Behold, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I have been called of him to declare his word among his people, that they might have everlasting life. -3 Nephi 5:13

Monday, May 30, 2016

May 30, 2016 The Lord's Hand is Truly in This Work

Wow well well well what a week!! So first you know how I said that we were staying? Well that was what we thought... lol because we didn't get a transfer call. Then that Sunday, President called us and said that we are getting transferred so pack up! So I am staying and i'll be getting a spanish companion his name is elder hernandez! Then elder herbert is going to stoneycreek my old area!!!!! Lol it's pretty cool to see and i'm excited for him! So elder herbert was all packed up then that morning we were supposed to leave we get a call from the AP's saying that Elder Herbert is staying another three weeks with me since elder hernandez has a dentist appointment he has to go too! But we are excited to serve another three weeks together! This week was a good one! We had the best week we've had here in Sudbury! We taught a ton of less active lessons and a ton of investigator lessons as well! We found four new investigators that are wanting to learn more and also three new less actives that are wanting to start backing back to church. One that I want to share about is Fern. He was offended and doesn't do well with crowds of people and when he had a calling in the church it required him to go to much out of his comfort zone and so he left. It has been four years since he has been to church. He said that he didn't want contact with the church or even the missionaries. But he had a feeling a week before that the missionaries were going to go see him, and then we show up and he is working in his backyard. So he tells us his stories about his past. His conversion story and also what he thought about the church and the gospel. He loves it so much, but just is plain scared and nervous. But we told him who the bishop is and he got very excited about it and wants to start coming back to church slowly. He wants us to start coming back and teaching him. So he's takin a big leap of faith which is amazing to see!! Seemed like a long things went our way this past week, the Lord's hand is truly in this work and their is to many miracles that I have seen for this not to be true! It's truly amazing! Me and Elder Hervert have found 23 investigators and have reactivated 9 less active members in Sudbury!! We could have not done it whatsoever without the help of the Lord! I love to see the progress of these people and also to see people start recognizing the Gospel! Sister Houston and her nonmember chris and also the nonmember daughter mckenna came up to us yesterday at church and said that they want to be baptized before Elder H leaves!!! But Chris and Sister H have to get married first but they both set the goal of getting baptized right after the marriage on July 23rd!!!! These are soooo awesome! Mckenna asked me to baptize her so I thought that that was pretty sweet! They have us over for dinner every week, they are so great! We gave Jose a chapel tour the other day, he loved it! We played some basketball after it was really fun! He really is liking the church and the gospel and they said that they are reading the BOM so AWESOME!!! Jamie (the hell's angel) is feeling alot better, but we never seem to catch him at a good time but he said that he wants to 3 nephi 11 with us tomorrow. If you haven't read that chapter I would recommend it!! We are working with like 3 couples who are interesting in baptism but first have to be married first but they are all having their marriages in July so pumped about that. I hope I stay until then so I can see it all!! We had 7 dinner appointments last week! #gettingfat. And get this..... Friday and Saturday we had two dinner appointments each day... wow i wanted to puke. So much food, i wouldn't advice doing that! It was fun and a cool story to tell! Well there is so much more to talk about honestly but running low on time!  Remember the purpose of life! Remember why we go through trials and challenges! Remember their is a God and a Son who are on our team and want us to succeed through those trails and challenges. Live to make the Lord famous! 
Love you all,
Elder Beddes, Coco, Colteyboy        

 Helping someone move.

 Eating out with some less actives.

BBQ with the Devost's family (less actives we reactivated)

