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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

April 25, 2016 The Undeniable, Soft Spoken, Heart Warming, and Mind Calming Holy Ghost

Well hello there! 
I'll go ahead and answer the questions that you guys asked first! I'm getting a lot of glory from going out and working! It's pretty rewarding when you look for the blessings and miracles of each day! We cover a branch in Manatullin Island but we usually go to the Sudbury Ward! I'm not sure how long the church has been here in Sudbury, i'll ask! Average sacrament meeting attendance is 112. :) We did get a new ZL, his name is Elder Bengzten! He's really funny and we get along very well! He only has a couple of months left. I do still have my gps momma and i'll put my name on it! Elder Herbert is the designated driver but sometimes I drive depending on the circumstance. Sounds like sports is going well, i'm sorry to hear that you got a fat lip M!! Don't give up and keep being tough! I'm sorry that you got Christensen, Brooke, as a drivers coordinator haha but it shouldn't be a big deal especially if you have friends you are going with! Alright now for the week! It was a slower week sadly but there were still miracles that happened! Sunday we had the H's come out and also brother j! We were planning on having a ton more people coming out but something got in the way. Stupid satan (see how I didn't capitalize his name? He doesn't deserve it capitalized! Grandma Beddes taught me that one!) Turns out that we are working with three couples that are wanting to be baptized but they have to be married first!! Can you believe that? lol six potential baptisms but they first have to get married! My favorite miracle this week was finding Alyssa. We were going through our new ward directory and we notices someone that we haven't gone by or called that was new on there. So we called her and we asked if we could come by sometime. She asked if we were missionaries in Ottawa and so we said no! So we meet her at a public library. She's 22, she joined the church only a couple of years ago in Ottawa! She went less active a couple of months before she moved to Sudbury just last year and the whole time she has been here she never knew there was an lds church. Funny thing was when we called her she was really feeling down and really felt like she needed a spiritual boost and lo and behold she gets a call from the missionaries! She's so sweet! She's had a couple of set backs that have really weakened her testimony but when we were teaching her about the Atonement of Jesus Christ she had a boost of confidence and faith to press forward. She came out to church with us for the first time in a long time and she loved it! She wants to start coming out every week and wants to meet every week at the library! Miracles! She's really strong and i respect her fully. She is the only baptized member in her family of three including the parents. She's joining the army as well! I'm so excited to start working with her and help her build her testimony! We found Randy the other day tracting! We knocked on his door and he answers and just stares at us while we were talking to him. He then looks at our tags and says,"Mormons!! Come on in!!" hahaha so that doesn't happen often. We were quite surprised really. i think that that's happened to me only twice on my mission so far! lol so i was a little on edge as to why this guy invited us in but he told us to sit down at his table. He said that he loves Mormons and he has a couple of friends who are Mormons! Next thing he says was, "So convert me!" hahaha so we talked to him about what we do as missionaries and taught him about the plan of salvation. He wants us to come back "whenever" so we are very excited to start working with him! Also had another one of the most powerful lesson with Sister Gascon. We taught her the Gospel of Jesus Christ which mainly consists of having faith, repenting, be baptized, receiving the gift of the holy ghost, and enduring to the end! She started crying pretty hard when we were talking about enduring to the end. She asked how she could keep this feeling cause she has never felt this way ever in her life. She said she felt as if Jesus was sitting right next to her putting his arm around her. The spirit was strong in that lesson, I loved it! I have a strong testimony of the spirit being present and how key it is lessons. You can have all of the intellect in the world and even the best talent for speaking but nothing compares to the undeniable soft spoken, heart warming, and mind calming Holy Ghost. I've been trying to memorize scriptures on my mission and there has been one that has stuck out to me all of these months. It's Deuteronomy 31:8. It goes something like this, "And the Lord, he it is that doth goes before thee, he will be with thee. He will not fail thee, neither forsake thee. Fear not, neither be dismayed." I think that might be my favorite scripture! I had the opportunity to bless three people in the Sudbury hospital the other day. Some had serious conditions. To have the spirit work through you is an amazing experience. The whole time I walking through the halls of that hospital I couldn't help but imagine Jesus Christ walking the same halls. As i started tearing up i thought of Jesus performing all of the miracles it talks about in the New Testament. He sure did heal a lot of sick! I know that he is still doing the same today. This church is true my friends. I wouldn't be proclaiming it to the world if it wasn't! I love you guys and miss you all. 
Forever and Always,
you already know ;)  

Car ride!

what happens in mcdonalds stays in mcdonalds

 Tracting out an apartment!!! 

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