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Monday, May 2, 2016

May 2, 2016 Trust God and Believe in Good Things to Come

Another windy day for good old farmington! Remember when we were at Disney World when the wind storm happened? haha and yes i believe it's time to put Grandpa into the facility! I always worry about him staying alone in his house! He sure is a trooper though. I loved the pictures you sent me of him and his birthday! I bet you guys had a lot of fun! This week was a great one once again! I love having these great weeks haha! The work here is truly progressing and growing, i love it! We've been meeting with Elissa at the library. She loves the scriptures and praying. She's gone through a lot since her baptism 3 years ago and it's shaken her testimony a bit but she said that she loves meeting with us and having the lessons. She came to church yesterday and she is starting to get more comfortable with the ward so that's good to see! She apparently loves it and wants to start coming regularly so i'm pumped for that! It's funny how some sheep are lost are in the most unusual hiding places and sometimes it only takes just looking around weird places to find them! God loves his children and has led us to Elissa who's main concern was not knowing there was a mormon church in sudbury! haha and obviously she could have tried harder to find it but she just needed people to reach out to her! She's amazing! Every time we go over to Jamie's (hells Angel) he is very sick. We visited atleast 4 times last week and he was laying in bed and looked like he was dying, he said he was going to the hospital yesterday so we are going to try and surprise him and visit him today! He feels bad that he keeps postponing but he keeps telling us not to give up on him! I love the guy, he has a lot of potential. We've been meeting with Tim and Wendy (Works for Zeal), they love having us come over and teach them but they are having a hard time coming out to church! Ughh i wish I could just drag these people to church every week but they find some excuse every time and it's sad!! We won't give up on them, they promised us that they would go!!! We met with one of our Lamanite friends Luella! She is awesome and she loves the Indian traditions and is having a hard time balancing out church and those traditions. But we had a wonderful lesson about church and it's importance and she came out yesterday so we were super excited about that! she said that she loved it! We are getting so close with having Sister Gascon (dog groomer) come out to church!! We had a lesson about The Law of Chastity and the Word of Wisdom. She is having a hard time with the word of wisdom and she thinks it's ok to have the occasional coffee and wine. So we focused on the blessings of following the word of wisdom but it still wasn't clicking for her. So we told her to pray and ask if she should and she said that she would. She is very sincere and that's what I love about her. She does the homework that we give her and she evens does more then we ask her too, it's awesome! We had a wonderful lesson with sister h (less active we had just found who has started coming out to church and was baptized when she was 16) and her boyfriend chris and her daughter mckenna! They are really nice and love us coming over. Chris is a bit shy, especially at church since it's extremely new to him! haha but he's really funny and loves us. He's loving the doctrine as well, and it's clicking for him. It's amazing to see the happiness it's bringing to Sister Houston! Mckenna also loves it to, she was baptized catholic at the age of 7 so she's kind of on the fence right now, but she loves Joseph Smith and she loves Primary! They are getting married in June, and hopefully Chris and Mckenna get baptized soon after!!! I love working with part member families! The Jone's family have been coming out to church often, and Brother Jone's (Inactive for about a couple of years) is getting his life back on track! He bore his testimony yesterday and he was getting emotional, so of course I get emotional. It pretty much was exactly the same scene when i was giving my farewell talk and starting crying and then as soon as a would bring it back together I would look at mom and she would be crying and so i started crying! lol he did amazing though, very powerful testimony! he apologized to the ward for not giving it his all and not being the man he should be to the ward and to his family. It's amazing to see the progress of these people. I've only worked with him for a couple of months and I feel like I know him so well! And it does my heart good that he is wanting to be a better person and a better example to his family! Well that's our week! Elder herbert is doing really well, we have become really good friends! It's to bad that he's more then likely leaving the area after this transfer! The rest of the crew are doing really well too! It's a blast with them, I love them so much!! My thoughts turn to one of my favorite quotes of all time! "Don't give up. Don't you quit. You keep walking. You keep trying. There is help and happiness ahead- a lot of it. You keep your chin up. It will be all right in the end. Trust God and believe in good things to come." - Jeffrey Holland and I echo what he said!!! Keep pressin forward.  Amen and amen! I love you guys and miss you all!
Forever and Always,
Elder Beddes

The Ice Castle Gang

 Manatullin Island! 

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