Saturday, May 21, 2016

May 21, 2016 Wrestling Before God

Hey guys! Soooo first I think I should start with transfer news! drum roll please...................... I'm staying and well since Elder Herbert has been here for 8 months you can pretty much assume that he's leaving!! But he's not.... he's staying another one with me here Sudbury!!! We were all really surprised and it's really unheard of that you stay this long in an area but there is unfinished business that needs to be done here! Baptisms!! We really do think that we will have two for sure but hopefully 5! We met with Kaitlen (the 12 year old who wants to be baptized) the other day and she is very excited about it! She has a less active mother but she is all for her be baptized! And also Mckenna ( Sister Houston's daughter) was asking her about baptism so that's exciting! She's been coming out to church and activity days and she's been loving it! Chris and Sister Houston just have to get married and then Chris will be baptized too! Then we have Jose's family who are sincerely interested! They are awesome they want to have chapel tour and play some futbol and basketball! So we are excited about it! Sister Mills has cancer, stage 4 cancer actually, and she isn't doing so hot. She's been in the hospital for quite some time. She is struggling to find someone who is willing to do the surgery and she's in extreme pain so i had the sacred privilege to give her a blessing. Two day later, she's feeling better and she has found someone who is willing to do the operation so she was very excited about that!! The Priesthood is for reals!!! So funny experience that came to my mind (really random, I know) is when I was in district meeting in Hamilton. And I was leaning back on my chair and I leaned back a little to far and baaaammm I fall backwards and land on my back. I get up and just turn my back on everybody for a couple of seconds and then get back into my chair and act like nothing happened while everybody was laughing at me. Yup Typical Elder Beddes. It was pretty funny! Jamie (the hell's angel) is feeling a ton better. We met him outside with like 6 other guys just sitting there with him! They were all of his friends and so we taught all of them. Felt like Dan Jones soap boxing it was sweeeet. Got two people who were really interested and want to sit into our lessons with Jamie now! We also got a media referral from church headquarters about a man who requested a Bible. His name is Serge and he is from Haiti and he wanted a Bible to learn more about Jesus, so we gave him one and bore testimony of it and also the Book of Mormon. He is very interested in that and wants us to come back! We also got in contact with a Less Active who has only gone to church once since Elder H has been here. She is awesome, we had a wonderful conversation about her conversion story and what she's gone through. She's going through some rough times right now sadly but she said that she needs help and wants us to start coming regularly. It's really cool to see people wanting to change there lives! It really is a blessing to see. Met with Sean and Franchessica finally! They had a campfire going in the back and so we taught a lesson back there. It was really awesome! We talked about family and marriage with them! They really enjoyed it and agree with the doctrine that we taught and they want to continue to have discussions so we are excited for that! Something that I've learned on the mission is that it isn't about me! As I've thought about myself and wanted the best for me and I wasn't ever happy! But I've come to know that true happiness comes from making others happy! Losing myself in the work and as the scriptures describe it "wrestling before God" in prayer about the people that i'm working with it's brought me that joy and happiness! As can it for you! Remember what's truly important in the life, this is my hope and prayer. I love you guys so much and I hope you have a wonderful day and week!
Forever and Always,
Coco, Colteyboy, Elder Beddes  

 Eating lunch with a member!! 

 Chillin on the couch drinking soda pic (Yes, collecting bottles)

 The Ice Castle

There's that hospital, it's huge!!

Monday, May 16, 2016

May 16, 2016 YEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So many miracles!! I love Sudbury so much, it has so much potential and I've never seen so much success! I want to start off with Elissa (the less active who didn't know that there was an lds church here) she is doing amazing! She's been coming out to church every week, loves the scriptures, and has made some really good friends in the ward that are fellowshipping her! We had a cake off the other day and we had to be the judges! The girls won in the ysa! the guys were pretty bummed! We've been meeting with our native american less active friend Luella and she's pretty progressing a lot! She's been coming out to church for the past 3 weeks and elder h said that she only went a couple times before the whole time he's served here! So that's amazing! We had a hard time with meeting with a lot of our investigators. Jamie ( the hell's angel) is very sick and is living his last couple of breaths sadly.... :( so we haven't been able to meet with him. We are planning on introducing priesthood blessings to him next time. Evro (carribean dude), has been in Toronto but said we can meet with him this weekend so we are excited about that! Keven and Ashley are doing really well as well. Keven has come a long way. He was in a gang for a long time and was a drug dealer. He had a hard knock life for a long time but is now understanding the love of christ and peace of the gospel. They came with their three little children to church! Such a good sight to see. They are getting married in July so they are well on their way!! So proud of them! Alright so the miracle of the week! We were park contacting and we see this mexican family and the parents are sitting down with their new born baby cheering on their ten year old daughter while she is doing gymnastics! They are from mexico and they are here for school! They are really interested in what we have to say and they said that they saw missionaries in mexico but never got the chance to talk to them. They even have friends and neighbors who were mormons! They invited us over for tamales the next day which has never happened to me before! Investigators telling us to come over for dinner! Anyway we went over and we had a good chat with them!! And the tamales were really good, i had 8!! holy cow it was soooo good, they made this mexican hot chocolate, best thing i've ever drunk. wooooowww!!! The daughter is sooo cute, totally reminds me of Amber! Has the same personality and everything, you would make such a good friend for her amber! Something funny that happened there was i had to pee soooo bad and I hate asking people to go use the washroom during dinner appointments but i absolutely had to so i asked if i could use their washroom and jose the father said "yeah I would too if i ate that me tamales!" hahaha and everybody bursted out laughing! They even invited their friend and her son over and they also enjoyed the message of the restoration! They said that the whole thing makes since and they can't wait to learn more. They told us that we can come back anytime and that they will start reading the book of mormon and start praying to know if it's true! I love these people so much, i love finding families!! We also found George who loves what the mormons teach!! He loves how mormons center around families and that what he says he really needs! We had a good chat with him and he has a couple of concerns, but he said that if we can resolve those concerns that he will get baptized and i can really see this guy and his family getting baptized! I love the work so much!!! This is what an elder told me in his email today who is serving in stoney creek right now. "yeah jeremy he will be baptized next transfer for sure! And Shannon B who you guy's were working with who is in the part member family is getting baptized this week too!" YEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jeremy is the one that was addicted to drugs and wanted to change his life around for his family and especially his young son. He went to his cabin for a month to abandon the worldly things for a while and now he is doing great!!! Holy cow i'm so pumped right now!!! I love you guys so much! Something that really hit me this week was the letter that you sent me momma about the missionary who had a dream about his friend. We are all out here trying to rescue our friends!! And the sad thing about it, is that a lot of them don't even know that they are lost and it is our duty and our obligation to reach out and save them and bring them back to the familiar taste of the fruit!! Have a good week my family and friends!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

