Behold, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I have been called of him to declare his word among his people, that they might have everlasting life. -3 Nephi 5:13

Monday, June 27, 2016

June 27, 2016 Remember Who You Are and What You Stand For

Happy Happy Birthday to LeLe!!!!!!! I love you so much sweet girl you are getting so big! I wish I could have been there to celebrate it with you. You are so kind and loving. Everybody loves you and the person that you are! You are tough, loving, kind, nice, friendly, cute, full of charity, sweet, and all in all such a good sister/best friend!! Hope you had a good birthday!!! I'm glad you guys came back from Thailand safely and had a good time even though you didn't get a lot of free time! That's amazing how you found that guy! Hopefully he went to church! Nice job Amber for making the team and it sounds like you are having a good time and keep up the hard work, it'll pay off. Brooke nice job on getting the new job, hopefully you are getting in the swing of things now and you know how to make every drink ever thought of! This week was a slower week sadly but there were miracles happening and there will always be miracles happening in the Lord's work! Zone conference was amazing! I received a ton of revelation from it on how i can improve, and also how I can help the area improve. We also did a lot of practicing teaching. We call it role plays. We focused on teaching the restoration as simply as possible to people because it can seem really new to people! President gave a lot of cool and interesting tips. Some of which are Don't be afraid to be poor. Poor is good if you are working up to something and you have goals to achieve higher. Don't buy new things. haha and he talked a lot about marriage which shocked everybody but it was his farewell talk because he is leaving in a couple of days and he wanted to give us a couple of tips. I try not to think about it to much because I still feel like i'm 14! haha anyway.... got to see some old missionary friends. 3 zones went to it so it was pretty fun. Saw a couple of people from my junior high which was awesome!! We had some good lessons with Mckenna and Chris! They are excited for baptism in August. Taught them about the importance of CPR (church, prayer, read)! Brother Babin came along and bore powerful testimony of the importance of the church, it was amazing! Curtis is still solid as ever but is very hesitant and nervous when it comes to new things. He didn't want to come to church and we tried as hard as we could to have him come out but he feels like he needs to wait a little bit before he goes to church. We have told him literally everything about church what to expect but he still is scared. He said that he will come in the near future, and so I hope it's this week! Valerie (his mom) didn't want to join the lesson. :'( Hopefully she will continue to read the Book of Mormon and want to take the discussions with the missionaries again. Curtis is doing really well though we had a good lesson with him about faith and confidence! We found a Less active that elder h was working with in the beginning of him being sudbury. He had moved unexpectedly to some place in sudbury and we didn't have information so we couldn't get a hold of him and we didn't have his address! But we found him chillin outside of a store and so we got his info and we went the next day to go see him and we had a great lesson. he still knows the church is true and wants to come out to church! We had an unexpected person come to church yesterday! hahah it was pretty funny because during sacrament i was praying to have some more investigators make it out to church and as soon as I opened my eyes I saw "Cyan Pepper" walk in in shorts and a t shirt! He was the guy that was shirtless that we were playing basketball with a couple of weeks ago! He just decided to show up and stayed for all three hours!! It was sweet and now he wants to learn more! It's so exciting to see! Jose and his family are moving to Quebec City sadly so we said good bye to them the other day and they said that they will get a hold of the missionaries there and hopefully they will get baptized soon!! Another thing happened that was really cool to see! An old friend emailed me from EFY! And she was asking for advice about going on a mission because she didn't know whether or not she should go on one and so I sent her an email and this is what she said. "And then funny enough last Monday I woke up and read your email to me and your email didn't say anything special or anything but reading your email is what struck the spirit for me! After I read and opened your email that morning I was overcome with the spirit to the point where that's all I could think about ha :) so I told my parents about it that night and as soon as I said it out loud I knew for a fact it was what was right! And ever since I've just had this burning desire to go and haven't looked back haha! So that's kind of how it all came to be! So thank you for your example and goodness in my life! There's no doubt in my mind that you popped into my head to find your email and write you 2 weeks ago :) who would of thought! The lord works In such mysterious ways! But I couldn't be more excited and happy to go now!" So she sent her mission papers last week and she is excited to receive it soon! It really just testified to me how much of an impact you could have on people and you may not even know. The seeds that you plant in people could have such an impact on them. So always remember who you are and what you stand for because you never know who is watching and who's life you could touch! I've also seen how much going on a mission can bless you! Physically, mentally, and spiritually!! Now you guys may think this is funny but I find it miraculous and quite the blessing! Sooo as you may know I love going thrift shopping it's in my blood (thank dad;0) and so i've found some good ties lately!! A hugo boss suit that fits me! The best Jordans i've ever found at a thrift store. and we've been getting fed a ton and we have a lot of food in the fridge! lol Spiritually, i've been getting a ton better with teaching simply! My testimony has never been stronger! Mentally, I've been thinking about the people a ton more and how we can help them, they actually can't get out my mind! The work has been on fire lately and we a couple of baptisms coming up!! haha it truly is amazing to see! Well I gotta go guys! I love you all and thank you so much for the letters and the emails!! I wish I had 6 hours to email so that I can to email you all and write you all a lengthy email expressing how much I care and love you because I truly do! The church is true, couldn't say enough! ;)
Coco, Elder Beddes

