Behold, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I have been called of him to declare his word among his people, that they might have everlasting life. -3 Nephi 5:13

Monday, May 30, 2016

May 30, 2016 The Lord's Hand is Truly in This Work

Wow well well well what a week!! So first you know how I said that we were staying? Well that was what we thought... lol because we didn't get a transfer call. Then that Sunday, President called us and said that we are getting transferred so pack up! So I am staying and i'll be getting a spanish companion his name is elder hernandez! Then elder herbert is going to stoneycreek my old area!!!!! Lol it's pretty cool to see and i'm excited for him! So elder herbert was all packed up then that morning we were supposed to leave we get a call from the AP's saying that Elder Herbert is staying another three weeks with me since elder hernandez has a dentist appointment he has to go too! But we are excited to serve another three weeks together! This week was a good one! We had the best week we've had here in Sudbury! We taught a ton of less active lessons and a ton of investigator lessons as well! We found four new investigators that are wanting to learn more and also three new less actives that are wanting to start backing back to church. One that I want to share about is Fern. He was offended and doesn't do well with crowds of people and when he had a calling in the church it required him to go to much out of his comfort zone and so he left. It has been four years since he has been to church. He said that he didn't want contact with the church or even the missionaries. But he had a feeling a week before that the missionaries were going to go see him, and then we show up and he is working in his backyard. So he tells us his stories about his past. His conversion story and also what he thought about the church and the gospel. He loves it so much, but just is plain scared and nervous. But we told him who the bishop is and he got very excited about it and wants to start coming back to church slowly. He wants us to start coming back and teaching him. So he's takin a big leap of faith which is amazing to see!! Seemed like a long things went our way this past week, the Lord's hand is truly in this work and their is to many miracles that I have seen for this not to be true! It's truly amazing! Me and Elder Hervert have found 23 investigators and have reactivated 9 less active members in Sudbury!! We could have not done it whatsoever without the help of the Lord! I love to see the progress of these people and also to see people start recognizing the Gospel! Sister Houston and her nonmember chris and also the nonmember daughter mckenna came up to us yesterday at church and said that they want to be baptized before Elder H leaves!!! But Chris and Sister H have to get married first but they both set the goal of getting baptized right after the marriage on July 23rd!!!! These are soooo awesome! Mckenna asked me to baptize her so I thought that that was pretty sweet! They have us over for dinner every week, they are so great! We gave Jose a chapel tour the other day, he loved it! We played some basketball after it was really fun! He really is liking the church and the gospel and they said that they are reading the BOM so AWESOME!!! Jamie (the hell's angel) is feeling alot better, but we never seem to catch him at a good time but he said that he wants to 3 nephi 11 with us tomorrow. If you haven't read that chapter I would recommend it!! We are working with like 3 couples who are interesting in baptism but first have to be married first but they are all having their marriages in July so pumped about that. I hope I stay until then so I can see it all!! We had 7 dinner appointments last week! #gettingfat. And get this..... Friday and Saturday we had two dinner appointments each day... wow i wanted to puke. So much food, i wouldn't advice doing that! It was fun and a cool story to tell! Well there is so much more to talk about honestly but running low on time!  Remember the purpose of life! Remember why we go through trials and challenges! Remember their is a God and a Son who are on our team and want us to succeed through those trails and challenges. Live to make the Lord famous! 
Love you all,
Elder Beddes, Coco, Colteyboy        

 Helping someone move.

 Eating out with some less actives.

BBQ with the Devost's family (less actives we reactivated)

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