May 9, 2016 Work Will Win When Wishy-Washy Wishing Won't

Great pictures and i absolutely loved the skype call! I wish I would have had the chance to talk to you all one on one but obviously time permitted! So i'm very sorry if you felt like I needed to talk to you more! Just know that I love you and could talk to the each of you for days on end! Well we have had the best numbers that Sudbury has seen since it's reopened! Hit a record for investigators at church! It's so great to see the area growing. There were some fantastic miracles that happened this past week! We went by a referral that a member in the church told us to go by. So we went by and this younger mother and her 13 year old daughter opened the door! And they let us right in and they were telling us that they haven't seen missionaries in forever! We had a good talk with them. sister Koirber went on a mission to France and she absolutely loved it. They haven't gone to church for a couple of years now and from what it sounds like it's because of non member boyfriend that she has and also the not so great welcome that she got from the ward. But after meeting with them they said that they want to start coming out to church and they want us back over to start teaching the 8 year old daughter who was actually wanting to take the missionary lessons so that she could get baptized! So it really surprised her that we knocked on her door cause she was literally talking about that the same day. She's been 8 for awhile so we are excited to start teaching her so that she can get baptized as soon as possible. The 13 year  old really wants to start going to church and activity days! It was such a cool experience! I've only met them once and i already love them and care about them! I can really see this family getting reactivated and going for in the gospel. Speaking of reactivation, Nketiah (Daughter in the jones family) has been coming out to church a lot and she recently went to the temple!!! She's been working towards that for a long time since she had some problems that needed to be fixed in order to go to the temple! It's so great to see that she has made it and she loved the experience that she had! I'm so proud of her and her hard work. Kind of sad that we don't get to teach her anymore but extremely glad that she has come so far! So we were going by some of investigators and we see this family walking down the sidewalk and this girl around the age of 12 turns around and says "Hey Elders, how's it going?" so we were pretty surprised that she knew us. She came up to us and said that she had met with the elders two years ago but she felt like she wasn't prepared for baptism. But now she wants to have us come and teach and baptize her! So she took my planner and started writing down her information in it so that we could get a hold of her and we have an appointment with her this week!!! That was just shocking and awesome at the same time. I just say to Elder Herbert after that whole experience, " Did that really just happen? Did she ask us to baptize her?" hahaha it was sweeeeet! So our new investigators kevin and ashley came to church! It was such a nice sight to see as they walked in with they're 9, 7, and 5 year old following with them! haha we need more families in the ward and it was a great sight to see! Taught a lot of great lessons, a ton of spiritual experiences! I love this mission and i've grown so much! I know this gospel is true, no doubt in my mind it isn't! Here is a quote that i absolutely loved by the prophet! "Work will win when wishy-washy wishing won't." Put in the work, and stop wishing your wishes and turn it to reality! 
Elder Beddes, Coco, jojonator       

(From a Ward member)

 The Ice Castle Missionaries

Mother's Day 2016

Saturday, May 7, 2016

May 8, 2016 Happy Mother's Day! (Handwritten)

Dear Momma,

There is so much to say about you, Momma and so much to be grateful for. There is so much I've learned from you! From learning how to pee in the toilet to learning how to truly help someone in need. You are a part of me, and I a part of you. I can feel your thoughts and your prayers each day and it is a motivator for me to keep pressing forward despite the harshness of the world. I've been well prepared to take a big leap into the real world because of the love, patience, and selfless attitude of yours. When I feel like I'm being cornered, I can always count on you being there waiting and wanting to do all that you can to help me. It was your hand that perfectly fit  in mine as a child that would make me feel safe and loved. It was your prayer that I felt safe and watched over during the Hurricane that hit Mississippi. It was you that put your arm around me and would scratch my back as I wept over the start of my 8th gd year. It was you that would drive me to the temple and would talk to me about its significance as we sat in its parking lot. It was you that I would count on greeting me every morning before school and would tell me you loved me. Ant it was you that whispered into my ear as we said good-bye before I walked into the MTC, "I'm so proud of you! You are going to do great things!" Memories such as these I will never forget. You have been here for me every step of the way! On this Mother's Day and every Mother's Day in the past I always thing of the Primary song "Mother, I love you" I love the words that are contained in this song. "Mother, I love you, Mother I do, Father in Heaven has sent me to you. When I am near you, I love to hear you singing so softly that you love me too. Mother, I love you; I love you , I do" Words can't adequately describe the amount of love and care I have for you. You are my best friend Momma! And you always will be. Forever and Always, Colten