Zone Conference!

Elder Herbert

Monday, June 20, 2016

June 20, 2016 It's The Still Small Voice That Strikes the Heart

Sounds like you guys are having fun and also working really hard! I loved the pictures so much! And that whole situation is sweet! Holy cow that would be so awesome! Do you think about your mission a lot when you are there dad? It's weird to see missionaries right next to you guys! haha How long will you guys be there for? Eating lots of good fruit? I love reading the journal entries that you send me, they are pretty funny! I can't believe you got called to go serve in your old area again! It would be funny if I got called to serve in stoney creek or georgetown again! OH by the way I just got a package today from you guys!!! thanks so much!!! I really enjoyed it, the pictures as well! The other elders looked at the pictures before I even did! lol they were pumped! Thanks for the journal as well, I needed that and the candies! Well this week was amazing first off! By far the busiest and fastest week ever! Seems like yesterday I was just writing last weeks email! We hit our record for lessons taught! 26! haha we were so excited about that! Many miracles happened this week I wish I could describe in great detail each of them! I'll try my best! So I talked a little bit about Curtis who was searching on and thought that everything we believed it was true! We met with him and his mom Valerie! We taught them the Restoration and they loved it! Brother Walsh was there with us as well, and he is the perfect fellowship for them! They get a long very well, and he participated in the lesson very well which makes all of the difference! They have read most of 1 Nephi already! We set a baptismal date for them on July 3rd! Valerie wants to study it out more which is good but Curtis is a lot more prepared! It was cuttin it close though cause July 4th is the end of the transfer. But... they didn't end up going to church yesterday which is quite sad. I don't know if you guys know this or not but investigators have to come to church 3 times and also be taught all of the lessons, repented and be interviewed to be baptized! What were the qualifications for investigators back when you went on a mission dad? Soo they sadly aren't going to baptized July 3rd, but they are going to be baptized soon that's for sure. These guys are the most prepared people I've met on the mission, even Valerie! We taught them part of the plan of salvation and also the gospel of Jesus Christ! They are very nervous people though. Curtis has anxiety problems is what he said he hates the unknown. So we gave them a chapel tour with bro Walsh last Saturday and they really liked it, and it eased their nerves a bit! So i'm very excited to continue to teach these guys and help them towards baptism! Curtis is very smart, I totally envisioned him being an apostle! lol They are super awesome! I already love them and care about dearly and wish I could just teach them everything in one day. Next.... let's see, we met with kelly who is a native who has had some struggles in his life but has put his trust in God. When we went over unexpected he was watching Jesus Christ bible videos so that was way cool! He has a very big desire to be baptized and to go to church and to change his life along with his families! We had a wonderful lesson with him about the Plan of Salvation. It's one of my favorite lessons to teach and to testify of! We met a new less active who let us right in when we knocked on her door! Sister Brett is amazing! We had a great conversation about the Gospel. She believes in the church still but has some doctrinal concerns that need to be resolved but other than that she is solid! She hasn't come to church 21 years!!!!!!! And she said that she really wanted to make it out yesterday but she didn't know whether or not she was going to make it and she ended up not making it sadly. But you could tell that she really wanted to make it out so hopefully she will make it to church next week! But that was really cool to see, especially after 21 years! So we are excited to work with her! Chris and Mckenna are doing really well! They like feeding us every week and we have family home evenings on mondays! They are solid, and they are getting excited for baptism! And Chris and Melissa's marriage is coming up as well! Met with two Chinese people the other day for dinner at a members house. They don't have any knowledge of God or Jesus Christ at all, so it was very interesting to teach them. We talked about the God head and also prayer. They sadly didn't a lot of desire to learn more but it was a really cool experience to actually teach people like that and to plant seeds! And hopefully something will come of it! Went on exchanges with Elder Tuahivaatetonohiti. Try and pronounce that. ;) He's a very cool guy, I love him! He's so funny! he's from Tahiti, i had a lot of fun with him serving in his area! Oh i don't think I told you guys or not but me and Elder H are going to stay together the rest of the transfer! Sooo we are excited about that! I went to Manitoulin Island branch yesterday! It was actually a pretty good turn out even though have the people there were from the Sudbury Ward. It was pretty interesting to see such a small congregation but the members that are awesome and very strong in testimony! I love them to death! It was a lot of fun! I'm excited to see President Clayton one last time this Thursday before he leaves for Utah! He's an amazing man and I'm going to miss him! This week I really learned a lot about the spirit of God! There was something that really stuck out to me that a member said in a lesson about the spirit. He talked about a really nice pie that is best in the country and you take a little piece and you try it. You don't have to eat the whole pie just to see if it's good or not. You can tell by the piece that you ate if it's good or not. Same applies to the Spirit. You don't need to know everything about the Gospel to find out if it's good or true or not! It's the still small voice that strikes the heart and the mind that you can tell whether these things are true! I love you guys so much and I hope everything is alright with everyone! 
Forever and Always,
Elder Beddes, Coco

