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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

April 18, 2016 Take it Step by Step

Thanks so much with birthday gifts! Great ties, and everybody is jealous of the socks! haha tons of candy as well, i have to share with everybody cause i don't want to get fat! Where did you get those socks? Sounds like you guys are busy as always!! And yes i'm still interested in the journal entries, i print them off and read them and find great enjoyment out of them! Thanks for sending me them and continue please! I wanted to thank everybody for the birthday gifts that you sent me! I had a wonderful birthday! Didn't feel like a home birthday but it's to be expected! Well this week has been amazing once again! Lot's of miracles! We have never taught so many people and so many lessons ever! This area is progressing rapidly! Here are a couple of things that have been happening: 1. We hit standards once again! We've hit three times and are expecting to hit it every week from now on! The area hasn't hit standards since it's reopened! We were the only one's to hit it in all of the zone so we are pretty excited. 2. We found 5 new investigators! 3. We have 2 progressing investigators now, which the area hasn't seen since it's reopened! 4. We set 4 baptismal dates, which has also not happened since it's been reopened! 5. I can now eat green beans, corn, beans, tomatoes, pie, squash, salad, celery, and so on! lol i know. And yes I did say corn. Do i like it yet? No, but i can eat it without gagging though! hahaha Erro was founded tracting mom. He has two little girls, he is from the Caribbean and things are going well with him. We haven't been able to meet with him sadly cause he has been Toronto all week but we will be seeing him this Sunday. We did text him though and he said that the materials that we gave him have been really good and the questions that he had have been answered and everything is going well he said! So our next step is to set a baptismal date with him. We had a wonderful lesson with Jamie (the Hell's angel who was found when we thought we were going to see a less active who ended up not even living there). He has come a long way, and sadly is getting sicker and sicker. He has a big smoking problem but he thinks he can overcome it. He wants too. We taught him the Restoration and read a little bit of the Book of Mormon and he loved it. He believes in it all, and he wants to be baptized May 28th! He has a potty mouth as well, it's total chaos where he lives though. People are coming in and out all of the time. I'll try and get a picture of him next time! Victoria who is the investigator who comes to church with Dawn (active member), we had a good lesson with her. She is doing really well, taught her the Plan of Salvation and set a baptismal date with her after she gets married in August. So it won't happen anytime soon but she is looking forward to it. Had a lesson with the Houston's! The non member boyfriend and Sister Housten came to church yesterday! They want to keep coming every week! They are getting married as well in August, so then we can baptize the daughter and non member boyfriend! They are really nice, i'm excited to work with them! Brother Jone's(less active father of the active family) and Brother Devost (in active member who was active 10 years ago) have come to church the last three times!!! And they want to continue to come to church!! I'm soo happy for the guys for wanting to come back and to taste of the sweet fruit again! As a missionary, you try and look at what the people that you are working with are like personality wise, what there concerns are, what their hobbies are, what they cherish in life, then you try to do your work based on that. So for example, Brother Devost was a ward mission leader awhile ago and after he was released he felt like he wasn't having an impact on anything or on anyone. So me and Elder Herbert try and ask for tips and try and have him come to lessons with us so he feels included. He started off not wanting to do anything with the church and now he comes and feels included and feels like he is helping other people now. He listens to The Book of Mormon, he's decorated his house with religious stuff, and his countenance has brightened. It's amazing to see really! Brother Jones wants to be a better example for his family. We had a lesson with him awhile ago that really opened his eyes. He wants to attend the temple now with his family but he still has a smoking problem. But he's taking it one step at a time! We walked to and from church yesterday cause it was glorious out and we talked to a lot of nice people. On the way back we ran into Sean and Franchesica who were doing yard work. Franchesica remembers when she was 9 years old sitting with her family and with some missionaries talking about "Smith". She says that she remembers "Golden plates, and Israelite's." hahah so i thought that that was really cool and pretty impressive that she could remember that! They want to start meeting with us! Funny story of the week! We were walking to church and we see this guy walking across the street from us and we yell, "Hey how's it going?" He looks at us and he yells back pretty angrily, "We are all going to be extinct you (bad words), open up your eyes you stupid Mormons!" I wanted to say a lot of things to this particular person but i bit my tongue and didn't say a word. I just clapped and walked away hahaha, he was pretty frustrated at that. You know the world is going down hill when you constantly get people yelling at you for just asking how your day is going! But whatever! We have had some wonderful weather lately! I love hearing the birds chirping, the kids playing, and all of the people doing whatever they are doing outside. I love the smell as well, it's a specific smell of spring that really enlightens the mood! I hope all of you had a good week! Thanks for the emails and the letters, it really is much appreciated! Thanks for those that have been praying for me and the area. You guys are making a huge difference in the success of the area. God really does prepare area and people for the Gospel! I have experienced it first hand and I have a firm testimony of miracles! They really do happen! I can't see this gospel not being true! I have been blessed with so much because of the church. If there are those that are somewhat doubting the faith, i ask that you take a step back and think of all of the good things that have happened in your life. Realize that there is a God out there that does love you and knows you perfectly. And maybe life doesn't go the way we want it to and maybe it's getting tougher and tougher. And it may be hard to see God even having an impact on your life whatsoever. I know I might be a just turned 19 year old and haven't even started college but i know without a shadow of a doubt that he does love you and cares about you. He is there. He and his Son's arms are spread out to embrace you and to love you. There is always a way back, always. Take it step by step. I love you all, you each have had a tremendous impact on my life and i can't thank you enough for it.    
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helping a kid across the street from us with his car. :)

chillin in the car

Just posing for the ensign magazine ;) haha

Kind of blurry but we ate at a pretty nice restaurant for my birthday! I got fettuccine Alfredo! mmmmm

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