a random woman who was being lead by a member of our ward showing her around the church. She apparently was cold and wanted to come inside to get warm. So me and Elder Beng went up to her and starting talking with her. She apparently was excommunicated as a JW 6 years ago. She's very kind and said that our chapel was very beautiful and that she wanted to learn more! So we are going to see her tonight! She stayed for Sacrament but had to leave after. Something she said that was funny when we were talking was when I was testifying to her she stopped me and looked at me and Elder Beng and said I know I'm not supposed to say this but you two are just Gorgeous! haha it was pretty funny! We've had some great lessons this past week. One of them in particular was with Fern (our newest Returning Member) we had a wonderful lesson about church. We were all feeling the spirit so very strong. And he had a change of heart to start coming to church after the past 5 years he hasn't! He's still pretty scared but he said that he was going to try and make it out next weeek! After we ward coordination we walked outside of the church and we found this shirtless dude on his bike. He came up to us and was asking all the questions. "Why are you guys dressed up?" Who are you guys? What do you guys do? What's in the church? So we tried to teach him as much as possible! He was either really outgoing or high, I couldn't decide? Either way he was a nice guy, and he asked us if we can play basketball, so we went to go play at the court next to the church. He's a pretty big fella and pretty good at basketball too. It was pretty fun, playing basketball attracted other Sudbury gangs to come and watch and play too so it was a cool experience. Especially to hear "the white boy with the sick tie is breakin ankles!" haha it's nice to see people realizing that we are normal people but represent something much grander. Then we went to the J's family and had a wonderful spiritual experience there and then Elder Herbert wanted his haircut so Sister J gave it! Hahahah it came out a lot worse than what he was expecting!! lol It's all uneven around his head and it's a lot shorter then what he expected it to be! So he's been wearing a hat all day today! hahahah it's super funny but I feel bad. He's never had such a bad haircut, as soon as we got out of the Js' house he just started fake crying! lol something that stuck out to me all day were the three parables that James E. Talmage wrote. The one in particular that stuck out to me was the unwise bee! He was studying in his office with the window open and all of a sudden a bee flew in! The little bee was flying everywhere and wanted to get out into the open fresh air. So he decided to help the bee out by guiding it to the window so it could escape. But the bee was hesitating and just getting more and more angry until it stung him. Three days later he returned to his office and found the bee dead on his desk. He learned a lot from this experience. Sometimes we are like the Bee. When God is trying to help us we sometimes don't realize it and we are stubborn and not willing to change because we think we have it all under control and think we can do it all alone. But in reality he is just trying to help us reach our full potential. Check out the other parables, they are quite nice! It is my prayer that we continue to be submissive and humble despite what doesn't seem to go our way. Everything we do and everything we experience is all for a purpose. So let's have a good attitude about it!
Love you all,
Elder Beddes, Coco  

Breaking some ankles with some random people on the court!

Reminds me of The Iron Giant!!

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