 A hoarders house!

Tracting while singing and playing guitar! 

Exchanges with Elder T! 

Monday, June 13, 2016

June 13, 2016 Calm The Minds and Heal Fractures in the Hearts

Oh wow you guys are already in Thailand? I thought you guys were going like next week or something! Well I hope you guys have a good time and I'm wishing you the best and praying for you guys! Especially the girls, so that they don't burn the house down or something. I'm glad Brooke is liking her job! You'll have to give me free drinks when i get back home like everyday Brooke. ;) I hope you girls are enjoying your summer and don't forget your daily chores! ;) hehehehe don't miss those!!! lol Well this week was fantastic! Hit standards once again, so pumped about it! This area has grown so much since the time I got here, it really is a tear jerker. ;) We had a ton of great lessons and miracles this past week! Miracle #1: Fern (Inactive guy who hasn't come to church the past 6 years who is very shy) He came to church for the first time in forever!!! It took a lot of will power for him and i'm so proud of him! He really wanted to talk to Bishop about concerns that he had about the church. He just doesn't feel included in it and feels like he doesn't deserve being there. But we all sat in Bishops office and discussed it. And it was resolved! I appreciate bishops so much for all that they do! Especially in Fern's case because I feel like Bishop played such a great part in him wanting to come to church every sunday from now on!! So proud and excited! Then we received a referral from a member in the ward! Love referrals so much!! Give the missionaries referrals guys, you will make their days!!!!! Curtis who apparently was a student for bishop 10 years ago new that Bishop was Mormon and that sparked some interest. Curtis's mom also is brother Walsh's (the member who gave the referell) good friend. Curtis has been studying for quite sometime and knows that the church is true. He said that "He is already converted to it!" Wow, when i heard this I was the happiest person alive. Music to my ears to hear that!! I have Such a strong testimony of miracles and Christ preparing people for the Gospel! We haven't met him yet, but we are going to meet him tonight!! And we are going to set a baptismal date for July 3rd! So excited! We taught Chris and mckenna the law of chastity!! They have been progressing really well, there are only a couple of more lessons to teach them! Committed Melissa and Chris to obey it (p.s they are getting married on July 23rd) and set a baptismal date for mckenna and chris for August 6th!!! So they are all excited, and so are me and elder h!!! Hopefully I stay another transfer so i can see all of this!! We met another guy who is native who is pretty lost. He wanted to stop drinking and his girlfriend wasn't very fond of that so she left him. He said that once he started to bring God into his life and to his three kids life everything went wrong. So he's pretty depressed but we testified of the plan of salvation and wants to learn more and start coming to church!! He has a great understanding of the bible and he said that he feels like job. It was pretty cool cause I was studying in Job that morning and I was able to talk about it with him and testify of why we go through struggles and how we can be blessed in the end if we continue to have faith and to keep our heads up high! Funny story of the week: Me and Elder Bengstaen were messin around and i was in my office sitting down and he was karate chopping a water bottle in my hands and we both weren't even thinking at the time. Next thing i knew was an explosion of water and it drenches me! I was pretty mad, but it was pretty funny!! Anyway spiritual thought of the week: 
"Priesthood power can calm the seas and heal fractures in the earth. Priesthood power can also calm the minds and heal fractures in the hearts of those we love."
—Russell M. Nelson
Don't forget the power of the priesthood gentleman! Use it, love it, and learn more about it and how you can use it! Love you guys so much and I hope all is well!
Forever and Always,
Coco, Elder Beddes, Colten, Colteyboy 

Here is the Manatullin branch building! It's not even a church, it's just a part of a complex! 