Monday, May 2, 2016

May 2, 2016 Trust God and Believe in Good Things to Come

Another windy day for good old farmington! Remember when we were at Disney World when the wind storm happened? haha and yes i believe it's time to put Grandpa into the facility! I always worry about him staying alone in his house! He sure is a trooper though. I loved the pictures you sent me of him and his birthday! I bet you guys had a lot of fun! This week was a great one once again! I love having these great weeks haha! The work here is truly progressing and growing, i love it! We've been meeting with Elissa at the library. She loves the scriptures and praying. She's gone through a lot since her baptism 3 years ago and it's shaken her testimony a bit but she said that she loves meeting with us and having the lessons. She came to church yesterday and she is starting to get more comfortable with the ward so that's good to see! She apparently loves it and wants to start coming regularly so i'm pumped for that! It's funny how some sheep are lost are in the most unusual hiding places and sometimes it only takes just looking around weird places to find them! God loves his children and has led us to Elissa who's main concern was not knowing there was a mormon church in sudbury! haha and obviously she could have tried harder to find it but she just needed people to reach out to her! She's amazing! Every time we go over to Jamie's (hells Angel) he is very sick. We visited atleast 4 times last week and he was laying in bed and looked like he was dying, he said he was going to the hospital yesterday so we are going to try and surprise him and visit him today! He feels bad that he keeps postponing but he keeps telling us not to give up on him! I love the guy, he has a lot of potential. We've been meeting with Tim and Wendy (Works for Zeal), they love having us come over and teach them but they are having a hard time coming out to church! Ughh i wish I could just drag these people to church every week but they find some excuse every time and it's sad!! We won't give up on them, they promised us that they would go!!! We met with one of our Lamanite friends Luella! She is awesome and she loves the Indian traditions and is having a hard time balancing out church and those traditions. But we had a wonderful lesson about church and it's importance and she came out yesterday so we were super excited about that! she said that she loved it! We are getting so close with having Sister Gascon (dog groomer) come out to church!! We had a lesson about The Law of Chastity and the Word of Wisdom. She is having a hard time with the word of wisdom and she thinks it's ok to have the occasional coffee and wine. So we focused on the blessings of following the word of wisdom but it still wasn't clicking for her. So we told her to pray and ask if she should and she said that she would. She is very sincere and that's what I love about her. She does the homework that we give her and she evens does more then we ask her too, it's awesome! We had a wonderful lesson with sister h (less active we had just found who has started coming out to church and was baptized when she was 16) and her boyfriend chris and her daughter mckenna! They are really nice and love us coming over. Chris is a bit shy, especially at church since it's extremely new to him! haha but he's really funny and loves us. He's loving the doctrine as well, and it's clicking for him. It's amazing to see the happiness it's bringing to Sister Houston! Mckenna also loves it to, she was baptized catholic at the age of 7 so she's kind of on the fence right now, but she loves Joseph Smith and she loves Primary! They are getting married in June, and hopefully Chris and Mckenna get baptized soon after!!! I love working with part member families! The Jone's family have been coming out to church often, and Brother Jone's (Inactive for about a couple of years) is getting his life back on track! He bore his testimony yesterday and he was getting emotional, so of course I get emotional. It pretty much was exactly the same scene when i was giving my farewell talk and starting crying and then as soon as a would bring it back together I would look at mom and she would be crying and so i started crying! lol he did amazing though, very powerful testimony! he apologized to the ward for not giving it his all and not being the man he should be to the ward and to his family. It's amazing to see the progress of these people. I've only worked with him for a couple of months and I feel like I know him so well! And it does my heart good that he is wanting to be a better person and a better example to his family! Well that's our week! Elder herbert is doing really well, we have become really good friends! It's to bad that he's more then likely leaving the area after this transfer! The rest of the crew are doing really well too! It's a blast with them, I love them so much!! My thoughts turn to one of my favorite quotes of all time! "Don't give up. Don't you quit. You keep walking. You keep trying. There is help and happiness ahead- a lot of it. You keep your chin up. It will be all right in the end. Trust God and believe in good things to come." - Jeffrey Holland and I echo what he said!!! Keep pressin forward.  Amen and amen! I love you guys and miss you all!
Forever and Always,
Elder Beddes

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