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Monday, June 13, 2016

June 13, 2016 Calm The Minds and Heal Fractures in the Hearts

Oh wow you guys are already in Thailand? I thought you guys were going like next week or something! Well I hope you guys have a good time and I'm wishing you the best and praying for you guys! Especially the girls, so that they don't burn the house down or something. I'm glad Brooke is liking her job! You'll have to give me free drinks when i get back home like everyday Brooke. ;) I hope you girls are enjoying your summer and don't forget your daily chores! ;) hehehehe don't miss those!!! lol Well this week was fantastic! Hit standards once again, so pumped about it! This area has grown so much since the time I got here, it really is a tear jerker. ;) We had a ton of great lessons and miracles this past week! Miracle #1: Fern (Inactive guy who hasn't come to church the past 6 years who is very shy) He came to church for the first time in forever!!! It took a lot of will power for him and i'm so proud of him! He really wanted to talk to Bishop about concerns that he had about the church. He just doesn't feel included in it and feels like he doesn't deserve being there. But we all sat in Bishops office and discussed it. And it was resolved! I appreciate bishops so much for all that they do! Especially in Fern's case because I feel like Bishop played such a great part in him wanting to come to church every sunday from now on!! So proud and excited! Then we received a referral from a member in the ward! Love referrals so much!! Give the missionaries referrals guys, you will make their days!!!!! Curtis who apparently was a student for bishop 10 years ago new that Bishop was Mormon and that sparked some interest. Curtis's mom also is brother Walsh's (the member who gave the referell) good friend. Curtis has been studying for quite sometime and knows that the church is true. He said that "He is already converted to it!" Wow, when i heard this I was the happiest person alive. Music to my ears to hear that!! I have Such a strong testimony of miracles and Christ preparing people for the Gospel! We haven't met him yet, but we are going to meet him tonight!! And we are going to set a baptismal date for July 3rd! So excited! We taught Chris and mckenna the law of chastity!! They have been progressing really well, there are only a couple of more lessons to teach them! Committed Melissa and Chris to obey it (p.s they are getting married on July 23rd) and set a baptismal date for mckenna and chris for August 6th!!! So they are all excited, and so are me and elder h!!! Hopefully I stay another transfer so i can see all of this!! We met another guy who is native who is pretty lost. He wanted to stop drinking and his girlfriend wasn't very fond of that so she left him. He said that once he started to bring God into his life and to his three kids life everything went wrong. So he's pretty depressed but we testified of the plan of salvation and wants to learn more and start coming to church!! He has a great understanding of the bible and he said that he feels like job. It was pretty cool cause I was studying in Job that morning and I was able to talk about it with him and testify of why we go through struggles and how we can be blessed in the end if we continue to have faith and to keep our heads up high! Funny story of the week: Me and Elder Bengstaen were messin around and i was in my office sitting down and he was karate chopping a water bottle in my hands and we both weren't even thinking at the time. Next thing i knew was an explosion of water and it drenches me! I was pretty mad, but it was pretty funny!! Anyway spiritual thought of the week: 
"Priesthood power can calm the seas and heal fractures in the earth. Priesthood power can also calm the minds and heal fractures in the hearts of those we love."
—Russell M. Nelson
Don't forget the power of the priesthood gentleman! Use it, love it, and learn more about it and how you can use it! Love you guys so much and I hope all is well!
Forever and Always,
Coco, Elder Beddes, Colten, Colteyboy 

Here is the Manatullin branch building! It's not even a church, it's just a part of a complex! 

It's finally green!

Random couch pic in the street haha 

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