It's finally green!

Random couch pic in the street haha 

Monday, June 6, 2016

June 6, 2016 Unwise Bee

Hey guys!
To answer your questions first! Keven and Ashley are still planning on getting married in July! They have been having a hard time coming out to church but they are still interested! Jose and his family are doing good, they also are having a hard time coming out to church but we are going to have a great lesson with them today!! We found him contacting around a lake! I haven't had any serious illnesses yet. No throw up or anything! And I don't think I need anything except more pictures! lol also if you could send some more printed pictures to me that would be great! Sounds like you guys are doing really well, and I'm sorry about the illnesses in the family, it's always a bummer being sick! Sounds like the waterfall is turning out to be a success! And I hope you guys had fun with Atom! It's seems like yesterday she was being shy on the first day at our house! How time flies. This week was a slower week for us but there is always going to be those weeks. The events that stuck out to me were finding Wanda, playing basketball with Cyan, and elder h's hair cut! Yesterday there was a random woman who was being lead by a member of our ward showing her around the church. She apparently was cold and wanted to come inside to get warm. So me and Elder Beng went up to her and starting talking with her. She apparently was excommunicated as a JW 6 years ago. She's very kind and said that our chapel was very beautiful and that she wanted to learn more! So we are going to see her tonight! She stayed for Sacrament but had to leave after. Something she said that was funny when we were talking was when I was testifying to her she stopped me and looked at me and Elder Beng and said I know I'm not supposed to say this but you two are just Gorgeous! haha it was pretty funny! We've had some great lessons this past week. One of them in particular was with Fern (our newest Returning Member) we had a wonderful lesson about church. We were all feeling the spirit so very strong. And he had a change of heart to start coming to church after the past 5 years he hasn't! He's still pretty scared but he said that he was going to try and make it out next weeek! After we ward coordination we walked outside of the church and we found this shirtless dude on his bike. He came up to us and was asking all the questions. "Why are you guys dressed up?" Who are you guys? What do you guys do? What's in the church? So we tried to teach him as much as possible! He was either really outgoing or high, I couldn't decide? Either way he was a nice guy, and he asked us if we can play basketball, so we went to go play at the court next to the church. He's a pretty big fella and pretty good at basketball too. It was pretty fun, playing basketball attracted other Sudbury gangs to come and watch and play too so it was a cool experience. Especially to hear "the white boy with the sick tie is breakin ankles!" haha it's nice to see people realizing that we are normal people but represent something much grander. Then we went to the J's family and had a wonderful spiritual experience there and then Elder Herbert wanted his haircut so Sister J gave it! Hahahah it came out a lot worse than what he was expecting!! lol It's all uneven around his head and it's a lot shorter then what he expected it to be! So he's been wearing a hat all day today! hahahah it's super funny but I feel bad. He's never had such a bad haircut, as soon as we got out of the Js' house he just started fake crying! lol something that stuck out to me all day were the three parables that James E. Talmage wrote. The one in particular that stuck out to me was the unwise bee! He was studying in his office with the window open and all of a sudden a bee flew in! The little bee was flying everywhere and wanted to get out into the open fresh air. So he decided to help the bee out by guiding it to the window so it could escape. But the bee was hesitating and just getting more and more angry until it stung him. Three days later he returned to his office and found the bee dead on his desk. He learned a lot from this experience. Sometimes we are like the Bee. When God is trying to help us we sometimes don't realize it and we are stubborn and not willing to change because we think we have it all under control and think we can do it all alone. But in reality he is just trying to help us reach our full potential. Check out the other parables, they are quite nice! It is my prayer that we continue to be submissive and humble despite what doesn't seem to go our way. Everything we do and everything we experience is all for a purpose. So let's have a good attitude about it!
Love you all,
Elder Beddes, Coco  

Breaking some ankles with some random people on the court!

Reminds me of The Iron Giant!!